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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded July 17-18, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded July 17-18, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

530 S. 2nd St. unit 714 Stobba Residential Associates LP to Austin Hogan and Margaret Leyden, $545,000.

5728 N. 4th St. Emily H. Balnis and Loretta Gudonis to Teresa M. McCoy, $85,000.

1928 N. 5th St. Marta Cintron to Nathan and Kerry Hasler Brooks, $129,000.

5749 N. 5th St. Gladys Pena and Taylor A. Baron to Sonia R. Vega, $140,000.

1628 N. 6th St. Bryant Watson to Dyshawn P. Watson, $90,000.

2631 S. 6th St. Samol and Brenda Samon Eang to Linda Lieu, $140,000.

1112 S. 7th St. Angela Brilis and Richard Plavcan to James J. Zwolak and Gia M. Guadagnino, $297,000.

2334 S. 12th St. Joseph R. and Pauline M. Corso to Salvatore Dinubile and Samantha Bianculli, $285,000.

753 S. 13th St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to My N. Loi, $260,000.

1239 S. 15th St. 1244 South 15th Street LLC to Quynh M Nguyen, $138,000.

2508 S. 15th St. Karen P. Armentani and Estate Of Peter M. Pino to David Briel and Jesse Lloyd Hunting, $170,000.

2424 S. 16th St. Margaret Cristiano and Rita Manzi to Edward J. Wright Jr., $170,000.

743 S. 17th St. Salt & Light Co. and Mark W. Richardson to Hadassah Zuberi Ben Dor, $310,000.

627-37 N. 18th St. unit 105 Delaware Valley Real Estate Holdings LLC to Elizabeth B. Hemminger, $334,900.

