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Delaware County real estate transactions

Delaware County

These transactions were recorded in July.

Aldan Boro

18 Albert Ave

Michael Thomas to Richard J Brigandi Jr, $255,000.

333 Aldan Ave

Ted L Ivey to Albert Wonneh, $175,100.

208 Pennsylvania Ave

David Umberger to Kevin and Melissa A Brock, $160,000.

Aston Twp

35 Bunting Ln

Johanna Getz to Nicholas S Vuocolo and Marissa A Crosby, $190,800.

321 Cashel Ln

Stephan R Getz to Lauri S Cunningham, $197,900.

714 Crozerville Rd

Jemmz Realty LLC to Edlina S Thomas, $251,860.

828 Crystle Rd

John J Hatlan to Gary A McCleaft Sr, $160,000.

23 Norman St

Geraldine Mae Armstrong to Joseph J Quattrochi and Ashley J Armstrong, $163,000.

4701 Pennell Rd, Unit G-11

Janice McCarthy to Joan Mrozowski, $100,000.

211 Spring Valley Way

John J Murray IV to Tangerine Hewlett, $288,537.

104 Tillman Ln

John D Sauter to Paul A Hines and Kara Czernik, $210,000.

40 Victoria Dr

Daniel J Gummel to Joseph M Carpenter, $240,000.

Bethel Twp

1253 Brookstone Dr

Garnet Mine LLC to Valerie A Hopkins, $473,130.

1485 Link Dr

Joseph L Susco to Mark A and Andra L Murray, $430,000.

3131 Woodsedge Dr

Garnet Mine LLC to Rachelle R Benson and Tomer D Yabrov, $390,850.

Brookhaven Boro

818 Adams Dr

John P Montgomery to Shaun V Tomlinson, $254,900.

3435 Commerce Ave

Raymond C Wright Jr to Kathryn S Roberts, $220,000.

336 Scola Rd

Glenn D Mauch to Luke and Abby L Burke, $205,000.

Chadds Ford Twp

1305 N Glen Dr

Judith Manners to Catherine M Shull, $235,000.

17 Poplar Rd

Toll Pa IX LP to Larry M and Cindy B Moore, $1,198,768.

Chester City

3202-3208 W 10th St

Paul Ezra to Yosef Perelson, $106,000.

3210-3216 W 10th St

Paul Ezra to Yosef Perelson, $106,000.

708 E 18th St

Helen OK Chu to Jason Kilpatrick, $118,450.

Chester Heights Boro

64 Bayberry Ct

William A and Eileen M Griffin to Kelly Miskowic, $220,000.

2 Bishops Dr

Steven A and Linda S Frost to Joseph Marino, $172,500.

206 Bishops Dr

Lisa L Moore to Mary T Carloni and Chris J Edwards, $199,000.

Collingdale Boro

404 Lafayette Ave

Catherine Marchesano to Thomas Paul Kent and Barb Margolis Wruble, $139,900.

Colwyn Boro

444 S 3d St

Primacy Closing Corporation to Taeisha Devlin, $85,000.

Concord Twp

29 Glen View Rd

Kenneth E Holloway et al to Stephen R Getz and Lara R Sweeton, $325,000.

554 Smithbridge Rd

Donald A Mills et al to Garnet Valley School District, $425,000.

Darby Boro

1117 Chestnut St

Anna Mae Trigg to Rozeta A Johnston Stennett, $83,000.

24 Summit St

Dlm Holdings LP to Danielle R Beaty, $79,999.

10 Winthrop Dr

Bgsgw Associates LP to Linda Dotson, $100,000.

Darby Twp

682 Rively Ave

Catherine T Moore to Stephanie N Romasko, $124,000.

231 Westbridge Rd

Juliana E Ravalico to Michael Delia, $174,000.

East Lansdowne Boro

104 Hirst Ave

Robert and Mary A Yates to Jeffery J Lawson, $160,000.

Eddystone Boro

1214 13th St

Robert M Scrabut to George and Linda Zukas, $170,000.

Folcroft Boro

1531 Glen Ave

Rose E Vasaturo to Todd Canady Rowell, $110,000.

