One of New Jersey's most outspoken advocates for legalizing marijuana took his message straight to Gov. Christie Monday night, engaging him in a playful exchange in a parking lot outside the radio station where the governor had made his monthly appearance.

Edward Forchion, known as NJ Weedman, taped the conversation and uploaded the video to Facebook.

The audio is hazy at times, mostly because of Weedman's barking dog.

"Mr. Christie, how are you?" Weedman asked the governor from his "weed-mobile," using a megaphone.

"I'm good," Christie replied. "You're relentless. You've been following me for a dozen years," he said, back to Christie's time as U.S. attorney.

Indeed, Weedman once mailed weed to the governor.

Formerly of Pemberton Township, Weedman now lives in California. In 2013, a Burlington County Superior Court judge sentenced him to two years probation and $3,400 in fines and fees for possessing a pound of pot in his car a few years ago.

He says he uses the drug for medical purposes.

Weedman asked the governor when he would "stop arresting people for marijuana."

Making his way to his state-owned black SUV, with security detail on hand, Christie replied: "You know now, I haven't arrested anybody. I don't get to do that anymore."

Yet Weedman persisted, rattling off statistics about pot arrests and complaining that marijuana was still classified as a Schedule I drug.

Christie, a Republican considering running for president in 2016, suggested Weedman take his concerns to Washington.

"Why don't you go call President Obama?" Christie asked. (Christie opposes legalization but signed a bill into law in 2013 making medical marijuana more accessible to sick children.)

Weedman sensed an opening. "Can you get me a meeting with Mr. Obama, please?" he asked.

Christie, undeterred, continued: "Why don't you bring the weed truck out in front of the White House and see how it goes?"

Weedman countered he had already done that. "But I tell you what -- you're his buddy," Weedman said, referring to Obama.

"Like this," Christie said, making a gesture with his fingers. He blew Weedman a kiss as he entered the passenger seat.

"Listen, I like you, though," Weedman said.

Christie: "I know. I like you, too."

Weedman: "You should stop arresting people, though."