These transactions were recorded through March 28.


206 Chestnut St

John P Finley to Thomas and Jessica Lundgren, $206,000.


40 Oak Ave

Paul K Pavlides to James P and Melanie E Angelo, $440,000.

1224 Wayne Rd Rodney D Riso to Robert Pettit, $235,000.


32 E Chestnut Ave

David A Laws to Karl J Grant and Samantha A Wilson, $210,000.

305 S Lowell Ave Suffolk FCU to Lawrence Ferringo, $105,000.

269 Mercer Ave Robert Bello Jr to Adam J Goss, $194,000.

45 Oak Ave Steven L Kelly to Derek V Berkett, $160,000.

213 Saunders Ave Ethel M McGuckin to Dean C Rossi and Kelvin L Jolley, $163,000.

250 Union Ave Peter P Gedvilas Jr to Frank Guddo, $164,000.

Berlin Borough

16 Chillemi Ct

Fentell Berlin LLC to Michael and Erica Vining, $536,095.

85 Jackson Rd Craig C Danson to Vicki L Cappuccio, $263,000.

12 Linden Ave William F Riviello to Michael A Wilkins, $250,000.

Camden City

402 S 30th St

Judas L Richardson to Benito Caraballo, $106,500.

1054 Bergen Ave Al Amin Young to Paul M Young, $93,000.

313 Boyd St St Josephs Carpenter Society to Marta I Urbina, $75,000.

1056 Kenwood Ave Ethel Mason to Vanessa Rollings, $80,000.

1581 Louis St John J Bush to Loris Davis, $67,500.

3431 Merriel Ave Rochelle B Adjmi to Oscar A Lisboa, $88,000.

1357 Park Blvd Vivian M Cook to George White Jr, $69,900.

441 Raritan St St Josephs Carpenter Society to Kathleen Hernandez, $65,000.

1508 Wildwood Ave Enid Massias to Debbie McElveen, $80,000.

Cherry Hill

5 Berlin Rd

Carmen Constantino to Jodie A Hoy and Larry Fornstein, $220,000.

301 Browning Ln unit 26 Esther Milgram to Ala Awad and May Salah, $217,000.

8 Cobblestone Rd Steven F Herron to Rocco C Agresta, $330,000.

1009 Dell Dr Essex Enterprises LLC to Anthony and Alisha Bellezza, $389,000.

11 Doncaster Rd Charles J Deprince to Larry and Cynthia Deutsch, $436,000.

155 Fox Chase Ln Robert G Shaw to Dennis L and Jennifer Cook Jr, $320,000.

930 Jefferson Ave Constance O Henshaw to Patrick A McAuley and Heather Konopka, $312,000.

924 Kings Croft Michael Nash to Hedilberto Galarza, $196,500.

31 Lamp Post Ln Arthur E Vickers estate to Andrey B Kolychev and Olga Shorokhova, $231,000.

211 Park Place Dr Angelo M Lother to William Gervasoni and Martin J Abramson, $204,900.

260 Sawmill Rd Mark L Kushner to Stephanie M Hicks Obrien, $325,000.

1229 Sequoia Rd Betty Simon to Thomas Tattersdill, $145,000.

418 Sheffield Rd Kathryn E Monaghan to Voong Chen, $255,000.

238 Society Hill Blvd Joseph Alan Garafano to Pamela Young, $217,000.

114 E Tampa Ave Walter W Burgin to Patricia Donnelly, $240,000.

153 Tavistock Maria V Castrillo to Jennifer Kronstain, $180,000.

1952 The Woods II June O Slomsky to Desa Davis, $183,000.

112 Weather Vane Dr Kenneth J Weaver to Robert T and Allison E Smith, $350,000.

25 Woodbury Dr Chun Mu Lu to Chong S and Kyung H Im, $385,000.


517b Bettlewood Ave

Margaret M Engelbert to John Pavelko, $232,000.

104 Coolidge Ave Thomas J Emmerling to Joseph and Michelle Cacciapaglia, $185,000.

1038 Grant Ave Francis Twardy to Najima Aberdeen and Charlene Meekins, $214,500.

16 W Summerfield Ave Jeffrey D Cooper estate to Charles J III and Meghan Peters, $172,000.


11 Eastwick Dr

Joseph J Devone to Ronald J Pacifico Jr, $460,000.

Gloucester City

1722 Brentwood Pl

Charles Fitzmaurice to Margaret A Colomy, $172,000.

634 Market St Michael J Patterson to George J and Elizabeth Pipito Jr, $68,000.

318 Powell St Michael E Walters to Ryan Walters, $100,000.

225 Sylvan Ave Ryan Carpenter to John J and Sharon L Zuccarelli Jr, $213,000.

323 Sylvan Ave Ralph Scarcelle to David F Cutler III and Christine Kershaw, $172,000.

107 Valley Run Dr Amado Vasquez to Kenneth P Miller, $97,000.

211 N Willow St Michael Patterson to Ann Elizabeth Zimecki, $80,000.

Gloucester Township

301 7th Ave

Steven M Carr to Andrew and Lois Aquilino, $170,000.