966 Grant Rd

Julian A Raucci III to Theodore Joseph and Laura Kirkpatrick, $110,000.

1150 Taylor Dr

Joseph M Gully to Peter D and Veronica L Haas, $139,900.

1543 Woodland Ave

Steven and Linda M Sinex to Thomas K and Jena L Kimble, $163,000.

Glenolden Boro

112 E Rambler Rd

Donna Jozwiak to Kevin J Silberstein and Kathryn S Dintino, $204,000.

Haverford Twp

775 Ardmore Ave

William Volz to Andrew Marcinek, $219,900.

312 Crescent Hill Dr

Stanley A and Madelyn Karpinski to Ying Yu and Jing Sun, $324,000.

708 Darby Rd

Kevin Murphy to Dei Jie Wang and Phyllis Min Hue Hsieh, $195,000.

1140 Garfield Ave

Jennifer A Burns to Edward Donahue Pierson IV and Michelle Denise Collier, $259,900.

400 Glendale Rd, Unit C-30

John S and Nancy A Jones to Jessica L Karp, $176,000.

400 Glendale Rd, Unit K-52

Susan Tomassetti to Stephanie Frysinger, $108,000.

200 Kathmere Rd

Michael B and Emma M Kelly to Scott A and Molly J Balthaser, $266,100.

242 Lee Cir

Emanuel and Josephine Young to Thomas J and Stephanie P Ciccarelli, $325,000.

210 S Manoa Rd

Thaddeus J Machowski to Jordan Amos and Rachel Elizabeth Ketner, $229,900.

20 Mifflin Ave

Patricia A Nickles to Paul McLarnon, $137,500.

110 N Morgan Ave

Warren A and Mary G Kuehnle to Michael J and Colleen A Wusinich, $505,000.

168 Morlyn Ave

William E McCormack to Edward W and Jennifer H Carr, $392,000.

26 Myrtle Ave

Brian M and Patricia M Barrett to Veronica Hally, $279,900.

2949 Oakford Rd

John Fair to Dan Vasey, $333,000.

480 Olympic Ave

Catherine Marlowe to Daniel and Meredith Doogan, $180,000.

21 N Ormond Ave

Edward Weiss to Hoa and Nuoi Hua, $425,000.

113 N Ormond Ave

Scott E and Rochelle M Meier to Brian M and Patricia M Barrett, $390,000.

2932 Rising Sun Rd

Vincent B Sherry to Joseph A DiAngelo III and Maire E Donovan, $316,000.

1055 Sproul Rd

Steven D and Jane S Logue to Lawrence Cohen, $385,000.

1713 Sue Ellen Dr

Aaron and Sharon Kanze to Joy and Jason Baxter, $385,000.

12 Tenby Rd

William M and Jane Curnow to Michael J Gorman, $349,000.

527 Upland Rd

David A and Diane E Epstein to John C Philip, $280,000.

309 Village Newport

Nicki Berkowitz to Stefanie M Koch, $227,000.

Lansdowne Boro

222 W Marshall Rd

Daniel O Rice to Keith Kaiser and Olivia Durchsprung, $175,000.

Lower Chichester Twp

140 Ervin Ave

Patricia Cacciatore to Bruce B and Denise R Coleman, $98,000.

Marple Twp

108 Deerfield Rd

Kenneth and Marian E Reynolds to Eugene D and Teresa J Battista, $470,000.

401 Marple Woods Dr, Unit A

John Zurcher to Mathew Philip, $222,000.

Media Boro

200 N Lemon St

Patrick J McHale III to Brendan and Megan MacCurtin, $303,000.

3 Oakmont Pl

Scott J and Samantha J Smith to Aloisia L Jager, $293,500.

329 N Orange St

Hower B Sok to Kevin Roche, $269,000.

Middletown Twp

206 Chestnut Ave

John S Applegate to In Ju Kim, $310,000.

10 Chipmunk Ln

Henry D Satterfield et al to Lauri S and Barry A Smith, $360,000.

32 Chipmunk Ln

Alvin H and Mary Potter to Peter J McGuinn, $489,900.

241 Clover Cir

Barbara L Shelton to Ronald W Peterson and Sabrina Bedard, $484,900.

