As our NBC10 forecasters have noted, temperatures are going to rocket into the 60s during the weekend, and, yes, this is rarefied December warmth.

At least three records could be set, based on the forecasts.

So far not a single freezing reading has been recorded at the official Philadelphia measuring station at Philadelphia International Airport.

The longest wait for a 32-degree official reading in Philadelphia is Dec. 11, way back in 1939. No freezing readings are in sight; in fact, quite the opposite.

The record highs for Saturday and Sunday, 65, set in 1931 and 1971 respectively, also could fall. Sunday the temperature could make it to 70.

Through Wednesday, the December temperature was averaging 6 degrees above normal in Philly, and if the forecast holds, the monthly average almost certainly will finish on the plus side.

All of which means that this might not be the best of holiday seasons for the folks selling outerwear and sleds.