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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded Nov. 21-25, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded Nov. 21-25, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

6517 N 7th St

Van Devore II to Kimberly Beaubrun, $260,000.

111 S 15th St unit P208

P208 LLC to Lynn Rothman, $334,500.

1636 S 16th St

Cusk 89 Development LLC to Scott E Wardell, $385,000.

2222 S 16th St

Hung Xuan Pham and Catherine Dupont to Lina Fnu and Ja Tjin Phoea, $187,000.

6124 N 17th St

Mark Lawson to Lyndon N Stephenson II, $144,900.

1529 N 19th St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Selena Gilbert, $82,500.

7453 N 20th St

Brenda Adams Jones and Mary Ann Wilson to Dominique M Myers, $125,000.

37 S 20th St unit 1b

Wp 1939 Chestnut LP and Wp 1939 Chestnut Inc to Wen Shuz Yeow, $203,000.

3626 N 22nd St

Kiril Dologpolov to Vinel M Cooper, $106,000.

923 N 30th St

Dennis and Rochelle Weismer to Ann Holmes, $237,500.

808 S 49th St

E Richard Dematt to Gabriel R P Saffioti and Jonathan P Daniel, $260,000.

258 S 56th St

Vivian Robinson and Cynthia Washington to Joseph Creighton, $78,500.

1425 S 58th St

Second Corsa LLC to Vadim Korsunsky, $85,000.

1245 65th Ave

Morris and Bernice Billups to Rovella A Flemming, $230,000.

1219 68th Ave

William D Fleming to Lisa Green Harvey, $260,000.

4735 A St

Jean Lundi to Juan Calderon, $120,000.

12135 Academy Rd unit 14

John C Bowes to Lisa Beth Erricson, $132,000.

1204 Adams Ave

Lisette Sierra to Benjamin Birch, $85,000.

2661 E Albert St

Harold and David Neyer to Leszer and Maria Radon, $85,000.

1064 Alcott St

Alan D and Karen E Shorr to Robert and Carmen Pietrowicz, $94,000.

524 Alexander Ave

Mary Louise Tabor Demund to Daniel and Bernadette Scott, $180,000.

1934 Annin St

McD Holdings LLC to Haley K Dervinis and Adam S Cronrath, $183,000.

2200 Arch St unit 711

Obmg Arch Associates LP to Brian Schott, $366,900.

2200-28 Arch St unit 707

Obmg Arch Associates LP to Sophie Bryan, $459,516.

315 Arch St unit 304

315 Arch Street Realty 2005 LP to Gay Walling, $322,500.

1806 Arnold St

Kerry D and Randy Keidan to Mark Siers and Cathy Cianfrani, $224,000.

4735 Ashville St

Anna Frances Miller to Pessi Orlander, $79,000.

865 N Bambrey St

Steven C and Julia A Disilvestro to Ryan P Galvin and Elizabeth C Fallon, $257,000.

12445 Barbary Rd

Joseph J Gisondi to Adbul Mazid, $187,500.

1531 Benner St

Eduardo Mora to Reinaldo Rodriguez and Ligia Urbaez, $128,000.

2230 Benson St

Stasy Howarth and Will Of Anna R Cohen to Margarita Kucher and Tatyana Berkun, $205,000.

1637 E Berks St

Dave Cellini to Jim Licaretz, $320,000.

1438 Bleigh Ave

Gregory P Karwoski to Steve and Donald Campanile, $165,000.

8608 Bloomfield Ave

Eric B and Christine M Geiger to Michael and Heather Rauch, $267,500.

4337 Boone St

Vincent T Devuono to James Magnatta V, $243,000.

2521 E Boston St

and Matthew J Estate Of Stanley John Wojciak to Eileen Fell, $106,000.

113 N Bread St unit 4f

K Hovnanian At Philadelphia I LLC to Ryan Loughlin, $404,000.

975 Bridge St

Nikolaos Fotiadis and Aaron Oseroff to Yuni and Ubaldo Ramos, $114,900.

228 E Bringhurst St

Cecilia Straznik to Valeria G Bondarenko, $90,000.

1100 S Broad St unit 604b

Marine Club Associates LP to Heang Chan, $151,195.