230 Elm Ave

Craig Sauerwalt to Gabriel Do Nascimento Melo, $200,000.

131 E Knowlton Rd

Kurt H Malmstrom et al to Patrick J and Denise M McHale, $295,000.

221 Lungren Rd

Paul J Pujol to Frank J Jr and Aimee L Kimmel, $179,000.

238 Springhouse Ln

Raymond A Schartner to Gary W and Annemarie Meo, $440,000.

Nether Providence Twp

307 Marlyn Ln

Colleen K Salom to Agnes and Joshua Friedberg, $300,000.

221 Martroy Ln

H Furness III and Sheila Taylor to Trong V and Martha R Le, $400,000.

327 Palmers Ln

Carmine Iaccarino to Douglas Steven Gray and Sara J Helms, $380,000.

795 Pennsylvania Ave

Colleen Gable to James O'Brien, $100,000.

448 Vernon St

Eva D Young to Lances S and Clifford M Mason, $82,500.

703 Windsor Pl

Wayne Waterman to Penghui Hao and Yi Luo, $266,000.

Newtown Twp

6 Denford Dr

Stephanie J Laios to Argyris N Kligos and Sophia Fokas Kligos, $450,000.

161 E Kenilworth Rd

Abigail Caspar to Molly J Phillips, $226,000.

115 Oxley Ct

Helen Heron to Derrick Schwarz, $215,000.

Norwood Boro

217 W Love Ln

Frances J Lignore to Vincent S Miriello Jr, $180,000.

Prospect Park Boro

1514 Carlisle Ave

George Kapo to Christopher G Mazza and Tracey L Campbell, $194,900.

915 Chester Pk

Walter Tilger to Nick Cipriano, $100,000.

Radnor Twp

3 Cushman Rd

William P and Lanell R Proctor to Cory Owen and Emily Geer Hippler, $625,000.

850 Lewis Ln

F&H Main Line LP to Metin and Nicole W Duran, $385,000.

303 Liberty Ln

Saba Sarol and Thomas Rodriguez to Hamid Bassiri and Ashlyn Eaton Bassiri, $380,000.

125 Locust Grove Rd

Kathryn G and Jeffery B McCarron to William E Sr and Genevieve S McCormack, $535,000.

138 Montrose Ave, Unit 25

Philip T Cahill to Mary Lee and William B Lex, $360,000.

108 Petrie Ave

William J Dare to Michael J and Joan M Emmi, $505,000.

204 Spruce Tree Rd

G Wallace Long to Howard J Peterson, $579,000.

305 Williams Rd

Paul F and Mary T Overbeck to Joseph A McBride and Jennifer W Leopold, $342,000.

961 Wootton Rd

George Dulgerian to Louis DeSanto, $1,800,000.

Ridley Park Boro

612 Gilbert Rd

Jeff and Tiffany Olszewski to David A and Michelle Bonavita, $255,000.

210 Henderson Ave

William S and Kathleen E Bogsch to Stefanie Torrens and Kevin M Davis, $225,000.

27 W Rodgers St

Anna Larkin et al to William R and Nancy Ann McCorkle, $180,000.

Ridley Twp

1202 2d Ave

James Millison to Megan McCormick, $191,000.

717 Colwell Rd

Francis C Schramm to David V Kady, $153,000.

208 Lynn Rd

David F Mullen to Joseph F Scarcelli and Lisa M Scattolini, $184,500.

148 Maple Ave

Judith M Guerrero to Brian P and Lisa M German, $154,900.

611 Rutledge Ave

Malcolm J Long et al to Daniel J Russell, $196,000.

635 Wyndom Terr

William J Caltabiano to Domenic Dellabarba, $250,000.

Sharon Hill Boro

1305 Elmwood Ave

Jeffrey A Williams to Hawa Logan, $107,000.

Springfield Twp

206 Avon Rd

Devereux M Saller et al to Peter R Pocklington, $240,000.

501 Kerr Ln

Joseph Stumpf to Catherine Gazzillo et al, $345,000.

476 Maplewood Rd

J B Steele to Stephen D and Amy D Edwards, $275,000.

