It isn't often around here that the early-May foliage has a chance to show off against the background of a deep-blue wintry sky, and we would take this from now to the autumnal equinox if we had our druthers.

Experience suggests that like the blossoms, this will be transitory, and the onset of those 90-plus days in the haze is inevitable.

But Accu-Weather, the private service in State College, is saying that the heat during summer of 2013 won't be as intense as that of recent summers.

To refresh -- probably a poor choice of infinitives -- three of the last four summers have finished in the top 5 for overall heat in Philadelphia.

This yeaer will not see a rerun, according to Accu-Weather, which foresees temperatures around here being just slightly above normal.

And that outlook is an accord with the one issued last week by WSI Corp., a Massachusetts outfit serving energy interests.

Before you decide to keep the air-conditioning in cold storage, however, we offer a few caveats.

As we've written, these haven't been the green and golden days for the long-range forecasting business.

Right around this time last year, WSI was calling for a summer cool-down, and as for Accu-Weather, it prediicted "near normal" temperaratures for the summer of 2012 with a lack of prolonged heat.

Our advice would be to take the day, and savor it.