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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded July 22-24, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded July 22-24, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

1616 N. 2nd St. Masada S. Saleh to Omar I. Burghol, $135,000.

2510 S. 2nd St. Tony Tsang to Woon Tin Wong, $90,000.

755 S. 3rd St. unit D Ann J. Roberto to Thad T. Amundson, $355,000.

1014 N. 4th St. Daniel J. Lanzilloti to Lee Green, $80,880.

2405 S. 5th St. Kelly Nguyen to Nina Miles, $158,000.

745 S. 5th St. unit 2r Patricia Anne Brafford to Suzanne Marsden, $234,500.

6327 N. 12th St. Leon T. and Ludell E. Mingo to Richard Davison, $285,000.

1171 S. 13th St. Sono Motoyama to Rochelle and Todd Bachenheimer, $330,000.

877 N. 20th St. Manilal Mathai and Syed N. Mohammed to Shad Wheeler, $119,900.

727 S. 22nd St. unit 3 Lauren Project LLC to Peter A. Meaney, $269,900.

1336 S. 24th St. Philip Girardi and Dina Bongiovanni to Sonya Guyton, $79,900.

769 N. 25th St. Loonstyn Construction LLC to Jesse M. and Hilary G. Hutchinson, $480,000.

725 N. 44th St. Philadelphia Housing Authority to Lamar and Theresa Simpson, $110,000.

189a W. 65th Ave. Eric Gilliam to Elizabeth Alam, $96,500.

723 N. 65th St. Mary Salvina to Maxine Crooks, $84,700.

161 W. Abbottsford Ave. Beverly Smith to Toni Brown, $143,500.

1731 Addison St. Daniel Dougherty and Ronald Greco to Margaret E. Brennan, $553,000.

5342 Akron St. Jose M. Medina to Millget M. Smith, $110,000.

591-1/2 Alcott St. Robert J. McLaughlin to Kadidja Diallo, $85,000.

7629 Algon Ave. Alfred Weisberg to Ellice and Elidon Koci, $242,239.

3632 E. Allen St. Michael White to Sean P. McAlorum, $80,000.

2968 Aramingo Ave. Jeffrey J. Curran to Maria Sanchez, $101,000.

5206 Arbor St. Marie C. Andre to Ramise Jourdain, $93,000.

2630 Ash St. Tadeusz R. and Maria Piotrowski to Gregory Dillon, $133,500.

2120 S. Bancroft St. Nicholas Gentile to Melissa T. Comber, $202,000.

1616 Benner St. Jin Wu Zheng to Richard and Sonia Perez, $138,000.

521 Benner St. Dalin Properties LLC to Trinh Phan, $114,900.

116 Beth Dr. Ronald F. and Carol A. Abel to Vincent L. and Denise M. Farry, $400,000.

2112 Brandywine St. Paul Jan Meyaart to James S. and Ladonna Mahecha Lawlor, $655,000.

130-36 N. Bread St. unit 130 Lindsay A. Cohen to Laura Sarnese, $280,000.

3342 Brighton St. Marian Underwood and Estate Of Mary J. McGowan to Shelah Reber, $157,000.

6116 N. Broad St. Sarkis Manoogian to Nicholson Pericles, $169,900.

2531 Brown St. Jeanne F.T. Cardona to Deborah E. Fleming, $459,000.

2410 S. Chadwick St. Joseph Biancaniello and Michael Esposito to Robert C. Defilippo, $185,000.

122-24 Chestnut St. unit 400 Paul Russell and Philadelphia Historical Restoration Assn. to Joshua Nieves Nazario, $260,000.