6539 Buist Ave

John Anthony Dispensa to Robert Horace, $103,000.

1321 Buttonwood St

Catherine M Bonner to Jason C and Anna P Pollack, $252,000.

4715 C St

Jose C and Gilberta G Rocha to Thuy D and Thai B Diep, $109,000.

6410 N Camac St

Carol Ellis Mitchell to Robert E Burton, $190,000.

429 S Camac St

Olga Katz and Henry Shephard to Timothy Davidson, $489,000.

2840 Cambridge St

Victoria Wilson and Victoria Howard to Ryan J Wells, $196,000.

2946 S Carlisle St

Connie Sherwood to Elisabetta Andreini and Alfred Gueriero, $159,000.

7968 Castor Ave

S M J Investment Co to Carmen Morelli, $90,000.

4918 Chancellor St

Olivia McKoy James and Estate Of Fred D McKoy to Sanjida Afroz, $140,000.

5425 Charles St

Robert J and Dorothy A Tritschler to Samuel and Oretha Kpodi, $120,000.

1046 E Cheltenham Ave

Jing Song Xie and Xiu Yun Lin to Santa Garcia, $124,900.

605 E Cheltenham Ave

Federick M and Deborah L Gray to Rosalind H Joyner, $95,000.

3640 Chesterfield Rd

Kimberly A Cooper and Kimberly A Burgess to Joseph J and Marie K Sweeney, $239,900.

5815 Chestnut St

James Hanible to Shea Carey, $88,000.

7122 Claridge St

Rosina A Diaz to Dennis Strange, $184,300.

2544 E Clearfield St

Robert and Elzbieta Zubczynski to Philip D Doherty and Anthony Burtulato, $221,500.

1411 E Columbia Ave

Qazim Kupa to Clarissa McNair, $335,400.

2628 Coral St

Hui Qi Tang to Lian Xiang Zhang, $100,000.

522 W Coulter St

Lawrence F Jones Jr and Electra Smallwood Jones to Robert A M Ross and Pamela C Hitchcock, $260,000.

8923 Crefeld St

Joseph A and Randi L Stout to John Heidenry and Julie P Currie, $638,100.

1035 Cross St

James Merlino to Elizabeth Gardiner, $120,000.

719 S Darien St

Melanie McQuitty to Christopher Desilvis, $269,900.

6106 Delaire Landing Rd

Josephine C Fink and Marjorie Light to Philip J and Joann Desper, $186,000.

2378 Devereaux Ave

Dennis Healey to Claudia Rivera, $150,000.

7252 Devon St

Daniel and Patricia Finn to Karen I Miller, $126,000.

5439 Diamond St

Walter H Bailey to Katie H and Khalil Hamilton, $119,900.

3152 Disston St

Francis E Breslin to Miriam R Amaro, $250,000.

4 Druim Moir Ln

Naomi Cottages Inc to Stephen L and Naomi L Breman, $980,000.

2707 Dudley St

Rebecca M Stea to Alfred Mariani, $175,000.

12771 Dunks Ferry Rd

Robert W and Genevieve J Hunsinger to Adolph and Lisa Veith, $167,000.

6639 Eastwood St

Jennifer Waller and Jennifer Waller Strada to Marta Silva, $133,000.

880 Edison Ave

Peter and Jeanie Hagis Jr to Francis W and Jennifer A Erickson, $310,000.

1131 Elbridge St

William Walder to Zhou Fan Deng and Maio Yu Chen, $82,000.

5936 Elsinore St

Thomas F Collins and Theresa Rolkowski to Merlin and Raisa Flaquer, $95,950.

3523 Englewood St

Dolores Middleton to William J Liddell, $131,000.

26 W Evergreen Ave

Kathleen Raye to Fredric Honebein and Anne S Kakela, $425,000.

8918 Fairfield St

Robert J Hannigan and Estate Of Genevieve Hannigan to Alket and Albana Cejne, $205,000.

221 Federal St

Virginia L Flick to Melissa Guinivan, $255,500.

113 N Felton St

Wayne Christian to Cyntia Ryans, $80,000.

2114 Fuller St

Mary Beth Gioria to Theodore B and Rudina Francis, $183,250.

