These transactions, recorded May 2 to May 4, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

112 N. 2nd St. unit 5c5 K Hovnanian at Philadelphia I LLC to Kolin Hoff and Yan Ling, $492,820.

112 N. 2nd St. unit 5f6 K Hovnanian at Philadelphia I LLC to John K. and Jane Hooven, $861,036.

1422 N. 2nd St. A & C Realty Management LP to Marjorie Dana Horvath, $340,000.

209 N. 3rd St. unit 1b Douglas D. Davis and Rocco Management LLC to Erin Kline, $235,000.

209 N. 3rd St. unit 2a Douglas D. Davis and Rocco Management LLC to Irene Hsu, $500,000.

209 N. 3rd St. unit 3a Douglas D. Davis and Rocco Management LLC to Leslie K. Mansfield, $315,000.

5504 N. 3rd St. Lilly Flores to Trudy Ann and Violet Forrester, $139,900.

6237 N. 4th St. Hud and Mary Ann Fortune to Hasan Amenra, $106,000.

1306 N. 6th St. unit 10 Mary and Mary H. Lee to Paige Buzby, $288,400.

241 S. 6th St. unit 808-F Mbh Enterprises LLC to Jennifer Kim, $516,000.

727 S. 6th St. Elizabeth J. Munn and David J. Hudd to Christopher J. Dawson and Susan S. Harner, $419,500.

2019 S. 8th St. Joseph Ross to Sandra R. McAllister, $167,000.

1429 S. 9th St. Estate Of Lucy Cope and Denise Louanne Cope Capocci to Anthony Cabral and John Hersker III, $280,500.

817 S. 11th St. Martin S. McGuire and Caroline Ostrow to Ronald Brashear and Madeline Copp, $510,000.

314-322 N. 12th St. unit 504 Sharon Allen and Mark Dunn to Kevin Kong, $313,500.

513 S. 12th St. Harold and Rita Levenson to Michael T. Connor, $335,000.

735 S. 12th St. unit 103 Fitzwater Lofts LP to Kristin Noblette, $299,000.

429 N. 13th St. unit 6ef Four Twenty Nine N. Thirteenth Street Dev. to Peter Lobi, $950,000.

1846 S. 15th St. Oanh Thi Thuy Doan to Ming H. Tio and Eva N. Andreas, $175,000.

6451 N. 16th St. Dennis Weinraub and Kenneth Flowers to Stephen P. and Joanne D. Lorenz, $85,000.

6548 N. 16th St. Nettie Burrell and Ronald Kevin Fripp to Vernon Jones and Marcus A. Ebron, $95,000.

6239 N. 18th St. Diona Genao to Mitzie Walker, $87,000.

627-637 N. 18th St. unit 107 Delaware Valley Real Estate Holdings LLC to Colin M. Grady, $309,900.

1238 S. 19th St. Frank Armentani to Abraham Rosner, $80,000.

3173 S. 20th St. Vito and Rosemarie Damore to Kalliope Agelakis and Nick Badolato, $340,000.

719 S. 20th St. Kenneht P. Gold to Ashley A. Hedrick, $510,000.

2218 S. 21st St. Henry Tenden to Endang Ratnawati, $205,640.

253 S. 21st St. unit 4 Wade Properties LP to Neha Vapiwala, $407,000.

861 N. 27th St. Jane H. Malloy and Will Of Josephine Soban to Robert J. Gonzalez and Jessica Dattilo, $329,896.

1238 N. 29th St. Virginia Whitaker to Jacqueline Purnell, $105,000.

515 N. 41st St. David N. Rubin and Estate Of Elizabeth Exum to Birks M. James, $170,000.

2421 N. 56th St. Joseph Baston to Bruce J. and Linda V. Sacchetta, $175,000.

1625 N. 61st St. Rudy Brown to Brian Wynder, $110,000.

2059 65th Ave. Arthur Santos to Joseph Williams, $113,300.