2101 Chestnut St. unit 17 River West Development LP to Vincent W. and Betty P. Leung, $157,000.

6816 Chew Ave. Rcp Properties LLC to Karen M. Brizuela and Michael J. Donaldson, $155,000.

238 W. Colonial St. Paula White to Van Ho, $124,000.

2225 S. Colorado St. Martin and Caryle Hoffman to Franciscus X. Pratiktohadi, $122,000.

240 E. Comly St. Roy and Geraldine Brosh Hacker to William and Wendy Correa, $134,900.

516 Cross St. William and Joanne M. Dambrosio to Rosalind McCrea, $110,000.

2712 S. Darien St. Edward Jones to Hengky B. Madya and Silvia Widjaja, $160,000.

2405 Delancey St. Martha R. Hurt to Elizabeth Shapiro, $800,000.

913 Dudley St. Luis Vargas to Yang F. Ping and Yu Fang Liu, $135,000.

4460 Edgemont St. Maria Jasinski to Debra Ann Janda and Adam J. Tieri, $170,000.

2427 S. Edgewood St. The Heatherwood Group to Thomas James Edmonds Jr., $93,900.

6604 Edmund St. Rick L. and Lynne R. Vincent to Steve M. and Mei Xin Ng, $158,000.

521 W. Ellet St. Michael D. O'Neill and Patricia D. Baccash to Sherry A. Marcantonio and Lorie K. Dakessian, $340,000.

7448 Fayette St. Wyatt Colquitt to Tracey McCoy Nichols, $125,000.

8634 Ferndale St. Harry R. and Mary J. Steinmetz to Samuel Yun and Jessica Clair, $240,000.

840 Foulkrod St. John E. Bittner Jr. and John P. Franchitti to Hai Shu You, $202,500.

357 Gardner St. Morton H. and Toby D. Kolman to Bethy and Bertrand Brunache, $235,000.

233 Gaskill St. Philip Lombard Street LP to Scott Caris, $1,135,000.

833 Glenview St. Timothy J. and Jennifer L. Hood to Garry W. and Sherri B. True, $210,000.

2521 E. Gordon St. J & M Investments Inc. to Michael P. Anderer, $127,000.

202 Governors Ct. unit 1604 Toll Naval Associates to Sheila Bellwoar, $676,715.

214 Governors Ct. unit 1615 Toll Naval Associates to Jeff A. Weiand and Mary Beth Hallman, $546,575.

307 Governors Ct. unit 1501 Toll Naval Associates to Frank Frederico, $862,705.

2232 Green St. unit 2f 2232 Green Street Acquisition LP to Debra Sacca, $165,000.

4614 Greene St. Mark R. and Paula M. Kennedy to Jaqueline Willoughby, $138,900.

2001 Hamilton St. unit 908 John S. and Patrice M. Hyde O'Brien II to Priscilla M. Luce, $571,000.

2001 Hamilton St. unit P307 Kallan D. Resnick to Leonard and Maria Fu, $415,000.

2201 S. Hemberger St. Antonio and Christina Barile to Sambath Cheng and Cheng Nhun Phe, $108,000.

2718 Island Ave. Eda Nortomaso and Estate Of Albert Nortomaso to Yung Chiang, $157,500.

7618 Jay Pl. Ambrosio and Paula Gallimore to Dawn Dodoo, $164,900.

1728 Kater St. Jarrod D. Shaw to Ajay and Maria Ellionore Jarbrink Sehgal, $350,000.

2002 Kimball St. David A. App to Barry Glickstein, $120,000.

607 Lakeside Park Barbara Perkins to Brian G. Kegg, $115,000.

6215 Langdon St. Jaqueline Teacher to Ralph Waldman, $80,000.

6927 Large St. Theresa G. Clements to Zeng Qiang Zheng and Mei Li Liu, $150,000.

4319 Lawndale St. Richard T. Mariano to Edna J. Miranda, $107,000.

5935 Lawndale St. Fung Yan Lau to Elsie and Jean Claude Jacques, $110,000.

807 S. Leithgow St. Msps Inc. to Michael J. Novobilsky and Mark King, $339,500.

417 E. Louden St. Dien Chinh Hua to Maria Hernandez and Eusebio Amaro, $85,000.