6523 N. 18th St. Smj Investment Co. to Leon Craddock, $115,000.

802 N. 23rd St. Bryan and Erica McKernan to Gabriel Canuso, $480,000.

1802 S. 28th St. Joseph W. and Marie Colonna to Huong T. Bach and Rose Bach Dang, $148,000.

2007 S. 28th St. Douglas and Mary Wagner to Suhendra Fnu, $151,400.

2020 S. 28th St. Cindy Li to Effendi Priatna, $170,000.

707 N. 42nd St. Yevgeniya Gelman to Vadim and Inara Mayzel, $141,000.

1420 N. 53rd St. Gerald Williams and Pamela Williams Brewington to Tracy Jones, $119,900.

1312 S. 57th St. Edwin Derek Massiah to Danielle Smith, $115,000.

110 W. Abington Ave. Daniel A.D. and Jessica Hunter to Michael B. Schaedle and Maria N. Sisto, $539,800.

11730 Academy Pl. James Clark to Yuriy and Christine A. Stupak, $172,000.

562 Acorn St. William A. and Mabel E. Gewiss to Erica L. Morgan, $202,000.

5151 Akron St. Troy J. Vereen to Gregory Bryant, $89,000.

6435 Akron St. Deborah L. Trout Lawson to Tammy Truong, $115,000.

2360 E. Albert St. Christopher and Yolanda L. Eckels to David Vinciguerra, $125,000.

2511 W. Allegheny Ave. Dion and Gwendolyn D. Whitley to Raul Aquino, $85,000.

1134 Allengrove St. Anne S. Gawlinski to C.F. Thomas III and Shanan Cartwright, $192,000.

2606 Almond St. Timothy M. Wilson to James Lewis and David M. Cherill, $85,000.

1001 Annin St. Tony Chanh Hoang to Albert and Ghorrah T. Boulos, $230,000.

2200 Arch St. unit 609 Obmg Arch Associates LP to Neha N. and Natu Patel, $350,000.

8209 Ardleigh St. Michael A. Ginsberg and Julie L. Pickholtz to Kerry Guarino, $283,000.

628 Arthur St. Sean T. Cannon to Robert E. and Norma J. Dougherty, $185,000.

1868 Ashurst Rd. Jean Proetto and Lisa Marie Smith Sgro to Regina N. Dore, $133,000.

5339 Baltimore Ave. George S. and Bernice A. Stoddart to Asher Kemp, $167,000.

5309 Belfield Ave. Nicholson Holdings Inc. to Dawn Copeland, $104,000.

2337 Benson St. Clara King to Justin Martin, $257,000.

6345 Bingham St. Richard and Geraldine Freed to Alvaro A. Acosta, $114,000.

2504 E. Birch St. Steven Kravets to John Nixon, $97,335.

2531 Bleigh Ave. Maria A. Santos and Elizabeth Lopes Dos to Teodoro Goncalves and Maria Fatima Pinto, $150,000.

2434 E. Boston St. Nvr Inc. and Ryan Homes to Cori Weber, $319,050.

6634 Boyer St. Brett E. Patterson to Jamahl A. Simmons, $219,900.

113 N. Bread St. unit 3a2 K Hovnanian At Philadelphia I LLC to Doris E. Desautel and Joshua Broudy, $508,308.

7603 Brous Ave. Walter and Edna R. Kaminski to Aleksander and Teresa Czapla, $230,000.

1039 Camas Dr. Richard and Susan Park to Saramma V. Alex and Stephen F. Wilfred, $275,000.

7008 Cardin Rd. Joel Avery to Nicholas and Mary Ellen Debellis, $175,000.

2020 Carpenter St. Ali Denizkurdu to Aaron Simpson, $265,000.

2508 Carpenter St. Sylvia J. Stoner and Estate Of Fred Forchion to Eran Albuher, $170,000.

6392 Castor Ave. Melvin Thanh Nguyen to David K. and Suk Tin Yuen, $250,000.

1813 S. Chadwick St. Willie Sam and Sunheang Chieng to Darlene R. Robinson, $110,000.

6035 Charles St. Shirley T. Cheeseman to Pablo R. and Elisandra Malave Valle, $114,900.

3267 Chatham St. Elizabeth Magurczek to Leszek Pawelec, $84,000.

211 Chelten Ave. Ho Ja Ahn to Tam Vu and Trang Pham, $115,000.

6357 Cherokee St. Susan Corbin to Jennifer Karsten, $142,500.

2101-17 Chestnut St. unit 1519 River West Development LP to John W. and Teresa M. Brown, $217,900.

244 Christian St. Robert Fraynert and Diane Gabriel Fraynert to Robert Teplitsky, $455,000.

717 S. Christopher Columbus Blvd. Dockside Associates Pier 30 LP to Scott Davis, $379,900.

2764 Clayton St. Victor S. Rodrigues to Jennifer M. Kramny and Kathleen M. Killian, $248,000.

927 Clyde Ln. William M. Burley IV to Kathleen McMahon, $403,000.

717 S. Columbus Blvd. unit 718 Dockside Associates Pier 30 LP to Scott Davis, $384,900.

423 Conarroe St. John and Elizabeth Laporte to Kevin Doran, $250,000.

6826 Cottage St. Steven John and Eileen Marie Wulko to Lillian Marrero, $240,000.

8816 Cottage St. Michael and Wendy N. Kates to Steve Ostroff, $94,000.

2424 E. Cumberland St. Theresa M. and Theresa W. Meehan to David L. and Andrew D. Marshall, $147,400.

2413 S. Darien St. Anthony Mangini to Kevin Poulton, $120,000.

9240 Darlington Rd. Edward and Pearl Richman to Kevin and Sara Jane Judge, $375,000.

379 Dawson St. Elizabeth A. Kile to Andrew Copleman, $235,000.

3434 Decatur St. Elaine Firth to Raymond K. Lemire, $122,500.

10210 Dedaker St. Marcia Jasnoff to Robin P. and Smitha R. Montharayil, $237,000.

4340 Devereaux St. Stephen D. and Cynthia L. Mezico to Michael Kauffman, $126,900.

7919 Ditman St. Suzette Keys to Stella Boateng and Beatrice Aseidu, $125,000.

909 E. Dorset St. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. and Francis S. Hallinan to Dimitry Starominsky, $150,000.