1805 N. 77th St. Selma Weinberg to Yvette L. Burns, $107,500.

4528 Aberdale Rd. G&H Properties LLC to Angel L Hilbert, $135,900.

502 Addison St. Stephen A. Mione and Traian Muntean to Anthony and Terrey Burr, $1,095,000.

11937 Alberta Dr. Stephen J. and Melissa Girnius to Kathleen M. Bourg, $190,000.

6133 Algard St. Nicholas Sylvestro and Carolyn Zumpino to Dale E. Croy, $120,000.

6234 Algon Ave. Ana B. and Luis A. Caicedo to Shamyra Zellars and Latrell C. Landers, $170,000.

3015 Almond St. John J. Sharkey to Jane E. Gillespie and Frederick E. Youell, $118,500.

111 Alnus Pl. Cornell Coltan and Ewa Baran to Ruslan Beseda, $240,000.

116 Alter St. Elizabeth Panikowski and Thomas Murawski to Amy L. Brennan and Colin T. Keech, $213,402.

132 Alter St. City Suburban Development LLC to Steven and Beth Grandizio, $559,900.

842 S. American St. unit B Bonny S. Jacobson to Leonardo B. Arevalo, $340,000.

3413 Amity Rd. Rush S. and Anna Maria Young to Kenneth and Kasi C. Milgrom Jr., $206,000.

7433 Andrews Ave. Melody Holmes to Desiraee E. Davis, $126,900.

2937 Aramingo Ave. Gateway Builders Group LLC to Alex Luboff, $146,500.

5159 Arbor St. Courtney Campbell to Jean O. Viaud, $112,000.

722 Arnold St. Vladimir and Irinan Nukalo to Arunkumar and Sulekha Chakravarty, $233,500.

1517 Arrott St. Kevin Robertson to Nazmul Islam, $94,900.

3339 Ashville St. Thomas W. and Margie W. Schmidt to Andrew J. Massa, $160,000.

4531 Aubrey Ave. Nocholas and Joan Pody to Michael and Joan Richey, $435,000.

9527 Banes St. Marla Mednick to Vladimir Korovkine, $220,000.

1319 Barnett St. Pauline A. Morgan to Mohammed Hafezur Rahman, $135,000.

825 N. Beechwood St. Richard Killeen and Amy Killen to Mark J. and Cameron P. Amirault, $350,000.

2849 Benner St. Rodney T. Denny and Katrina K. Reyes Denny to Ziaire Dawkins and Shimia Powell, $132,600.

528 Benner St. Paulo Vilares to Carlos Quezada, $170,000.

2441 W. Berks St. Todd Smith to Mia Ormes, $80,000.

2842 S. Beulah St. Rosalie J. Perry and Estate Of Lillian Perry to Gerardo Roman, $127,200.

13061 Blakeslee Dr. Leonard and Catherine Stavropolskiy to Shuangqi Zheng and Elyse Psulkowski, $275,000.

3413 Bleigh Ave. John T. and Marianne J. Gallagher to Thomas F. Markward, $166,000.

6732 N. Bouvier St. Lloyd T. Reid Sr. to Titania D. Boddie, $97,000.

113 N. Bread St. K Hovnanian At Philadelphia I LLC to Steven R. and Karen Petigrow, $453,615.

928 Bridge St. Mikhail Gershenovich to Ricardo Dameus, $110,000.

529 E. Brinton St. Brinton Housing Partners to Terrence E. Evans, $120,000.

6360 Brous Ave. Joseph T. and Lori R. Murphy to Shawn and Amber Nelligan, $110,000.

7324 Buist Ave. Patrick McGowan to Franklin Acquaye, $89,900.

110 Byberry Rd unit 30 Kelly Neilson to Evan Oxenhorn, $91,000.

1238 Callowhill St. John Eric Staiger to James Dever, $230,000.

6621 Callowhill St. Ronald S. Giordano and Estate Of Rosita Giordano to Andrea Alston, $148,294.

136c Carpenter St. Jason and Julie Goldberg to Heather and Brian Glick, $290,000.