731 Fulton St

Louis and Florence Marchetti to Jennifer C Thomas and Terrence W Kennedy, $285,000.

3119 Gaul St

Emily T and Edward J Winski to June M and James Traher, $110,000.

464 Gerhard St

Nicholas Castellucci and Cynthia Demaio to Melvin and Joan Miller, $232,000.

8728 Germantown Ave

Clay Vonseldeneck to William R and Maria J Kane, $677,000.

2614 W Girard Ave

John Bravo to Aziz U Rahman, $185,000.

401 Glen Echo Rd

Maureen O Johnson and Estate Of Henry A Johnson to Barry Warren, $300,000.

9315 Glenloch St

John and Heather A Volpe to Tri C Hoang and Dung X Pham, $345,000.

1132 Glenview St

Frank P and Susan G Digiovannangelo Jr to Oscar Alfredo Manrique, $175,000.

1911 Goodnaw St unit 2nd

Dolly K George to Nir Stalkol, $180,000.

950 Granite St

Anibal Oyola and Agueda Melendez to Chad L Drayton, $99,900.

4105 Greeby St

Susan Mohan to Timothy McGinley, $90,000.

6711 Grovers Ave

Stacey R and Angela M King to Kodjo B Kouassi, $115,000.

730 Hagner St

Wigard Development LLC to Kristy Schiano, $389,000.

1222-34 Hamilton St unit 204

1234 Hamilton LP to Christopher Vrankovic, $329,900.

1900 Hamilton St unit 208

Rodin Parking Partners LP and Rodin Tower Corp to Jenny Chung, $430,000.

146 E Hartwell Ln

Suzanne Wolfinger to Paul D Bradford, $295,000.

1942 S Hollywood St

Anthony J and Maryann E Pizzo to Sisavanh Savanh and Chan Hom Saypanya, $164,300.

13349 Howard Arthur Dr

Emery J Weber to Tamieka D Brown, $350,000.

1523 E Howell St

Robert S Pelszynski to Urcia Ferrer, $146,000.

3554 Janney St

Patrick and Margaret M Hanratty to Raymond and Maria H Mack, $130,000.

672 W Johnson St

Richard A and Maureen E Durso to Mark R Shearman, $202,200.

2516 S Juniper St

Christine Oliveri to James P McDevitt, $123,600.

1237 Kenwyn St

Joseph B and Carol C Spiegler to Jamie Centeno, $129,000.

1969 King Arthur Rd

Mary Shapiro to Anatoly and Oksana Chernikov, $275,000.

444-1/2 Krams Ave

Ruth Paul to Daniel A Moher, $196,500.

4634 Kraydor St

Amanda Collazo and Santos Abreu to Francisco and Judieann Cortorreal, $95,000.

3406 Lansing St

James P Cloman to Kevin J and Donna M Obrien, $150,380.

5410 Large St

Tanisha Edmunds to Gregory Jones, $100,000.

2006 S Larry St

Ne Sunshine Properties LLC to Kadiatou Keita, $86,900.

6342 Lawndale Ave

Patricia Anne Palovcak to Juanita Gomez, $123,000.

2302 S Lee St

Donald and Barbara Hendrickson to Jonathan Snyder and Kimberly A Siano, $165,000.

2203 E Letterly St

Anthony Christinzio to Raymond O McCray, $125,000.

7521 Limekiln Pike

Rose Marie Schneider to Joe N Simpson, $110,000.

8301 Lindbergh Blvd

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Zhi Quiang Zhao, $103,888.

4305 Linden Ave

Luke M Kelly and John L Kelly V to David Elphick and Lindsay Mello, $185,000.

1324 Locust St

Arts Tower Development LP to Lauren Perry and Corey P Purcell, $142,359.

1324 Locust St unit 204

Arts Tower Development LP to Josh Friedman, $249,900.

179 W Logan St

Dean and Delana Fiadino to Drew Demarco, $658,600.

200-10 Lombard St unit 726

Stobba Residential Associates LP to Katheryn R Kaldor, $399,000.

2223 Madison Sq

Milton B Carter to Jan Baltzell, $269,000.