3005 Magee Ave Joseph F. Spadafora and Estate Of Frank M. Spadafora to Crystal Gadson, $157,000.

4738 Marple St. Ann C. Kelly to Carolyn Zumpino, $84,250.

6829 Marsden St. Mary M. Garvin to Daniel Snead, $121,000.

8502 Marsden St. Vem Builders Inc. to Vinh Doan and Hoa Pham, $259,900.

8506 Marsden St. Vem Builders Inc. to Aaron L. and Rasheena K. Vincent, $259,900.

2614 McKean St. Joseph and Lynda R. Enaco to Fnu Herbert, $173,000.

730 McKean St. Zhi Gui Zheng and Zhi Ming Liu to Oey I. Wijaya, $100,000.

2037 McKinley St. Esmeralda Smith to Neng Shun You, $130,000.

345 Mercy St. Di Val Corp and Keep Plugging Three Inc. to Nicholas Palmisano, $83,000.

762 S. Mildred St. Robin F. Garrell to Samuel Allan Ong, $237,000.

12028 Millbrook Rd. Edward and Kelly Graziano to Brian J. and Alyse Levine McCusker, $223,000.

7141 Montague St. Robert W. Loeser to Diana Oliveras, $109,900.

6615 Morris Park Rd. Jonathan Scherer to Daniel Lucas and Tara Swartzendruber Landest, $180,000.

6455 Morton St. Steven E. Nunn to Henry C. Martin and Alison Bartle, $371,750.

866 Moyer St. unit 70 Jennifer A. Tweed to Kenneth Gassman Jr., $100,128.

509 E. Mt. Airy Ave. Adah Bush and Sheri Reed to Tamia S. Williams, $232,000.

284 Nandina St. Ahsan Hamdan to Jose A. Giral, $236,000.

286 Nandina St. Ahsan Hamdan to Jose A. Giral, $236,000.

153 W. Nedro Ave. Ann McGettigan and Estate Of Hannah McBride to Racquel Legendre, $84,900.

6342 Oakland St. Dorothy G. Weiner to Rui Fang Shi, $120,000.

6405 Oakley St. Jin Zhou Lin to Wilson Chau and Intan Ui, $295,000.

4336 Oakmont St. Brian and Susan Gilbert to Tu Da and Shu Y. Yang, $135,000.

4412 Oakmont St. Bernice M. and Carl Schmied to Chi Wai and Chi Keung Ng, $118,000.

4538 Oakmont St. Theresa Possinger to Iris L. Ortiz and Melissa Cruz, $133,000.

544 E. Olney Ave. Frieda Bornaschella to Sukeny Wongso and Amy Y. Liu, $101,000.

2823 E. Ontario St. James Canning and James C. McGeough to George J. McDermott III, $162,000.

1012 W. Oregon Ave. Johnny Chung and Khanh P. Tang to Cynthia Ayres, $185,000.

4239 Passmore St. David R. and Sandra J. Neuman to Beatrice Chesney and Florence G. Rizzio, $136,900.

2401 Pennsylvania Ave. unit 3c-1 Sonja G. Schaffer and Estate Of Dorothy Ascoli to Eldon M. and Doris Chorney, $205,000.

2601 Pennsylvania Ave. unit 334 Margaret Leyden and Austin Hogan to Rikki Woodland, $128,000.

505 Penny Ln. unit T13 Terry Singer to Terry Singer and Allan Menaker, $98,997.

1026 Pine St. James Michael Weekly and Thomas Doecsham to Mark C. and Joan Zylkin, $350,000.

2008 Pine St. Martha Salzmann and Edward T. Gay Jr. to Andrew Bottaro and Howard Jacobs, $455,000.

2113 Pine St. Adam P. and Amy N. Steel to Barbie Zelizer, $1,000,000.

608 Pine St. Samuel and Joan Lear to Phoebe C.P. Brokaw, $625,000.

4354 Potter St. Lawrence J. and Kathleen Sullivan to Jose Oliveras, $130,000.

3413 Princeton Ave. Margaret B. Goldstein to Serguei Eremine, $148,000.

355 Reno St. Michael Roberson to Abby N. Silverberg and Dominick J. Favale, $155,000.

7923-31 Ridge Ave. unit 49 Matthew J. and Valerie H. Lechtenberg to Erica Lesniak and Justin L. Burns, $230,000.