141 Carpenter St. Steven M. and Beth A. Grandizio to Timothy Schuback and Erin Mohr, $400,000.

5919 Carpenter St. Victoria I and Francessca D. Brown to Sharita R. Levere, $98,000.

423 Carriage Ln. Susanne Corisdeo and Paule Mednick to Pamela Naumann, $400,000.

993 Carver St. Marc A. Goings to Narad Ramharack, $90,000.

543 E. Carver St. Leonid Gershenovich to Ning Gung Xie, $110,000.

1520 Catharine St. Freda Flint to Joo Jin, $405,000.

2106 W. Cheltenham Ave. Nadeem Abdul Ahad to Ronald Lowry, $122,440.

8029 Chelwynde Ave. Thomas and Helen Dukes to Khajeefah Mustafah and William Blackwell, $137,000.

1500 Chestnut St. unit 8d 1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Donna M. Palmieri, $310,000.

1606 Chestnut St. unit 2 Susan Winig Lewin and Howard Winig to Marc Hurowitz and James Zangrilli, $540,000.

2101 Chestnut St. unit 1008 River West Development LP to Eric Lipman, $252,900.

2101 Chestnut St. unit 1508 River West Development LP to Moses Gabay, $265,000.

2101 Chestnut St. unit 17 River West Development LP to Mira Gorelik, $144,900.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 1106 River West Development LP to David and Aleksandra Berkoff, $144,000.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 1125 River West Development LP to Julie M. Konrad, $166,000.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 1708 River West Development LP to Daniel and Ronald Zlotoff, $291,500.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 526 River West Development LP to Aleksandr Y. Laznik, $131,900.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 722 River West Development LP to David and Aleksandra Berkoff, $115,000.

2201 Chestnut St. unit 702 Victoria A. Hollett and Jay R. Silber to Sarah E. Henry, $485,000.

4941 Chestnut St. Alfred D. Peurifoy to David Waddy III, $175,000.

12575 Chilton Rd. Charles J. McKee and Estate Of Emily H. McKee to Clarence W. Richardson and Davida C. Godett, $193,500.

1538 Christian St. unit 3 Smallgirl Construction Inc. to Thomas Blanchard, $269,900.

103-107 Church St. unit XVI Zagara Old City LP to David Martorana and Jennifer Musumeci, $360,400.

