Just before 5 p.m. and the arrival of deluges that wrung the daylights out of the oppressive vapor soup over the region on Monday, the official temperature in Philadelphia rose to 97.

That broke the previous July 26 record, set in 1999, by 1 degree.

In addition, over an inch of rain fell into the rain gauge at Philadelphia International Airport, and that brought the daily total to 1.68 inches.

That beat a 114-year-old record for the date by a third of an inch.

As for the heat wave conditions have moderated radically since Monday, when the heat index pulsed to 108.

However the official reading has touched 90 for the fifth consecutive days, and likely will do so Wednesday and Thursday.

The record for consecutive 90-plus days, 18, was set in the sweltering summer of 1988.