8017-8019 Roanoke St. Jerome J. and Laura K. Teresinski to Miguel Rodriguez, $475,000.

4106 Robbins Ave. Albert David Slafman and Betty M. Santiago Slafman to Yetta Steinberg, $118,450.

1933 Rodman St. Andrew Hohns to Matthew T. Mueller, $435,000.

5901 Roosevelt Blvd. Andrew J. and Joanne Dormer to Long T. Vo, $170,000.

7411 Roosevelt Blvd. Patrick J. and Melissa Venziale to Zeni and Diana Yzeiri, $192,000.

252 S. Saint Bernard St. Prime Rentals LLC to Maxwell Prempeh, $224,900.

1710 Scattergood St. Dawn M. Stanickyj to Harvey Simmens, $83,500.

315 Shawmont Ave. unit 2g-5 John and Ann Rogers to Stacy Block, $189,900.

4229 Shelmire Ave. Elizabeth Wallace to Kathleen T. Edinger, $140,000.

2562 S. Shields St. Mjwpg LLC to Joel Greenwald, $81,000.

6047 Shisler St. Stephen E. Taylor to Summer Ali, $96,000.

311 S. Smedley St. Rachael and Douglas R. Zinser to David and Laura Thawley, $665,000.

716 Snyder Ave. Nary Tov to Di Tan Dinh and Canhhuy Le, $158,000.

2016 Solly Ave. John A. and Mary Vito to Timothy E. and Helene M. Dailey, $290,000.

3608 Solly Ave. Sharon A. Martin to Danielle Sherwood, $135,000.

7202 Sommers Rd. Corestates Group LLC to Tanya Haynesworth, $113,900.

3153 Stanwood St. Matthew J. and Silaron McIntyre to Joseph P. Jacobs and Amy J. Huskiewicz, $265,000.

3235 Stanwood St. Charles A. Buckwalter to William and Linda Hey, $210,000.

6734 Sylvester St. Mark A. and Doreen E. Stagliano to Peng K. Chan, $137,000.

6918 Sylvester St. Mary Ann McKay to Kam Yin Chang, $200,000.

4037 Teesdale St. Colleen and Edward McConnell to Gwendolyn Phillips, $130,000.

6619 Torresdale Ave. Hector O. Santana and Enid G. Valentin to Gerardo A. Lagrosa and Leonisa Surquia, $132,500.

1042 Tree St. Cahthryn Dambra to Eric A. and Anne E. Brandow, $139,050.

6505 Tulip St. Choice Rentals LLC to Roxanne D. Cooper, $129,000.

2116 Unruh Ave. Geevarghese M. George and Mariamma Geevarghese to VI Chi Loi, $155,000.

412 Van Kirk St. Donald William and Donald Robert Sanders to Tandra Ford and Billita Lockley, $138,000.

2308 E. Venango St. Ming Keung Cheng to Dung Le, $90,000.

517 E. Vernon Rd. Kathleen A. Gallagher to Noelle M. Dames, $140,000.

7817 Walker St. Dolores T. Maddalo to Ronald S. Dangler Jr., $260,000.

2018-2032 Walnut St. Virginia S. Red to Margaret and Jeanne B. Melchionni, $680,000.

1712 E. Washington Ln. Keith Pugh to Annet S. Nanteza, $130,000.

4437 Whitaker Ave. unit 37 Jina Trading Co. Inc. to Eric C. and Chin H. Lee, $250,000.

4777 Whitaker Ave. Carmelo and Josephine Velez Rodriguez to Maria Guzman, $84,000.

5021 Willows Ave. Jimmie Koger and Estate Of Henrietta King to Kipton Ketchum, $90,000.

4612 Woodland Ave. Larry Hobman LLC to Rafael De Luna, $285,000.