217 Church St. unit 2r 217 Church Street Associates LLC to Christina Rogers, $370,000.

217 Church St. unit 3r 217 Church Street Associates LLC to Michael and James Valentino, $212,500.

1518 S. Clarion St. Kimberly J. Litvinov to Daniel Call and Joy Manning, $202,500.

2135 Clymer St. Oliver Morris and Kara Durand to Kara Durand, $169,900.

9986 Crestmont Ave. Susan Gabel and Susan Fallon to Theresa Devine, $185,500.

3524 E. Crown Ave. Mary Ann Caslin and Mary A. McPherson to Stephanie A. Massey, $170,000.

129 Cuthbert St. Mark E. Gisi and David M. Wolf to Mary C. Ruble, $388,000.

326 Dalton St. Roger and Regina Smith to Henri Marcial, $199,000.

203 Daly St. Patrick M. McGinnis to George L. Thomas, $222,000.

105 Davis St. Jacqueline Serwinski to Charles L. Vicente and Adam Sekellick, $179,000.

345 Delmar St. Ann Marie Saboja and John J. Hagarty to Thomas P. Mellett Jr., $110,000.

6618 Ditman St. Michael and Victoria B. Cebzanov to Rene Rodriguez, $145,000.

8510 Ditman St. Joan Swayne and Brian W. Morris to Francis Rogalski and Dawn Ivey, $175,000.

3233 Dobson Row Sugden Place LP to Maria Jordan, $170,000.

3575 Dows Rd. Kevin M. Mak and Jack Xiao to James Emanuel, $178,351.

1923 Durfor St. Blue Moon Capital LLC to Brian N. Hanvey, $120,400.

12025 Elmore Rd. Robert F. Ohanlon to Joseph and Mary Ann Digirolamo, $170,000.

4935 N. Fairhill St. Adelino Dejesus Marques to Rasheeda T. Purdie, $104,000.

419 Fairmount Ave. Anthony J. Sembello III to Ralph Bladen, $346,000.

1640 Farrington Rd. Bruce E. Engel and Estate Of Rose Engel to James R. Carroll, $135,000.

15 Flagstaff Pl. Estate Of Marjorie Goldberg and Anita Feldman to Younis George and Adeela Gill, $305,000.

2933 W. Flora St. Gary Gordon and Jesse Keenan to Shirp Johnson Sr. and Patrice Grey Johnson, $110,000.

4069 Ford Rd. Ruth R.W. Shapiro and Ruth Wolf to Roger Brooks, $169,000.

7823 Forrest Ave. Areta Powell to Tanessha N. Shaw, $145,000.

673 Franklin Pl. unit E Iron Stone Penn Towne LP to Patricia C McKeever, $145,000.

3150 Friendship St. Robert E. Stumpo to Stanley R. and Shannon K. Jaskel, $177,300.

1500-02 S. Front St. Masada Custom Builders Inc. to Jonathan Frei and Ashley Frankenfield, $554,070.

