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Camden County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through March 19.


218 Chestnut St

Justin Wighton to Thomas F and Bonnie Gail Applegate, $239,000.

184 Cornell Rd Christopher J Cunningham to Charles W Mitchell III, $217,500.

349 W Kings Hwy John P Minot to Dennis M Matousch, $195,000.

144 S Lecato Ave Gus Papahanges to Joseph Stumpo, $225,000.


1208 Chesterfield Rd

John J Caruso to Peter F and Peggy J Barr, $372,000.

412 Clements Bridge Rd Timothy Alles to Timothy M McDonald, $160,614.

355 Tavistock Blvd Henry D Bean III to John R and Deborah F Saxenmeyer, $330,000.


513 2nd Ave

Emma Kawczak to Frank Reiss, $192,000.

105 Adams Ave Hm Assist LLC to Candance M Little and Laura Cramutola, $189,500.

118 Hall Ave Walter S Zimolong Jr to Justine L Stahl, $187,000.

165 Hall Ave Helen K Boyne to Philip M Cruz, $137,000.

125 Hart Ave John M Valenti to Joseph D and Aida L Ackley, $285,000.

332 Princeton Ave Robert V Jones to John Guarnere Jr, $206,000.

203 Walnut Ave Patricia A Shappell to Timothy W and Debra L Underwood Sr, $214,999.

Berlin Borough

63 Glacier Dr

Lonaconing East LLC to Seung Youg and Jeong Suk Um, $290,000.

12 Zion Dr Glenn A Kershner to Jason J and Staci Piccoli, $290,500.

Berlin Township

307 Cedar Ave

Kojeski Const Co Inc to Christopher Bradfield and Jennifer L Plumb, $219,900.

30 Holly Dr Kristin L Dewitt to Rosemary Castro, $172,000.

1054 Lincoln Ave Kenneth E Stadler to George H and Nancy Durar, $180,000.

324 Magnolia Ave Castle Development Svcs Inc to Christopher Taylor, $289,000.


123 Pennsylvania Rd

William E Graves to Brian Aurand and Rita Marie Marley, $121,000.

201 Pershing Rd Cynthia Abroitz to Clifford F Barnes, $113,000.

Camden City

908 N 23rd St

Felix M Arriaga to John J Ramirez, $80,000.

907 N 25th St Pedro Mont to Romery Nunez, $130,000.

1120 N 33rd St Jon I Mudrak Jr to Ismael Ocasio, $55,000.

452 N 34th St Mary R Olsen to Catalina Alvarez, $63,900.

448 N 40th St Francisco Rosado Jr to Santos and Ana Rodriguez, $85,000.

1439 S 4th St Angel Lopez to Doreesa L Robinson, $56,000.

2552 Baird Blvd St Joseph's Carpenter Society to Maria C Dotel, $78,000.

646 Clinton St Rosalyn D Futch to Diane T Frank, $62,000.

425 Cooper St Richard Riggs to Leo F Driver and Sharon Bushnell, $350,000.

1073 Ironside Rd Fairview Village II to Jose A Garcia, $100,000.

3010 Kearsarge Rd Joan Curcio to Cynthia Chavez, $94,000.

1134 Lakeshore Dr Daniel Ball to Harry Wagman, $52,000.

1668 Norris St Edward E Cooper to Valiant C Carter, $60,000.

340 Pfeiffer St Leroy Malloy to Edward Estrada, $75,000.

418 Rand St St Josephs Carpenter Society to Confesora Jerez, $72,700.

3603 Westfield Ave Juana Lantigua to Dilcia A Fortuna, $95,000.

3631 Westfield Ave Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal Ge to Domingo Mateo and Israel Calderon, $85,000.

Cherry Hill

301 Browning Ln unit 56

William H Harrison to Ted and Doris Padgett, $219,900.

