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It's a boy for injured cop

The birth of Police Ofc. Sharon Sullivan's son is a bright spot in her long, difficult recovery from a 2003 car wreck.

Philadelphia Police Ofc. Sharon Sullivan is a new mom.

She and her husband, Mike Quinn, welcomed Baby Cameron Michael into the world at 2am last Friday at Lower Bucks Hospital. Cameron was a week overdue but healthy and robust: 9.2 pounds and 22 inches long. Sharon is doing well, too, despite labor that, says Mike, "got pretty rough there toward the end."

Cameron's birth is a bright spot in a tough patch for Sharon, whom I wrote about last Thursday.  In 2003, she survived catastrophic injuries in an on-the-job car wreck similar to the one that took the life of Police Sgt. Tim Simpson last month.

The Civil Service Commission recommended to the city's Pension Board that Sharon be granted a disability pension, but the city is appealing the commission's finding. The stumbling block is just the latest from a city that has fought Sharon on just about every step of her recovery.

What a Christmas it would be if, in addition to the birth of her son, Sharon finally received the disability pension she earned in service to the city.