609 Garland St. unit A Harriet and Gerald L. Magid to De Song Zheng, $103,000.

223 Gaskill St. Philip Lombard Street LP to David A. and Judi S. Mink, $1,000,000.

460 Gerhard St. Athalia Management LP and Athalia Management LLC to Robert A. and Karen L. Alston, $325,000.

3123 Gilham St. Susan M. Garton to Mei Guang and Mei Yu Huang, $129,000.

3032 W. Girard Ave. Helen and David Cohen to Rebecca L. Dailey, $400,000.

100 Gladstone St. Carolyn H. Marchesano to Kevin Huynh, $160,000.

1940 W. Godfrey Ave. Charlotte S. Tate and Stephen L. Harley to Petra Brizan and Jamaal Brown, $90,000.

4226 Greeby St. Thomas and Lynda L. Mullin to Corina I Rojas, $141,500.

7111 Guyer Ave. Shawn P. Brown to David K. Garnett and Yvette L. Colmon, $84,300.

4568 H St. Kwok Wang Ng to William Medina, $102,000.

8119 Halstead St. Thomas W. and Jeanette L. Griffith to Elizabeth McMonagle and Michael Corson, $240,000.

2001 Hamilton St. unit 606 Haim Emil Dahan and Ralph Walter to Frank and Martha Renaud, $415,000.

3632 Haywood St. Paul S. Hawks to Jeffrey C. Bedrosian, $302,500.

4635 Hazel Ave. Gail E. George to Bruce J. and Linda V. Sacchetta, $180,000.

6339 Hegerman St. Estate Of Augusta B. Kerns and Edward Kerns Jr. to Beriton Pane, $95,000.

6753 Hegerman St. Steven and Colleen A. Mastero to Arlen Larue, $95,000.

2740 Hellerman St. Carmen Candelario to Betty Lynett Harris and Carlos C. Rivera Garcia, $152,945.

2526 S. Hicks St. Vincent S. Cacia to Ana R. Serrano, $134,000.

2656 S. Hobson St. James Holmes to Linda J. Hunter, $87,000.

5825 N. Hope St. Patrick and Miriam A. Guarracino to Doreen A. Brown, $82,000.

1437 E. Howell St. Vivian Dianna Davison to Sylvia K. Vankpana and Jallah M. Kormazu, $153,000.

1603 E. Howell St. William and Geraldine Rushton to Tina M. Quigley Barreto, $105,200.

304 E. Howell St. Jennie Harb to Barbara Owens, $118,000.

5342 Howland St. Trung H. Phan to Kiu Kong and Paul A. Sam, $130,000.

1631 E. Hunting Park Ave. Jessenia Cortez to Nydia Lopez, $89,000.

932 E. Hunting Park Ave. Schwartz Realty Co. to William Schwartz, $100,000.

7203 Jackson St. John M. and Linda A. Zawatwicz Jr. to Michael and Jennifer Laverty, $135,000.

1917 S. Jessup St. Lorraine Montella to Kimberly J. Buckwalter, $158,000.

60 W. Johnson St. Brinton Housing Partners LP to Terrence E. Evans, $100,000.

2417 S. Juniper St. Rose L. Fieo and Tomasina Fontanella to Albert G. Ricchezza, $120,000.

3364 Kayford Cir. Michael A. and Joan D. Richey to Elizabeth R. Beatrice, $220,000.

1113 Kent Ln. Leon L. and Litzi Epstein to Christina Holland and David J. Cella, $349,900.

1932 Kentwood St. Barry Rackover and Martha R. Horn to Laurie Horn, $206,200.

1016 Kerper St. Daniel J. and Mary Ann Zlupko to Jacqueline Joseph, $207,500.

1309 Kimberly Dr. Sheryl F. Roth and Estate Of Ruth Rosenthal to Floyd Schoenberg and Nusheen Rabiei, $95,000.

7236 Kindred St. Paul and Maxine Skversky to Ai Geng Jiang, $160,000.

2842 Knorr St. Christopher Gallagher to Robert N. Dellavella and Leo Medwid, $175,000.

455 Krams Ave. Tim Gallagher to Elona and Gene Gopshtein, $178,500.

8950 Krewstown Rd. unit 205 Louis and Beatrice Gershman to Lyubov Palanker, $179,000.

4140 Lancaster Ave. Philip H. Ahn to Myong Hee Youn, $500,000.

6247 Langdon St. Selma Isaacson and Abbey M. Spector to Tomas E. Estevez, $110,000.

3507 Lansing St. Kelly Buckley to Jani and Mariola Papa, $130,000.

4917 Larchwood Ave. Jane E. Machin and Albert J. Raboteau to George Balgobin, $292,000.

