Here's another infuriating story from a naval commander who did reserve duty in Iraq:

Thank you for bringing to light the plight of Iraqis who helped the United States during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and who are now encountering obstacles in securing SIV visas.  A case in point is Captain S., who was instrumental in supporting our efforts with the Ministry of Agriculture during my recall to active duty in 2007-8.  He and his team worked tirelessly with us to spray date palm trees, which is a major crop for Iraq in the central provinces and was very important to our efforts to assist the Ministry of Agriculture in re-developing its core industries.

Captain Safaa has applied for a Special Immigrant Visa, case number 1059, for he and his family, but is meeting the obstacles you describe.  Captain Safaa put his life on the line, traveling to and from Baghdad and between provinces during a very dangerous time, and he and his family are most deserving of a visa.  I emailed the Office of the Chief of Mission from my account in November to substantiate his case, but I did not hear anything in return.