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Easter skiing, anyone?

One group that has no argument with the reluctant spring is the ski industry.

Here it is April, and trails at Camelback, Big Bear, and Big Boulder in the Poconos will be open this weekend. Typically, they would have shut down sometime last month.

"It's one of the longest ski season we've had," said Elizabeth Richardson, spokeswoman for the Poconos tourism bureau.

She said that this has been a particularly good season, save a for a few weekends when it actually was too cold even for skiers.

On seven straight days in mid-February, the official readings at Mount Pocono were below zero, according to the National Weather Service, and temperatures for the month were an incredible 15.4 degrees below normal.

At least the snow, man-made and natural, didn't melt.

The cold lingered through March, with temperatures better than 5 degrees below normal.

Fortuitously for the resorts, Philadelphia and New York had plenty of bouts of actual winter weather, without crippling snowfalls.

The ski resorts like to promote the notion of "think snow," but it sure helps to have a few cues in the the population centers to plant visions of ski slopes in consumers' heads.

Said Richardson,  "What happens in New York City and Philadelphia determines what happens here."