4920 Larchwood Ave. Sarah Heard Park to Peter and Michaela L. Murphy White, $239,500.

6630 Large St. Tahira Javeed to Obaid Samuel, $160,000.

7010 Large St. Mykola and Valentina Udovenko to Alexander Abdurazakov, $152,000.

7143 Lawndale Ave. Mary Doris Mackaya and Doris MacKay to Mildred Y. Valentin, $184,900.

163 Levering St. Agnes and Walter N. Burcz to David J. Brosso, $190,000.

7146 Limekiln Pike B & B Real Estate LLC to Janet Hamilton, $199,000.

1207 Lombard St. Christopher Cosgrove and Ellen Rebstock Cosgrove to Maria and Sean Sommer, $500,000.

1938 Lombard St. Valerie Shaw and Hassan M. Heshmati to Bhuvnesh Jain and Sue Groveman, $525,000.

503 Lombard St. Bo and Anita Sorman to Mathew N. Beshara and Jonathan D. Lipton, $560,000.

4516 Longshore Ave. Andrew R. Kulczytzky to Joseph and Tricia Vizza, $240,000.

7735 Loretto Ave. Robert S. and Carol B. Thrasher to Carlos G. Braga, $195,000.

4006 Lyman Dr. Victoria T. Rowan to Jorge Luis Rosales and Diana Delgado Gonzalez, $189,900.

6108 Magnolia St. Myrtis V. Francis to Robert Malinder, $87,500.

7569 Malvern Ave. Donnell and Latasha Creighton to Nusheen Rabiei, $99,000.

4220 Manayunk Ave. Craig Plauschinat to Roger W. Ross, $185,000.

218 W. Manheim St. Helfen Inc. to Termayne Jenkins and Anya Lindsey, $94,500.

8345 Mansfield Ave. Marie Amey Taylor to Lydia Shaw, $245,000.

4607 Marple St. Rose Rita Shuman and Rose R. Gladden to Carlos Albert and Maria Nora Nunez, $107,000.

8750 Marsden St. Theresa A. McAroy to James and May Kuen Dong, $130,000.

755 S. Martin St. Cubit Real Estate Inc. to Ali Tabibzadeh, $450,000.

4150 Maywood St. Shadi and Nicole Dandan to Abdel Khalek Boutayeb and Ihab Smouni, $95,000.

1725 McClellan St. Rerun Alpha LLC to Kendra A. Molee, $105,000.

4559 Melrose St. Michael P. and Annemarie Mager to Michael Peahota, $129,000.

147 Mifflin St. Timothy M. Luko Jr. and Rosemarie C. Quinn to Margaret M. Cannon, $185,000.

1503 Mifflin St. Mario L. and Nelia Blanco to Mary Kathleen Newell, $164,700.

406 Mifflin St. Kdy Properties Inc. to John Powers, $187,000.

808 S. Mildred St. 807 Mildred Street LP to Robin Marzelli, $649,000.

2809 Miller St. Matthew McCabe to Jennifer Hoch, $118,000.

4037 Mitchell St. Idit Azoulay to Jason Katz and Lauren Schueller, $247,097.

1713 Monument St. Peter Coy to Guerline MacEan, $154,500.

3406 Morrell Ave. Catherine A. and William J. Collier to Dawn M. Smoluk, $165,000.

1227 Morris St. Angela Ranieri and Billie Motto to Michael Wozniak, $285,000.

5230 Morris St. unit 32 Household Finance Consumer Discount Co. to James J. Coggins, $80,400.

10905 Nandina Ln. Larry G. and Nancy M. Keeney to Paul Levin and Tanya Kameneva, $237,500.

2827 Narcissus Rd. Patrick J. Panikowski and Marie A. Dunleavy to Kumar S. Roy, $200,000.

5147 Oakland St. Victor John Marnien to Thomas Prendergast and Joseph Bianchimano, $108,000.

4504 Oakmont St. Clement and Gerard T. Smink to Chi Foo and Yin Pingsley Fu, $106,000.

6624 N. Opal St. Jacqueline Stevens to Angie D. Henderson, $80,000.

1251 E. Palmer St. John J. and Tara M. Burke Jr. to John E. and Christopher Smith, $110,000.

1359 E. Palmer St. Ronald L. and Marceli Botticelli Thompson to Alberto Rivera, $295,000.

4338 Palmetto St. Iraida Vanegas and Iraida Reyes to Denisha Perez, $99,900.

549 Pelham Rd. Mildred S. Exum Pearson to Ollie Brown, $265,000.

1829 Pemberton St. James R. Ballinghoff to Andrew Hitz and Karen Chagin, $395,000.

2019 Pemberton St. Rbf Management LLC to Richard D. Roberts and Christina Aicher, $485,000.

