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Tattoo Arnold's organ? Why not?

Any other ideas to protect kids from their folks' infidelity?

Something went haywire on the comments section following my column today, in which I suggested that Arnold Schwartzenegger tattoo pictures of his kids faces - on his penis. That way, when he's about to put his organ where it doesn't belong, he'll remember who he's really screwing and maybe zip up and leave.

A few readers have e-mailed that they find this suggestion offensive. I think it's more offensive to have a secret love child with your maid, keep her around the house for the next 13 years, have the secret exposed and bring shame next your family.

But that's just me.

Your thoughts?

Meantime, here's an e-mail I receieved from reader Paul Anderson, who clearly needs no tattooing to remind him of what's important. Tell it, Paul!

"I am a husband and father who is faithful to my wife because of my love  and respect for my wonderful wife. I also look at my BEAUTIFUL children, and not only would I never do anything to hurt them, I would be crushed if I had to miss 1 day of their lives. These guys, along with any other men that are not 100% committed to their families (especially being involved in their kids upbringing completely) all lose my respect. I know marriages fail all the time, but people who enter them without considering the need to sacrifice for the good of everyone involved, haven't truly committed to their partner. I didn't start out with the intention of making this my commentary on marriage, but I can only approach it by finding the things I have in common with these men.  I just think that ever since my son was born 10 years ago, I have approached EVERY decision I make with a consideration going to those who rely on me. Period. My decisions affect my entire family. Anyone who has children and doesn't think that way is being selfish, inconsiderate and naïve. I don't think even thoughts their kids could have stopped these a-holes from their self-gratification. At least the kids have good moms to lean on. (Except John Edwards kids, sadly)."