3511 Dows Rd. Edna and Stephen Ford to Zbigniew Ryszard Labuda and Sylwia Kojto, $167,500.

927 Dudley St. Mia Davis to Carlos and Alejandro Tavarez, $145,000.

7717 Dungan Rd. Jean A. Gallo and Estate Of Constance T. Procopio to Roby Earl, $166,000.

520 E. Durham St. Jon W. and Jean Y. Durbin to Ian and Meredith Halpern Ranzer, $505,000.

1368 Dyre St. Rosa Casanas to Ahmed Diabira, $109,000.

8101 Elberon Ave. Francis J. and Kathleen M. Kurz Sr. to Kenneth Chen, $400,000.

2913 Elbridge St. Nicholas J. Abramchuck and Will Of Josephine Abramchuck to Naim Muhammad, $149,900.

3154 Emerald St. Gbc Holdings LLC to Yahaira Gonzales and Luis Mendez, $85,000.

4444 Ernie Davis Cir. Maritza Garay to Laura Melesio, $222,000.

1409 Fanshawe St. Oxford Circle Baptist Church to Marie D. Estabine, $140,000.

7018 Forrest Ave. Charlene Key to Troy A. Sutton, $121,000.

1905 Forrestal St. William J. Depena Jr. to James and Debra A. Frazier, $360,000.

2029 Frankford Ave. George Fleck to Victor Rossi, $100,000.

3760 Frankford Ave. Jerry T. Sonnanburg to William Anderson, $129,900.

6033 Frontenac St. Evelys Garcia to Dean M. Paulino, $90,000.

1268 Fuller St. Robert F. Costello to John Crane Jr., $220,000.

6240 Gillespie St. Dawn Loftus to Kimberly Shelton, $120,000.

2822 Glenview St. Sean Berk and Kristin Allen to Elena and Felix Matta, $159,900.

2317 E. Gordon St. Christian Golas and Kellyann Nast Golas to Kristen Gregory, $85,000.

223 E. Gowen Ave. Judith A. Himes to Joel N. Slackman, $500,000.

34 W. Gowen Ave. Brian R. and Christine G. Anderson to Brian C. Cooke and Rebecca Kraut, $315,000.

2701 Grant Ave. Grant Landing LP to Va Sai and Minh Sai Ho, $1,400,000.

6647 N. Gratz St. Thomas Barber to Rodney Phillips and Ruby J. Robinson, $120,300.

1239 Greeby St. Carole Lafortune to Joseph Julien, $125,000.

4130 Greeby St. Kathy Ann Caruso to Mike and Mildred Abarca, $131,500.

9980 Haldeman Ave. William Ciabattoni to Anna Marie Yondura, $320,000.

3161 Halsey Pl. Enrico and Maria Capetola to Frank and Alice Dambrosio, $325,000.

2001 Hamilton St. unit 1515 Dennis K. Eng to John S. O'Brien II, $380,000.

6616 Harley St. William H. Lublin and James Walsh to Kevin Alexander and Cynthia Rochelle Burrell, $169,900.

1100-1102 Harrison St. Ashvin J. and Ila A. Patel to Steven P. Diu, $199,000.

3135 Hellerman St. R.E. Associates Inc. to James Carey and Lorraine Koch, $137,000.

260 Hermitage St. Patrick and Jeanine O'Rourke to Charles J. and Mary E. Miller, $355,000.

1117 E. Hewson St. Rgv Builders LLC to Thomas L. and Elizabeth Toole Jr., $320,650.

4003 Higbee St. Margaret Buccieri to Jimmy Perez, $89,900.

5224 Horrocks St. Frederick P. and Barbara J. Ewing to Brenda Owens, $117,000.

6724 Jackson St. Jennifer Ryan to Joseph N. Lutz, $135,000.

9557 James St. Lisa A. Walker to Jennifer Dunn, $199,900.

747 S. Juniper St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Ronald Santiago, $209,873.

749 S. Juniper St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Curtis L. Miller, $209,873.

751 S. Juniper St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Kellyanne Difilippo, $209,873.

1135 Kerper St. Luc and Chao Muang Ho to Mohammad E. Uddin, $195,000.

419 Knorr St. Elizabeth C. Bergen and Estate of Rosemary T. Griffin to Marija Ardeljan, $118,500.

457 Krams Ave. George R. Shepherdson and Estate of Margaret M. Shepherdson to Alan Taylor Jr., $196,000.

5712 N. Lambert St. Michael W. Smallwood to Orville Rose, $80,000.

3980 Lancelot Pl. Frances Veitz to David Adler and Ann Marie Reid Adler, $207,900.

8364 Langdon St. Estate of Susan A. Peruso and Theresa M. Grygelewicz to Aleksandr Nesterov and Olga Nesterova, $183,000.