1207 Chanticleer Eric Ling to Ray A Cunningham and Nicole R Perry Cunningham, $228,000.

110 Cherry Parke unit D Roger Maitland to Richard A Dollery, $119,000.

3405 Church Rd Benjamin F Acquesta to Thuy Tran and Jeffrey Euler, $190,000.

1128 Crane Dr Anthony Vidovich to Evan and Caryn Zweben, $320,000.

625 Croyden Dr Moly K Hung to Thomas R and Anne Marie Weaver, $290,000.

11 Ellis Ave Gary W Searles to James and Yvonne Ksionska, $292,000.

54 Forest Hill Dr Lawrence Garifo to Amy Welde, $375,000.

65 Greenvale Rd Richard J Hamilton Sr to Cac Gia Mai and Thao Vuong, $271,000.

3 Harrowgate Dr Rupa Puttappa to Jean Luc and Paula Saillard, $430,000.

520 Kenilworth Ave Antonio F Iavovitti to Sophia Slabakis, $275,000.

801 Kings Croft George W Hager to Igor and Ala Kaplan, $260,000.

906 Kingston Dr Jean Luc D Saillard to Sean and Tara Chandler, $285,000.

1314 Kresson Rd Fed Hm Loan Mtg Corp to Jackie Aloush and Orly Attias, $215,000.

1777 Longfellow Dr Jerome Pfeffer to Thomas and Sherri Mooney, $160,000.

822 Marlowe Rd Keith Verrier to James R and Sherlyn P Wotring, $385,000.

12 Melody Ln Joseph I Sobel to Jericho B Patel, $275,000.

916 Murray Ave Albina Michell to Stanislaw and Malgorzata Stachowski, $300,000.

1006 Salem Rd Edmund Jude to Terrence A Schofield and Nichole Maier, $320,000.

120 Saxby Ter Sang Shin Lee to Mehlam and Rashida Shakir, $417,500.

47 S Syracuse Dr Norman J Engleman to William Williamson, $280,000.

151 Tavistock Susan J Quinn to Ryan T Scarduzio and Rachel A Perkins, $192,250.

60 Wesley Ave Samuel G Long to Stephen P Testa and Jana M Saffioti, $245,000.

120 Williams St William T McCargo Jr to Ratha Tuy and Sopheap Kim, $280,000.

210 Wilson Rd Thomas Hill to Mark Macrina and Jennifer Costner, $215,000.


427 Elm Ave

Loren L Clemons to Kisha K Kersey, $204,900.


87 Chews Landing Rd

Mary A Anton to Felipe Osorio, $175,000.


32 E Collings Ave

Ricky M Rogers to Nancy McCauley, $155,000.

503 Dwight Ave Bruce M Donato to David S and Erica Bergstralh, $259,000.

1011 Eldridge Ave Edward Coppinger III to Evan Moss, $242,000.

617 Lees Ave Regina K White to Mimi C and David Zuzga, $292,500.

1003 Magill Ave Belinda Neris to Gabriel Guetta and Bracha Naor, $235,000.

48 Washington Ave Rafey Habib to Louis and Diane Cramer, $269,900.


110 Kirkwood Rd

Sean McInnes to Rachel L and Thomas W Hagan, $230,000.

Gloucester City

122 Barnaby Ave

Etta Mae Barbera to Richard G Dick, $123,500.

326 S Broadway John W Barkham to Francis P and Kelly M Boland, $87,750.

200 N Brown St Robert W Sochor to Christopher M and Nichole L Korenak, $228,000.

215 Cumberland St 18 Melwood LLC to Dawn M Russell, $143,000.

618 Hunter St Taylor Capitol Grp LLC to Michael B Johnson, $115,000.

321 Market St Sharon Gavin to Michael and Christine Hubler, $147,900.

325 Market St Laboucine Benmbark to Victor Rubinson, $78,000.

337 Market St Donald R Nelson to Andrew Nelson, $75,000.

6 Park Ave James P Stover to Daniel and Michelle Caporaletti, $174,900.

19 University Ave Robert R Stein Jr to James S Benson, $199,000.

Gloucester Township

10 Berkshire Rd

Daniel P Alexander to Francisco and Maria Santiago, $116,500.

