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Call of Duty 3

You are a soldier fighting across the world in WWIII. Enemies want to kill you, but you will not let them. Fight in some of the greatest cities in the world, and for your survival.

Call of Duty 3 is back, and with a vengeance.  I, and millions of other people love to get down and dirty with this game, and for good reason.  Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games have made a game that people want to play. From traveling all over the world, fighting many different enemies in many different cities in campaign, to battling with your friends online putting together strategies and being on the top of the leaderboards.  While the Campaign is not very original, and lacking in feel, Multiplayer more than makes up for it, with new features, new maps, and new gun system.  This team of developers has put together a game that is, without doubt the best in this series.

Campaign, while fun is lacking in substance.  Call of Duty returns with its natural format, traveling all around the World and fighting in numerous locations, however everything seems too chaotic.  This game is a whirlwind of explosions, enemies, and gunfire.  Enemies, as they always appear to have to ending spawn number, and will charge recklessly and without any regard for their safety.  While this can alarm you, and add some excitement it is highly unrealistic, and can lead to some very frustrating and unnecessary deaths.  Story was also rather bland in this installment, not the point where you don't enjoy it, but rather to where it follows a Call of Duty Formula, and does not stray from their original path.  While this game does some up the story of previous Modern Warfare games, it doesn't have that satisfying its done feeling.  I felt it rather hard to get emotionally connected with many of the characters as I have in previous games.  It was hard to feel sorry for the death of one with the millions of other people dying as well.  However gun control and the ease of using them are very fluid and fun to use.  Despite the normal problems with the Call of Duty Campaign it is still good, and fun to play.

Multiplayer makes up for every flaw that the Campaign has.  As the other installments of this game have had, Multiplayer throws you right into the middle of the action, in small enclosed maps.  Once again there is a fast leveling system, and as you level up you unlock weapons, and perks to use on Killstreaks.  Multiplayer comes with 16 maps full of frantic action.  Once again as you level you unlock various weapons, but now weapons have levels as well, which adds an interesting new aspect, and causes you to use guns you don't prefer in order to get weapon proficiency.  Weapon Proficiency is perks for weapons, and allows you to add to you preferred, or even most hated guns.  Killstreaks are no longer Killstreaks they are now called strike packages.  They still basically work the same way, being unlocked by getting kills.  However now you can customize you package to support your playing style, whether you are a sniper, or a suicide sprinter.  Having a full team hopefully this will allow players to form their strategy to work with each other and make for a great fighting unit.

Game modes and features of this game add a whole new dynamic to how you strategize in Multiplayer.  Many of the original gametypes, such as TeamDeathmatch, and Free for All are all back, with new features, such as the kill confirmed.  Kill confirmed truly makes this game feel like a team effort.  When an enemy is killed they drop a dog tag, your team must collect the dog tag if they desire to get credit for the kills.  On the other side, teams can use dog tags in order to lure enemies into a trap.

Returning again is Spec Ops, and the game modes associated with that, along with new ones.  Most interesting are quick gametypes, of capturing perhaps a plane, or diffusing a bomb.  Most exciting to me is Survival Mode.  This works similarly to Nazi Zombies in previous games; however it is waves of enemies instead of Zombies.  This is fun gameplay that works very well with the Call of Duty series, and is a nice breather from constant battle online.

All new is Call of Duty Elite.  This new feature is awesome!  When you access the feature it formats all of you data into nice concise pages that is extremely easy to comprehend.  Along with this is gives you reading of your past games, telling you where you were killed, how you were killed, and how killed you.  With the map readout, you can view all the maps with spawn points; this allows you to create a ongoing strategy.  Studying this feature allows will make very good in many different aspects of the game, and with the amount of information you can access from this Elite feature it will be hard not to be good.

All in all Infinity Ward, and Sledgehammer Games have put out a great game.  Despite the flaws of this game you will experience features that fantastic and put all together make this game very addictive, with hours upon hours of gameplay.