4213 Lansing St. Harrowgate Realty Inc. to Raymond Brown, $192,000.

4827 Larchwood Ave. Alfonse P. Johnson and Joan T. Erwin to Jason C. and Kristen J. Hsu, $237,500.

2038 Latimer St. Sean and Carl A. Petersen to Joshua and George Lantos, $365,000.

7845 Lawndale Ave. Michael and Carol Caruso to Keith and Ann Currens, $202,500.

1013 N. Lawrence St. James Knoer and Kristan V. Adams to Shawn Gormley and Jami Hogan, $380,000.

551 E. Locust Ave. Shannon Lucas to Karina Francis, $175,000.

2220 Lombard St. Kevin S. and Jacqueline Peck Skole to Susan E. Stanier, $449,000.

2942 Longshore Ave. Lucy Koba to Xun Yong Zheng, $147,000.

7507 Malvern Ave. Rochelle H. Miller to Karletta Taylor, $128,000.

4055 Manayunk Ave. Meredith Beam to Anne E. Hrynko, $260,000.

7001-1/2 Marsden St. Trisha Snyder Curran to James Nagle, $115,000.

5947 N. Mascher St. Phuong Do and Khamphone Louanphom to Heleine and Jean Benjamin, $100,000.

4047 Maywood St. Ruth Thompson to Olga Henry Saturne, $79,000.

1539-1541 McKean St. Miracle Temple Of Christ Inc. to Suen Chong, $420,000.

2032 McKean St. Lawrence J. Hill and Estate of Betty M. Hill to Kaleyna Tabb, $80,000.

5601 Miriam Rd. Gregg M. and Barbara Ann Asman to Joseph Headley, $105,000.

421 E. Montana St. Darnell Russell to Marsha Johnson, $169,900.

918 Morris St. Huy Leng Ea and Siek Sour Gov to Jesse B. and Sally L Milby, $195,000.

1019 W. Moyamensing Ave. Michael J. Moss to Lauren Toppi, $270,000.

1323 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave. Thomas Robinson to Clarence O. Whitfield, $165,000.