16 Cedar Grove Dr Francis Kelly to Roger W and Novella A West, $350,000.

421 E Central Ave Eugene B Williams to Ronald B Losner, $215,000.

248 Davistown Rd William Alba to Thomas M Bryant, $149,000.

46 Deborah Pl John A Casarow Jr to Susan Munyon and Dale Striewski, $188,000.

51 Dunlin Way James Hyland to Damon Dambrosio, $235,000.

1601 Erial Rd Marianne Shuman Est Of to Patrick J Goliszewski, $190,000.

240 Grand Ave Gary Conti to James Stewart and Stephen Smith, $260,000.

124 Hampshire Rd Jennifer Barron Waltimyer to Darwin Vargas and Mary B Rivera, $99,000.

126 Hidden Dr Ray S Trejo to Leon and Petra Szyfman, $261,000.

251 Hidden Dr Michael C Rauscher to Waltia Baile, $267,000.

1203 Huntingdon Mews Christopher M McKenty to Kimberly J Troxell, $135,000.

516 Huntington Ave George W Wiley to Thomasina A Cruz, $143,000.

146 La Costa Dr Andrew Saul to Michael S Talmadge, $237,500.

12 Parsons Ct William G Wells to Hugh Lanier, $296,000.

5 Piney Point Pl Lee H Vogeding to Steven J and Suzanne F Couture, $276,000.

337 Richmond Ave Marie Urban Est Of to Christopher T Massimi and Lisa M Leonetti, $175,000.

725 Southwick Cir Christopher Dickson to Edward John and Rhonda Jean Coyle, $290,000.

20 Spring Hill Dr Michael Fidyk to Charles and Danielle Martin Dreggs, $257,400.

30 Sugar Bush Dr Jamie P Krzywicki to Patrick D McLaughlin, $212,000.

23 Theresa Pl John Lewis Gebhard Jr to Tammy Githens, $165,000.

13 York Ct Linda E Czechowski to Donald L Clements, $324,400.


77 Akron Ave

Karen L Watson to John E and Dawn M B Nystedt, $248,000.

105 Ardmore Ave Mildred Gauld Est Of to Robert Morris, $132,000.

120 Delaware Ave John R Saxenmeyer to James Giovinetti, $239,000.

14 Emerald Ave Chih Lung Chen to James M Duttera and Megan E Kilm, $265,000.

238 Emerald Ave Robert D Peruso to John Melchiorre and Ross Buford, $191,500.

509 Graisbury Ave Thomas A Deeney to Jonathan and Jacquelyn Chain, $233,800.

35 E Kraft Ave Warren N Fritts to George T Hutchinson IV, $227,000.

423 Melrose Ave Gerald McCarty to Daniel M and Kelley A Heneghan, $297,000.

304 Strawbridge Ave Mary Labascio to Billy D and Courtney L La Rue, $280,000.

237 Wilson Ave Steven A Aboloff to Matthew Stafford, $205,000.


400 N Haddon Ave unit 511

Charles Walter Martin to Wendy A Williams, $192,000.


355 3rd Ave

Richard Brosius to Daniel A Guerriero Jr, $168,000.

203 Ashbourne Ave Ronald H Moore Sr to Daniel Morgan, $205,000.

2127 S Brighton Ave Jean M Weyman to Osman Chavez, $155,000.

36 Chiswick Dr unit 2 Derek V Berkett to Amy M McNally, $129,000.

825 E Elm Ave Mark J McKenna to Leonel Arias, $123,000.

45 White Horse Ave Bryan Bennett to Sallie Michelle Russo, $143,000.


312 W Adams Ave

Thomas Hagan III to Gregory and Jessica Smithen, $168,000.


23 E Clinton Ave

Timothy S Farrow to Denise Dantonio, $179,000.


200 N 36th St

Muhmad Melheess to Maka Robakidze, $95,000.

1634 48th St Eric L Palumbo to John Baynard, $168,000.

2225 Browning Rd Ruth I White to Carly Kirk, $182,000.

6026 Camden Ave Robert F Breen to Patrick B Harbison, $123,900.

5329 Frosthoffer Ave Daniel P Grimm to Claudio V Caldini, $242,000.

542 Hillside Ter Sonny H Gaye to Dana Bradley, $160,000.

8254 Holman Ave Fine Hms Inc to Federico A Martinez, $227,500.

2279 Penn St Gary W Nelson to John W Lynn, $188,000.

7154 Rosemont Ave William H Presson Sr to Charles and Portia Holland, $125,000.

8545 Rudderow Ave Roy L Whitmore to Joseph and Beverly Fontano, $335,000.

5517 Whitman Ter Scott A Jacobson to Johanna R Cruz, $197,000.

4125 Witherspoon Ave Kenneth R Hall to Peter and Yamille Rodriguez, $208,000.

Pine Hill

85 E 6th Ave

Barbara Kotlarz to Christine M Busch, $172,000.