720 S. Percy St. James G. and John S. Cacciola to Constance Oshea, $212,000.

10842 Perrin Rd. Edmond T. and Christine D. Gavin to Caroline Cole and Thomas V. Jackson, $193,000.

1949 Plymouth St. Pamela E. Scott to Magalie Gabriel, $104,000.

109 W. Porter St. Loretta Ann McKeogh to Maria and Luis Guaricela, $178,000.

3628 Powelton Ave. Scott A. Bitner to Pragnay Choksi, $350,000.

620 Princeton Ave. Frederick and Charlotte Wiser to Manjit Kaur and Neeru Kumari, $141,000.

2030 Ranstead St. Joseph F. Carey to Ralph Berarducci, $250,000.

3328 Red Lion Rd. Irene Salvato to George and Christine Perez, $189,200.

320 Reed St. Donald and Claire Reimer to Matthew and Jacqueline Pooler, $200,000.

7062 Reedland St. Nick Cipriano and Michael McLean to Tyrone Chapple, $85,000.

7743 Richard St. Florence W. Wallis and Roland H. Webb Jr. to Danny and Loan Dao, $176,000.

3018 Richmond St. Joseph L. Savery to Jozef Walski and Iwona Walska, $200,000.

3798 Richmond St. William Correa to Robert Burke, $112,000.

7623 Ridge Ave. unit 25 John J. and Joanne W. Dipietro to Robert Chris and Deanna Albanesius, $350,000.

425 Righter St. Joanna B. Whalen to Jill C. Bilkins, $199,900.

536 Righter St. John W. and Shirley A. Odonnell to Chante Rodenas, $220,000.

1636 W. Ritner St. Jeanette K. and Elizabeth Joahanna Weinrich to Badwi Frangie, $170,000.

224 W. Rittenhouse Sq. unit 215 Arlene Rubin Grenald to Shawn S. McGruder, $350,000.

5907 Roosevelt Blvd. Margaret Rybas to Philip Brown, $141,000.

6068 Roosevelt Blvd. Lawrence J. and Jean Richter to Kovoney Diggs, $115,000.

7661 Roosevelt Blvd. Sherry S. Gelb and Will Of Anna Greenberg to Eugene Jacuk and Carol A. Steep, $165,000.

2349 Saint Albans St. Ralph and Tanya Salgado to Jaimee A. Seabury and John McCarthy, $545,000.

4621 Saint Davids St. Sue Anne Clark to Andrew D. Urbine, $164,900.

5 Saint James Ct. Michael A. Luci to Gregory R. Barstead and Tara L. Bagnall, $565,000.

4439 Salmon St. Bramark Properties LLC to William J. Wenglicki, $130,000.

718 Salter St. Paul S. and Giovanna E. McGinty to Daniel and Benjamin Quinn Kerins, $315,000.

2543 S. Sartain St. Maria Boccuti to Robert and Audrey Lapenta, $193,000.

5869 Saul St. Robert Robinson to Margarita Yakubova, $80,000.

2812 Saxton Rd. Dominic F. and Barbara M. Campagna to Chineze I. Ilogu, $199,900.

890 Scattergood St. Yakov Farbman to Jean Maurice and Alta Mathias Chery, $92,000.

456 Seville St. John J. Costello and John J. Costello Revocable Living Trust to Joseph L. Daniels II and Inger M. Hatlen, $175,000.

241 Shawmont Ave. Brian Spigelmyer to Jevere Howell, $180,000.

4617 Sheffield Ave. Paul Joseph McCarthy and Michelle E. Surgner to Jacqueline Schwartz, $115,000.

1243 Shelmire Ave. Eleanor Steenson and Estate Of Herbert F. Hirsch to Melissa E. Acevedo, $150,000.

4228 Shelmire Ave. Joseph G. and Tricia A. Vizza to Lori A. Poole, $134,000.

4510 Shelmire Ave. Jan F. Martinez and Kathleen Bevans. to Jian L. and Jian Y. Guan, $127,000.

4413 Sherwood Rd. Dorian L. and Dejaun M. Harris to Angela V. Harris, $177,000.

4436 Silverwood St. Jennifer Lynne Wlotko to Samuel Moyerman, $210,000.

6513 N. Smedley St. Dawn Copeland to Scott A. and Danielle N. Seward, $120,000.

3226 S. Smedley St. George and Maria S. Polinko Jr. to Tuan G. Pham and Phuong Le, $390,000.

2431 E. Somerset St. Katarzyna McKelvey to Robert M. Yogis, $146,000.

2703 E.. Somerset St. Chad and Lisa Ann Eme to Katarzyna McKelvey, $275,000.

2619-25 South St. unit 6 Wayne R. and Heather L. Kobylinski to Anna Samras, $269,900.