12574 Nanton Dr. Harry B. Elliott and Angela M. Logan to Josephine Sokowski, $192,000.

1537 S. Newkirk St. Michael A. and Susan A. Barrett to Gary Girault, $79,000.

6502 Newtown Ave. Patricia Thurston to Jose Pagan, $194,000.

6636 Oakland St. Sally Bernstein to Cuie Lin, $120,000.

969 Orthodox St. Steven Greenfield to Liza Rios, $159,000.

1521 Overington St. Joseph Spina to Lisa D. Hendricks, $85,000.

1421 E. Oxford St. Edwin Paone and Fred Spiewak to Justine M. Faul, $220,000.

315 Palmer Dr. 300 Red Lion Associates LP to Varghese George Kutty and Annamma George, $428,400.

1512 E. Palmer St. Edmond F. and Lee Ann Malseed to Shawn M. and Elizabeth G. Sweeney, $285,000.

3445 W. Penn St. Kathryn E. Ackerman to Stephanie Ives, $295,000.

1314 Pennington Rd. Marlena Marcano to Della M. Prewitt, $136,500.

71 E. Phil Ellena St. Dms Properties to Cathy A. Barlow, $140,000.

2445 S. Philip St. United Communities Community Development to Lee Roy A. Coats III, $105,000.

1808 Plymouth St. Irene Lipovetsky to Ervil Spencer, $110,000.

2013 Poplar St. Scotech Corp to Anthony Maso, $137,500.

2015 Poplar St. Scotech Corp to Brian S. Bartley, $137,500.

1413 W. Porter St. Adam Mocio to Francesco and Angelarosa Narda, $270,000.

2218 Princeton Ave. Ivan Cheitowskyj to Kam Tai Sit and Wong Ping Sze, $150,000.

3438 W. Queen Ln. Sean Adam to Kelly Cipra, $262,000.

301 Race St. unit 502 Corinne M. Cavuto to John and Carly Walko, $300,000.

3366 Red Lion Rd. Lawrence and Susan M. Cerrito Jr. to Zilu Xia and Kwan Mong Cheung, $245,000.

7901 Revere St. Richard M. and Deborah J. Golden to John J. and Rita M Norton, $220,000.

3171 Richmond St. Andrzej and Jadwiga Sitarz to Robert Debinski and Monika Debinska, $280,000.

4007 Ridge Ave. Daniel I. Bernstein and Mark E. Sherman to Mark E. Sherman, $770,000.

5746 Rising Sun Ave. Chinh T. Vu to Quynh T. and Truong Nguyen, $165,000.

7323 Rising Sun Ave. Kerry Frysinger to Niels Joshua Bech, $175,000.

1212 Robbins St. Anthony J. and Linda C. Cucinotta to Saivett Santiago, $133,500.

2926 S. Robinson St. Lillie M. Hutton to Ream Phok, $79,500.

1440 W. Rockland St. Kenneth Dennis to Khaisima and Emily Coleman, $85,000.

2017 Rodman St. Stephen Farrell to Howard E. Richards and Karen Rosenblum, $532,875.

2012 Saint Albans St. Stephanie A. Rosenlund to Allison F. Markham, $305,000.

11852 Sewell Rd. Thomas Sudders to Nelson Erie Parrish Jr., $260,000.

13033 Sewell Rd. Francis and Mary T. O'Connor to James P. and Sharon Grone, $375,000.

4613 Shelmire Ave. Robert F. and Sandra B. Finn to John R. Francis, $135,000.

1123 Solly Ave. Stanley and Nicole Moleski to Joseph P. Felice and Kortney Cawthorne, $270,000.

316 W. Spencer St. Thomas J. Brown to Falilou Adio, $124,900.

1601 Spring Garden St. unit 209 Vincent S. Dragone to Paul Plesh, $225,000.

229 Stearly St. Christy A. Durst to Marie M. Lindor, $129,900.

11610 Stevens Rd. Robert W. and Patricia M. Shirley to Joan L. and Robert E. Garman, $330,000.

1550 Stevens St. Thomas A. Addai to Geoffrey Nsiah, $100,000.

2730 Stevens St. Jose E. Gonzalez to Christopher Artur, $82,500.

2837 Stevens St. Eugene J. and Dorothy E. Lennox to Ramon N. Castro, $129,900.

1825 Strahle St. Ed and Ivan Taub to Michael F. Cirillo, $140,000.

5312 Tabor Ave. Tri T. Le and Denise H. Huynh to Thuan Dao, $148,000.

7707 Temple Rd. Milton Fisher to Tonya Hinton, $98,000.

8023 Temple Rd. Shawn Clary to Nikia L. Way, $120,000.

117 Thorndike Rd. John Timothy Kearney and Dina Schlossberg to Michael and Nancy Meehan, $330,000.

7601 Thouron Ave. Planet Associates LLC to Francis Byron, $281,000.

4814 Tibben St. Leo A. and Helen A. Friel Jr. to Bernard McGinty and John Dunn, $130,000.

1539 E. Tulpenhocken St. Ruth Flitter to Denise M. Hall, $110,000.

3236 Tyson Ave. Kathleen Baiderman to Thomas and Daniel Cram, $210,000.

1323 E. Upsal St. Roman Mosheyev to Rochelle Peterson, $270,000.

594 Van Kirk St. Althea Cotton Dandy to Omoyeme Adekola, $105,000.

1100 Vine St. unit 1404 Pmi Mortgage Insurance Co. and Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Fuming Zhang, $382,000.

193 E. Walnut Park Dr. Israel and Evelyn Krantz to Rendel Emile, $115,000.

1229 Webster St. Anthony M. and Grace B. Bonsera to Michael Teevan and Linda J. Polise, $155,000.

1827 Webster St. Eric L. Solomon to Heidi Hudek and Marta Koovits, $325,000.

1910 Webster St. Webster Street Partnership LLC to Jason and Melissa Marshall, $375,000.

2628 Welsh Rd. unit 113 Seth A. Coren and Estate Of Libby Notte to Kayan N. Taylor, $90,000.

2781 Welsh Rd. Shuping Wu and Pan Hongda to Margo Robinson, $225,000.

123 Wharton St. Joseph E. and Barbara A. Nickel to Christian and April Collins, $280,000.

6111 Wheeler St. Deborah Green to Winessa Skinner, $84,500.

7668 Woodcrest Ave. Gail Bryan to Robyn M. Scott, $124,900.

2432 S. Woodstock St. Jerome Masciantonio Jr. and Mary Ann Pilla to Karen Bandera, $162,000.

2114 E. York St. Kesho and Lewis Watson to Aaron J. Williams, $155,000.