719 Magee Ave

Mary E Ibbetson to Luz Rosario and Gelmer Sossa, $182,000.

834 Magee Ave

Carol D and Jonathan C Weiler to Samantha Sanders, $185,000.

3911 Manor St

Leslie Lake to James L and Marilyn C Proctor Jr, $315,000.

4641 Mansion St

Doris V Gurski to Gayle Flannery, $160,000.

2659 Martha St

Nouman H Shubbar to Sean Dundon, $105,900.

5307 Master St

Kathleen M Lightbody and Clive Russell to Kernold Alves, $85,000.

7578 Mayland St

Corestates Group LLC to Bykeedah A Swindle, $143,100.

531 McKean St

Big Rentals Inc to David C Reinhardt, $180,250.

351 E Meehan Ave

Derek and Francine Gibbs to Andrew S Gersick and Jennifer M Schneider, $197,000.

4317 Mitchell St

Patricia A Pacell and Will Of Geraldine G Lampe to Karen L Reveron, $180,000.

48 E Montana St

Sheldon S Ramchairitar to Naki P Pratt, $87,000.

1230 Montrose St

Eddie Jenkins to Todd Joseph, $97,000.

6412 Morris Park Rd

Jennifer L Stotter to Larry Brown, $133,000.

422 E Mt Airy Ave

Peter A and Sheila Hussie to Martha B Davis and Arthur David Dimmack, $353,000.

151 W Nedro Ave

James and Anika Dargan to Frederick Hall and Sheila T Velazquez, $82,000.

4201 Palmetto St

Daniel J Morgan to John and Paula Magobet, $107,000.

100 Parker Ave unit 26

Penn Park Associates Ltd to Ryan C Martin and Kristina J Root, $327,000.

4961 Parkside Ave

Benford Kalu Investments LLC to Michael and Jennifer Ward, $330,000.

7233 Passyunk Ave

Lisa Callan to Marlene James, $95,000.

4531 Pearson Ave

Patrick Gushue to Thomas J Chiaffa, $185,000.

10736 Pelle Cir

Brian Graham to Napoleon and Sandra Agredo Florez, $200,000.

4608 Penn St

Corestates Group LLC to Jahiduzzaman Akhtar, $172,000.

901 N Penn St unit P1702

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to George W and Austine R Howard III, $880,025.

1812 Pennington Rd

Mitchell and Cari L Chartock to Felicia El, $127,900.

1216 Pratt St

Ronald Weindorfer to Olivia M and Daren Leslie Lee, $121,900.

1227 Pratt St

Mary Zakarian and Sosie Kachikian to Luz M Colon, $132,000.

4917 Pulaski Ave

Tamia Edwards to Dorothea Melnicoff, $130,000.

336 Queen St unit B

Francis J and Marcia E Pickett to Michael B and Stephen Lacovara, $275,000.

6021 Reach St

Derrick J and Debra M Crafton to Joseph C Lewis, $130,000.

316 Rector St

Anne A Idiculla to Mark J Ruggeri and Holly A Rizzo, $230,000.

3361 Red Lion Rd

Anne Marie Kennedy to Charles R Williams, $190,000.

7804 Revere St

John Keyser and Estate Of John Keyser Sr to Gilberto and Jane C Velez Borrero, $190,000.

3761 Richmond St

Keith Fey to Linda Schmidt, $112,000.

5204 Ridge Ave

Charles J and Melissa Esposito to Joseph Rand, $199,900.

253 Rochelle Ave

Nicholas Polidori to Wilford F Reynolds, $360,000.

4213 Roosevelt Blvd

Lina S Ali to Lazaro Baez, $130,000.

604 Rosalie St

John E and Patricia M Mc Closkey to Henri and Jeralyn Gutner, $104,000.

1839 Roselyn St

Chrislind Associates Inc to Hans S Semezier, $115,000.

332 Roxborough Ave

Melissa and Kenneth Vecchio to Lucy H Halatyn, $240,000.

7268 Rupert St

Susanna D Meyers to Ren De Lin, $140,000.

7054 Rutland St

Morris and Lillian Taus to Justo A Figuereo, $218,000.

