Historically the region has baked under some blistering heat waves as the Dog Days lapped into August, but that isn't happening this year.

Today is likely to become the 10th consecutive day of below-normal temperatures in Philadelphia, the longest such spell since March.

And no new heat is anywhere on the horizon or in the forecast.

The government's 8- to 14-day outlook sees the odds favoring below-normal temperatures across much of the nation, from the Dakotas to Maine, from the Canadian border to the Deep South.

The Accu-Weather monthly forecast doesn't have the temperature reaching 90 on any calendar day from now until Labor Day. What's more, all the low temperatures are under 70 for those days.

The government's Climate Prediction Center is saying that the models are in good agreement about the overall pattern for the next two weeks, with a broad area of lower pressure, or trough, over the eastern part of the country; troughs favor cooler conditions.

If the forecasts work out, it's possible that Philadelphia could end the season with a below-normal number of 90-plus days.

So far, the official temperature at Philadelphia International Airport has reached 90 a total of 19 times, 12 of those in July. Normal for July is 10, with 24 for the entire season.

Anyone who has been running the air-conditioning should be rooting for the forecasts.