1602 Aberdeen Ln Erik Anderson to Troy Belfiore and Cori Finnegan, $160,000.

1801 Aberdeen Ln Louis Fanelli to Mark C and Nancy C Debrosse, $165,000.

1252 W Atlantic Ave Francine N Phelps to Paula Vandergrift, $117,000.

2601 Beacon Hill Dr Khris A Koelsch to Danilo and Imelda Arma, $187,000.

90 Berkshire Rd Robert F S Mikolajczewski to Robert W Mikolajczewski, $90,000.

201 Brighton Ct Tony Oliveras to Robert S Pfersich, $86,500.

35 S Broadway Paul F Livore to Asim Riaz, $102,000.

12 Cedar Creek Dr Arthur A Auw to Santos Jastillana, $276,000.

514 E Church St Vincent Dalessandro to Jacqueline and Karen A Holland, $208,060.

13 Deborah Pl Patrica A Jacobs to Christopher Vogel and Jason E Blair, $169,000.

48 Deer Park Cir Samuel E Daisey Jr to John P and Lisa M Casares, $210,000.

15 Farmhouse Ct Jameel K Ali to Ajay and Dipal Patel, $130,000.

241 Hidden Dr Cartus Finl Corp to Marketta L Myers, $246,000.

511 La Cascata Leonila Rivera to Omar Dougherty, $86,920.

18 Lake Placid Dr Thomas D Chung to Rebecca Nilon, $282,000.

12 Lincoln Ave Joseph F McDonald to John E and Karen E White, $219,000.

1317 Maple Ave James T Campbell to Debra Curry, $129,000.

230 Marshall Ave VA to Scott and Melissa Fox Holden, $95,060.

24 Mary Ellen Ln VA to Christopher M Sherman, $190,000.

15 Mayflower Dr Carla Solomon to Sylvia Solomon, $345,000.

4 Mercer Dr Lawrence W Sims III to Linda A Anastasia, $370,000.

12 Mill Ct Kevin T Brodie to Michael G and Sabrina M Baker, $252,450.

4 Mill Ct Lawayne Williams to David and Dara Laws, $245,000.

302 Oak Ave Henry Miranda to Jennifer A Conners, $240,000.

16 Pheasant Rd Michael J Jaconelli to Mohammed Hossain and Mohammed Manik, $269,000.

224 Tilford Rd Judith M Polistina estate to Theresa Webb and William J Bell Jr, $218,000.

Haddon Heights

2035 Maple Ave

Ernesto Clemente to Rodrigo R and Emily C Deguzman, $200,000.


520 S Park Dr

Stephen L Gaynes to Peter and Jennifer Severino, $425,000.

9 Reeves Ave Kevin Payrow to Suzanne M and Richard R Rogers, $390,000.

94 Virginia Ave Jason T Lott to Webb Eugene Bradford IV, $235,500.

335 Wilson Ave Joseph F Demuro to Patricia and Timothy Fitzgerald, $220,000.


61 Center St

Richard A Bonnette to Bernard Dascenzo Jr, $349,900.

140 Windsor Ave Maria Heckendorn to Robert Weckesser, $800,000.


12 Spicer Pl

River Run Assocs to Lisa Jackson, $449,900.

230 N Thomas Ave Michael T Poindexter to Dzianis Satsukevich, $132,500.


626 4th Ave

Sakinah Higgs to Leonel Caceres and Guillermina Alvarez Garcia, $160,000.

336 9th Ave Arthur Eisenberg to Amanda Valentin, $125,000.

706 Cottage Ave Johnifer McKey to Jo Ann Engels, $170,000.

233 E Elm Ave Charles R Delaney to Richard J and Jacqueline Dadamo, $159,000.

807 Wayne Rd Daniel Buck to Timothy L and Ursula Y Mims, $184,900.

2030 S Winthrop Ave Thomas Phillip Davis to Jeffrey Brickner and James Tamburro, $105,000.


113 N King St

Dallas L Carter to Barbara Andraws, $154,000.


210 E Maple Ave unit Dr

William R Yingling Jr to Donald E Bozzuffi Jr and Krysta Fox, $78,000.

211 Saint James Ave Salvatore F Scafidi to Joseph and Anna Bouvier, $262,500.

1 Stanley St Edward J Zarzecki to Emilie Klein, $212,000.

Mount Ephraim

122 4th Ave

Dara D Giannotti to Kristen H Bibighaus, $172,500.

42 Cleveland Ave Walter W Boulden Jr estate to Jerome J Martinelli Jr, $149,900.

31 Harding Ave William P Clark to Tara Lego, $132,870.

618 New Jersey Ave Brian D Wachter to Mario J Forcini, $193,000.


1755 49th St

Maria Y Rivera to Hector Ivan Martinez and Maribel Vazquez, $161,500.

