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Music to Scare the Neighbors

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Many thanks and many more chuckles to an e-mailer, who prefers to be identified only as "a devoted reader from Fishtown," for sending along the truly epic video below.

"You won't be able to get this out of your head after you watch it," he wrote.

So here's your only warning - watch this thing at your own risk.

Devoted Reader had read my column yesterday about Frankford's Marie DeLany, who says she coaxed drug dealers off her Frankford block by playing Christian music out her thrid-floor windows.

Devoted reader also shared this hilarious anecdote, proving that not only Marie DeLany has figured out how sound can change the public environment:

"A frustrated friend I know in Holmesburg that was battling a neighbor across the street playing salsa music too loud (before 8AM on weekends) counteracted it with a playlist that included both Barry Manilow and Nine Inch Nails."

"The stereo is a pretty powerful weapon to another acquaintance of mine who had two problems at once---noisy neighbors in the twin next door, and his landlord's realtor who would keep showing the property without giving any advance warning.

" To solve both those problems, when he saw the realtor's car pull up in the driveway, he popped in a rather grotesque gay pornographic VHS tape in the VCR set to automatically reply the tape over and over, turned the volume on his amplifier to maximum, grabbed the car keys and went to Atlantic City for the day while the noisy neighbor and the real estate agent live it up.

"The real estate agent never came back again to show the perpetually-always-for-sale house, and the neighbor fixed the problem with his subwoofers violently shaking the walls after that VHS tape ran on a Sunday for a solid 9 hours."