Thornbury Twp

46 Clayburgh Rd

James C and Ellen D Lutz to Brian A and Giuseppina C Briggs, $725,000.

Tinicum Twp

727 Jansen Ave

Charles L and Sheri L McIntyre to James E Tyler and Jennifer K Shull, $169,900.

509 Saude Ave

Housing and Urban Devt to Darlene Miley and Veronica Nardi, $113,400.

Upper Chichester Twp

1919 Huddle Ave

Kevin P Kenenske to Devan Roberts, $110,000.

423 Keanon Ave

Brian Abbott to Derek Closta and Trisha Clark, $285,000.

1026 Kingsman Rd

Anthony Strazdus to Island Classics LP, $100,000.

4436 Somerset Ln

Seth L Walter to Robert M Scrabut, $237,000.

3100 Upland Rd

Robert Miles Harkins to Joseph R and Annette M Walls, $210,000.

12 Victory Way

Jason A Tootell to Pedro and Adrienne E Davila, $292,000.

Upper Darby Twp

3831 Albermarle Ave

Richard B and Nancy Busam to Kevin Rankin, $170,000.

7926 Arlington Ave

Harry Ritz to Deborah Ritz, $135,000.

5101 Bond Ave

Stephen L Mann to Dean H Jr and Stacey L Kenefick, $240,000.

7245 Bradford Rd

Dennis L Mitchell to Siena Mangahas and Michael Arce, $130,000.

936 Brenton Rd

Joanne DeCarlo to Brian and Stephanie McVeigh, $162,000.

414 Broadview Rd

Tal Winder to Balwinder Singh, $164,000.

952 Bryan St

Glen and Maria DiSantis to Ahmez and Kelly Jasper, $182,500.

1229 Bryan St

Frank J and Regina Murphy to Tara N Galperin and Justin D Slavin, $146,000.

118 Crestview Rd

Dennis M Bloh to Ayesha R Woodlin and Ronald B Williford, $205,000.

335 Edmonds Ave

Kyle M Brown to Francine Joanne Spinogatti, $165,000.

2434 Eldon Ave

James J Kennedy Jr to Jonathan Genzer and Kerian Adamo, $243,000.

340 Fairfax Rd

Robert J Welsh to David A Houtz and Krysta L Halye, $185,000.

902 Fairfax Rd

Kevin and Deborah Westerling to Gary T Rivers, $153,000.

245 Fairfield Ave

Talibun Noor to Mohammad Mostofa and Rahima K Rahman, $116,000.

275 Gramercy Dr

Daniel J Stango to John Redheffer and Barbara Anne Paolini, $185,000.

516 Hampden Rd

Hien Ha to Sheralina Baker, $92,000.

616 Littlecroft Rd

Larry Phong Do to Giang T Dang, $102,000.

7312 Miller Ave

Woong Y Park to Hee Chul and Soo Eun Song, $140,000.

304 N Owen Ave

Joseph Polidoro to Anthony C Reyes and Kamaria S Haynes, $294,000.

5227 Palmers Mill Rd

Thomas McBride to Jacqueline F McBride, $180,000.

7069 Radbourne Rd

Anna M O'Connor to Eleanor L Lewis, $85,450.

328 Riverview Ave

Fannie Mae to Giorgio Castagna, $204,900.

580 Sycamore Ave

William C and Virginia J Fries to Richard W Allsop, $133,000.

164 Westdale Rd

Filippas Kaltsidis to John E III and Tracy L Sturgis, $135,000.

Upper Providence Twp

260 Foxcatcher Ln

Oliver G Klenk to Reuben Rath, $340,000.

240 Highview Ln

John J McLaughlin to Mary Anne Hickey and Kathleen Ann McConnell, $565,000.

8 Northgate Vill

Haverford II Associates to Judith VanZant, $215,000.

915 N Orange St

Peter and Irene Rawlinson to David John Williams, $425,000.

432 South Ave

Richard J Stewart to Thimi W and Donna Marie Pappas, $175,000.

Yeadon Boro

851 Bullock Ave

April Tucker to Dai C Meeks, $125,000.

1048 Yeadon Ave

Samuel Kolleh to Adama S Sarr, $130,000.