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Amazin' news: PHL greatly improves in on-time performance

After years of bumping along the bottom, airline on-time performance at PHL in April was was amazing, finishing far ahead of its usual rank among the nation's largest airports. A much-improved on-time record for US Airways, along with better weather of course, helped the airport move up in the rankings. Airline reporter Linda Loyd has a good story online about it.

US Airways also did well in mishandled bags and complaints filed with the government compared with the other four network airlines it uses to benchmark its customer service. When combined with the on-time record, the numbers mean bonus time for all US Airways employees.

I still hear sad tales every week from US Airways customers about canceled flights and problems getting help or remuneration when things go wrong. But I stick with what I said in a column earlier this spring: The airline is providing better service at PHL than it has in years. Each time it's not perfect, I expect one of you to tell me, and I'll pass it on to the airline.