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May Day?

At the Shore, weather fit for December.

At 5 p.m., when the temperature should be around its apex, it was 50 degrees with winds gusting to 29 m.p.h. at the official Atlantic City measuring station.

The normal high for a May 24 is 74; 50 happens to be a normal high for a Dec. 3 in Atlantic City.

The official daily maximum won't come anywhere near the record, however, since temperatures were in the 60s  during the early-morning hours.

Tomorrow afternoon, temperatures should warm to a more October-like 66 at the Shore, and then into the 70s Sunday and Monday.

Not that it's a day at the beach on the mainland.

In Philly, it was 53 degrees at 5, with winds gusting to 33 m.p.h. at Philadelphia International Airport.

As for the Poconos, the National Weather Service is advising that winds could gust to 45 m.p.h., and overnight temerpatures are heading into the upper 30s.

In any event, on the fiirst unofficial weekend of summer, sweaters are going to be more popular than bathing suits.