7906 Saint Martins Ln

Doris K Cafiero to David and Carolyn Hale, $800,000.

7320 Sanderling Pl

Tawfig Barqawi and Raid Albarkawi to Charles Waters and Verhonda Crystal Robinson, $205,000.

2029 E Sanger St

Edward S Konchar to Angie Alvarez, $92,000.

4540 Sansom St

Sansom Street Development LP to Timothy McCollum and Jessica Villanueva McCollum, $295,000.

1913 S Sartain St

Angela Stio to Joseph M and Suzanne Pizzo, $110,000.

1917 S Sartain St

Carol Ann Galzarano to Elena L Heiblim, $109,900.

3213 Saxon Pl

Louis D Lattari to Ernest and Elizabeth M Alcaro IV, $210,000.

309 W School House Ln

Tanya and Tharon Askins to Conah Howard, $125,164.

253 Shawmont Ave unit G

Carol R Meehan to William J Verica, $178,000.

7468 Sommers Rd

Ulysses S and Pamela Knight to John Dorsey, $95,000.

125 Sparks St

Kathleen A Pflugfelder to Mzwandile D September, $101,000.

1108 Spruce St unit 1f

Joel M and Chiara Baxt Gelfand to Thomas J Comiskey and Kathleen Spear, $540,000.

1714 Spruce St unit 1

Paul A Monaghan to Audrey Soslow, $1,165,000.

146 Sumac St

Thomas P and Margaret G Flemming to Donna Pope, $450,000.

13360 Susan Ter

Douglas and Michell Shields to Ohmarr P and Wanda Y Jenkins, $403,000.

541 E Tabor Rd

Rajan Samuel and Idiculla Thomas to Yohannan and Molly John, $125,000.

557 E Tabor Rd

Joseph Varghese to Eric Lawton, $121,010.

4305 Terrace St

Diversified Development Group LLC to Chris M Raftery, $434,000.

2628 Tilton St

William Fitzgerald to Steven B Smith, $90,000.

1803 Titan St

Woodland Federal Realty LLC to Marilyn Chandler, $88,000.

1050 Tree St

Dorothy Conti to Kristaq Kulari, $118,000.

6443 Tulip St

Joseph and Camille L Capobianco to Rafael Jimenez and Carmen Cepeda, $107,000.

6662 Tulip St

James Walsh Sr to Ronald H Williams, $92,000.

810 Tyson Ave

Rose Debelle to Hoi Bun Cheng and Po Tai Fung, $173,000.

741 N Uber St

Virginia Ruffin to Jacob Bogatir, $90,000.

3198 S Uber St

Marion Alosi and Frances K Santangelo to Eric Divalerio, $260,000.

2905 Unruh Ave

Eleanor Dooner to Thomas D Sipes Jr, $145,000.

6901 Valley Ave unit 29

Robert Strube to Deitra B Davis, $137,000.

2701 E Venango St

Robert Lafferty to George E and Mary M Muerdler Sr, $169,000.

1100 Vine St unit 1409

Mark Wang to Michael T Virata and Christine Roldan, $206,000.

4772 Vista St

Patrick Rutledge to Eric Jacobs and Alice Williams, $125,000.

5934 N Water St

Ahn Kook Myung and Ahn Choon Sum to Myung Do and Jong Lim Kim, $95,000.

5910 Webster St

Janet Lee Curry to Alicia Smith, $120,000.

8210 Williams Ave

Terrance and Linda M Harris to Chukwuma Anyanwu and Akudo M Amaechi, $159,900.

1115 Wolf St

Anita and Joseph Platania to Edward M Hogarty, $184,000.

5733 Woodbine Ave

Isabelle S Jordan and Isabelle S Cottingham to Roger F and Patricia A Lebow, $227,500.

919 Woodbrook Ln

Flora and Thomas C Vesci to Parixit and Dhaval Patel, $260,000.

3317 Woodhaven Rd

Maureen M and Joseph M Stockette to Tod A Davies Jr and Jillian D Hill, $166,860.

2321 S Woodstock St

Steven Bergquist to Michael Manna, $205,000.

2065 E York St

New Kensington Cmnty Development Corp to Paul Filanowski and Lena Helen, $125,000.