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UPDATED: Spirit cancels everything because of pilots' strike

UPDATE: Spirit Airlines has now canceled all flights through tomorrow, Tuesday. Beyond that, we see little new information available.Here's what we posted on Sunday, 6-13:

Spirit Airlines left thousand of customers in the lurch again for a second day after it canceled its entire schedule for today because of a strike by its pilots. The pilots' union has been trying to negotiate a new contract with Spirit management for four years and spent recent weeks warning that time had run out.

Spirit, which only flies to Atlantic City International Airport in the PHL region, is the same airline that plans to charge for carry-on bags ... we will have to see how that works out, if it settles the labor dispute but has so angered its passengers that they find another carrier in the future.

Stranding customers at its Fort Lauderdale hub is one thing, but Spirit has nonstops from FLL to 15 Latin American and Caribbean destinations. People stranded there have little or no alternative to get home, as you can read in this AP story.