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Following Iran protests

Those of you who are as mesmerized as I am by ongoing developments in Iran, probably know that the best way to get fresh news right now is via Iranian citizen submissions to Twitter and YouTube.

Foreign journalists have been kicked out or banned from covering street demos, and the regime is trying to crack down on internet, twitter, websites, etc., but film clips and info is getting through. Much of it isn't confirmed, but you can get a sense of what's going on.

I'm listing below some of the best web sites I've found that are compiling clips, emails, tweets, and other info emerging hourly:  - Sullivan's Daily Dish is keeping a running tally of emerging information. - this site, run by the National Iran American Council which aims at Iranian Americans, is doing an excellent job of keeping in touch with reports from inside the country. go to News Desk, where correspondant Laura Secor, who has written extensively from Tehran, is doing excellent analysis.  a good compilation of independent media and reporting on Iran. - has also been running good compilations and video clips.

And of course, you can just go to YouTube and search for clips, but some of these filters make it easier and quicker to find the most relevant info.

I will continue to add sites. Let me know if you have some additional ones you want me to post.