5435 Drexel Ave Classic Prop LLC to David Troupo and Heather J Bushoven, $200,000.

4416 Elvena Ave Vand D Chun to Cuol Kim, $235,000.

6724 Grant Ave Brian E Cooper to Joanne Aristide, $233,000.

5514 Jackson Ave Ferol Smyth to Mark T Smyth, $96,000.

4718 Lafayette Ave Aleender Fenner to Mirta Mejias, $112,000.

4737 Lafayette Ave Countrywide Hm Loans Inc to Duane W Daniels, $89,900.

5043 Laurel Ave Ida Levin to Onasis and Nancy Delgado, $263,000.

5904 Mansion Blvd Onasis Delgado to Hong Thuy Doan, $230,000.

2806 Raritan St Mary L Sanders to Diana Santiago, $109,300.

6625 Roosevelt Ave Sell All Prop LLC to Rickson Mabolis and Myrna Balmores, $186,590.

7118 Rosemont Ave Maxine Jackson to Tammie Jordan and Yves M Milord, $138,000.

3737 Schleicher Ave Patricia Green to Janette Blevins, $60,000.

7174 Waldorf Ave Penlinven LLC to Tracy R Jackson, $138,000.

Pine Hill

61 E Buttonwood Ave

James Ciervo to Wayne Kunze, $200,000.

25 Country Club Rd David A Bermingham to Gary Smith and Marta Gozdzikowski, $240,000.

1012 Crest Rd Bradley S Tomaziefski to Matthew Chance and Maria Bakley, $169,050.

1014 Crest Rd Albert G Simone to Christina Weber, $165,900.

261 Erial Rd John Philbin to Kelly A Philbin, $130,000.

1657 Lake Ave Karen J Earley to Matthew Holmes, $185,000.


23 E 4th Ave

Herbert D Kling to Robert and Melissa Marlin, $162,000.

855 N Oakland Ave Francis J Flemming to Luke Cannon and Jenny Willhoit, $194,000.


901 Beverly Dr

Anthony J Nucera to Nancy L Lyons, $190,000.

316 W Maiden Ln Rory Wood to Rupert A and Shirlene Williams, $170,000.


3016 5th St

Constantine H Vonbuelow to David and Ellen Gealt, $422,500.

910 Gregory Way Guenther Woehlert to Stephanie M Bowley, $151,000.

4055 Hermitage Dr Thomas D MacPhee III to Raj Paul Chopra, $310,000.

2033 Lucas Ln David E Snow to Ellen M Caccia, $110,000.

16 E Red Oak Dr Richard E Defrancesco to William P Quinn, $385,000.

6 Sutley Dr Joseph Stezzi to Mark Grimmelikhulijsen and Janet Tracy Kaye, $365,000.


2301 Memorial Ct

Leonard Thackston to Arthur Shaw III, $180,000.

591 Pestleton Rd Edna Iannaco estate to Joseph F and Gail P Iannaco, $214,000.


707 Bairdmore Ave

John Carapelotti estate to Nicholas Trunco, $193,000.

51 Beebetown Rd Robert E Campbell to John Schoener, $271,500.

108 Blue Meadow Ln Us Hm Corp to Allan R Wallen, $380,000.

32 W Central Ave Marie Bernat to Kimberly Super, $100,000.

105 Desilvio Dr White Cedars Assocs LLC to Samuel and Meaghan Dealmeida, $394,900.

147 Elmtowne Blvd unit 14e Olive May Murphy estate to Jacqulyn M Cassario, $82,000.

21 English Ivy Dr Heritage Residential At Wilton to Petria L Lewis, $411,667.

28 English Ivy Dr Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Michael A McIntosh and Judy Ann Anderson, $411,139.

3 Frederick St Scott Polo to Shannon Yates, $275,000.

6 Hidden Hollow Ln Edwin R Boggs to Jennifer L Rushton, $255,000.

37 High Meadows Dr Stephen D Crews to Leslie M Strothers, $155,500.

38 High Meadows Dr Ruben Cintron to Shiva V Ward, $164,000.

150 Kenwood Dr Tiffany Duncan to Mary Ann Lyman, $126,000.

325 Lakedale Rd Florence Wise to Gerald A and Christine A Barrett, $75,000.

15 Langdon Ct Candace M Little to Derek James, $99,900.

42 Magnolia Ct Jennifer A Barron to Paul Vargheese, $92,000.

2 Meadowrue Ln Maria D Robinson to Michael R Green, $174,000.

3 Peachton Ln Thomas T Denoto to Carla and Jorge Jurado, $148,000.

30 Piedmond Ln Jerome A Kee to Kimberly Abrams, $244,800.

47 Tailor Ln Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Camille Kamga, $244,590.

49 Tailor Ln Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Salvatore Renna, $254,900.

55 Tailor Ln Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Emanuele and Maria G Mineo, $250,400.

12 Tavern Ln Heritage Residential @ Wiltons to Nicholas Sambucci, $280,500.

25 Victoria Manor Ct Micky Doto to Paul Vargheese, $107,000.

11 Whippoorwill Dr Lisa Juliano to Keith and Christy Wolfram, $257,000.

33 Woodstream Dr Kimberly J Duym to Daniel J Clancy, $204,900.