6937 Sprague St. Estate Of Elvira L. Rogers and Kimball H. McNeal to Charles A. Bowen Jr., $165,000.

1517 Spring Garden St. Sharon O. Daniels to Steven and Yvette White, $307,000.

1326 Spruce St. unit 1702 Carmen and Rosemarie Panto to James A. Robles, $217,000.

6206 Tabor Ave. Richard and Donna Cruice to Andre Carr and Queenetta Birch, $119,000.

1443 Tasker St. Michelle Huynh to Karolus Budiono, $207,500.

3143 W. Thompson St. Westrum Bt LP to Darlene A. Reynolds, $334,650.

3161 W. Thompson St. Westrum Bt LP to Sydney Tran, $348,300.

3417 Tilton St James R. Harley Jr. to Anthony R. Anderson, $135,000.

1109 E. Tioga St. Sam 5100 Enterprises Inc. to Shawn Whack, $89,900.

2656 Tremont St. Allyson and Owen Ricketts to Vilma C. Blake Leon, $242,000.

6237 Trotter St. Benjamin Beck and Gary Horowitz to Celouse St. Flina and Lukner St. Juste, $143,000.

6327 Trotter St. Elba Dormoi to Francine Azor, $144,000.

2571 Tulip St. John Silvidio and Salvadore Tomczak to Patricia Golas, $125,000.

1846 E. Tulpehocken St. Cynthia Williams Harden to Patricia Elliott, $123,000.

3138 Unruh Ave. Mark A. Brennan to Paul Orourke, $156,000.

340 Unruh Ave. Donald P. and Anna Marie Bresnan to Samantha Felix, $161,000.

1623 Van Kirk St. Dionisio T. Milne to Fernando Rezende Felipe and Maria A. Mejia, $107,000.

6708 Vandike St. Dawn M. Gallagher and Dawn M. Gallagher Gonzalez to Reinalda Taveras, $93,500.

1111 Walnut St. unit 9 Sharon Dipre to John P. Ohare, $419,000.

5231 Walnut St. David P. Allen to Jack and Kathleen Boeve, $87,900.

6043 N. Warnock St. Walter and Dorothy Sherrill to Grace A. Ogunwuyi, $81,960.

746 S. Warnock St. Charles P. Regazzi and Estate Of Catherine Regazzi to Craig Healy, $340,206.

4722 Warrington Ave. Eric Hopkins to Laurie J. Zimmerman, $270,000.

604-36 S. Washington Sq. unit 1908 Paul Smith and Estate Of Thomas F. Smith to Jolee R. Southard, $290,000.

604-36 S. Washington Sq. unit 214 Harry C. Gregory to Christy A. Opella, $355,000.

604-36 S. Washington Sq. unit 2210 Geoffrey D. Bushko to Edward Kurilla, $285,000.

604-36 S. Washington Sq. unit 612 Jeanne C. Pond and Roberta A. Langill to Toshisada and Matsumi Iijima, $360,000.

604-636 S. Washington Sq. unit 2213 Paul Coff and Susan Odessey to Kirk Waechter, $174,000.

2639 S. Watts St Rocco Ritorto Jr. to John and Lucy Sacco, $148,400.

1641 Waverly St. Matilde Ingenito to Stephen E. Risen and Wendy O. Smolen, $450,000.

2015 Welsh Rd. unit D57 Michelle Smith and Estate Of Edna Kraus to Harris and Toby Barmat, $190,000.

5913 Weymouth St. Timothy R. Hunter to Ana J. Paniagua, $79,900.

1442 Widener Pl. Candis J. Pressley to Sarita P. Parker, $102,500.

1826 Widener Pl. Deborah Green to Yvette Young, $103,900.

236-238 W. Wildey St. Northern Liberty Development Associates to David Biegler, $85,000.

922 Winter St. James L. and Jing L. Chu to Li Jian Ren, $400,000.

9882 Wistaria St. Gustavo L. Masri to Olga and Mikhail Prodanchuk, $202,000.

1615 Woodbrook Ln. Kathryn Caruth to Deborah B. Dill, $171,500.

7305 Woodcrest Ave. Cheryl Y Mathews and Estate Of Tamarsha G. Francis to Quatina Tilley, $98,000.

7321 Woodcrest Ave. Tanya T. and David Tyrone Brown to Leonard Benjamin Muldrow, $135,000.

2231 S. Woodstock St. Kassem Kassem to Juilen Merhi and Rana Lamah, $135,000.