310 Erial Rd Duane Myers to Ke Neth Cohen, $190,000.

702 Mason Run Francis Adolf to Carlene McPhillips, $137,000.

10 Woodrow Ave Grant C Martino to Catherine A Fletcher, $239,000.


156 E 3rd Ave

Nk Const And Management Inc to Roderick J and Carolyn L MacRae Jr, $190,000.

640 W 3rd Ave Ian R Enders to James R Schwartz and Carla L Gilpin, $223,000.

240 Schubert Ave Kojeski Const Co Inc to Ryan C and Lauren Penny, $275,000.


1213 Lehigh Ave

NJ Hm Const to Yamil and Cheryl Ross Rodriguez, $189,900.


22 W Laurel Rd

John P Fleming Jr to Christopher and Heather Crossin, $145,000.

16 Summit Rd Marie C Oneill to Eric and Cynthia Kelly, $220,000.


101 Abbey Rd

Neil M Solomon to Yuksel Yucel, $287,500.

68 Borton Ave Pulte Hms of NJ LP to Burton and Sharon Spitzer, $279,492.

74 Borton Ave Pulte Hms of NJ LP to Emily McMurtrie, $278,040.

216 Camden Ave David Hendrickson to Rodney D Riso, $445,000.

5 Catania Ct Fotios Farmakis to Richard L and Deborah A Palmer, $440,000.

49 Chippenham Dr Todd Weber to Jeffrey and Tracy L Kiesel, $382,500.

50 Covington Ln Cynthia A Papa to Albert Shermer, $380,000.

316 Gregory Way Frank J Radisch to Pulkit Vigg, $152,500.

1046 Pendleton Ct Arlene E Litvin to Craig and Sharon Goodfellow, $193,000.

7 Stonehurst Dr Vorhees One Trust to Michael Buchel, $302,000.


636 Blueberry Dr

Francis G Looney to Luke D and Ashley J Hoak, $255,000.


118 Baker Ave

Michael P Goodson to Kim M and Jason Leone, $269,900.

127 Baker Ave Joseph J Foxhill to Michael and Michael Tolomeo Jr, $167,000.

125 Blue Meadow Ln US Hm Corp to James Jr. and Kelly R Briggs, $457,112.

147 Blue Meadow Ln Chiara Hms LLC to Sheldon K Robinson and Suzette A Lyons Robinson, $540,269.

13 Cardinal Ln Prop Of NJ LP to Joshua T and Shannon Boucher, $368,068.

225 Chestnut Ave Lynn A Simpson to Gabino Concepcion Jr, $167,500.

117 Country Ln Sharon McMullen to Anthony and Katherine Futia, $234,500.

23 Decatur Ln Kathleen Tigeleiro to Raymond Watkins, $198,000.

7 Fillmore Way Kevin J Richards to Delores B Benjamin, $159,000.

735 Flittertown Rd Perry L Jones to Lester P Keller, $187,000.

27 Hampton Gate Dr Steven Blackwell to David Ford, $140,000.

70 Hampton Gate Dr Bruce Malson to Brian Heagan, $145,000.

6 High Pointe Rdg Th Prop Of Nj LP to Robert Thate and Allison Katz, $394,817.

1 Hyacinth Ln Jamal Roache to Mamadou and Amu Diallo, $158,500.

1 Log Cabin Rd Juanita Robinson to Mary Crockett, $329,000.

79 Penfield Ln John Waters Cottman Jr to Donnell and Cheryl Alexander, $215,000.

14 Piedmond Ln VA to Quinton L and Priscilla Wims Greene, $175,000.

115 Quiet Rd William C Peters to James G Resnick, $315,000.

405 Tansboro Rd Mario Dipietrantonio to Judith Wisner, $169,000.

16 Tavern Ln Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Floyd J Miller, $303,400.

3 Tupelo Ln Renaissance At Woodlands to Jerome and Monica Morris, $343,240.

4 Wedgewood Ct Deluca Enterprises Inc to Paul and Roberta Berger, $314,654.


1634 Ferry Ave

Paul Creitz to Valerie J Johnson, $98,000.

219 Laurel Ave Hector Ramos to Rachel Lewis and Christopher Dilkus, $167,500.

319 Linden Ave Joao Ferreria Cardoso to Jessica Torres, $146,400.