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The column: Looking back at PHL's improving performance

Today's Winging It column takes a look back at how PHL's customer-service reputation imrpoved in 2008, and at other important events that affected airline service during the year. Find the column here.

In response to the column, one reader has e-mailed me this morning, citing a US Airways problem at PHL that others have complained about as well. As I said in the column, the number of complaints has gone down, but two or three others have mentioned this in recent months: A flight arrives at Terminal A but inbound checked bags are sent to Terminal B. OK, so far, but US Airways personnel don't always know what's going on or where the find the bags. The overhead information screens that should detail which carousel bags from each flight will arrive don't always display the flight that has docked at Terminal A. We await word from the airline on why this happens and what's they're doing about it.