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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded Nov. 26-30, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded Nov. 26-30, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

708 S 2nd St unit A

James Rhyu and Jeong Ha Lee to Maureen A Long, $525,500.

810 S 2nd St unit C

Wwc Group LLP to Robert C Elliott, $305,000.

1203 N 3rd St unit 15

1203 North Third Street Partners LP to Alexander L Generalis, $379,728.

20 N 3rd St

Twenty N Third Street Development LP to Alexander L Generalis, $658,000.

1027-31 N 4th St unit R

1027-31 North 4th Street LP to Christina Perrone, $169,900.

1147 N 4th St unit 3b

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc to Brian King, $332,000.

2424 S 4th St

Robert Diantonio to Timothy and Brian McKenna, $100,000.

974 N 5th St unit 76

The Souder Family Partnership to Norrinda V Brown, $202,900.

2514 S 5th St

John and Colleen Pagliacetti to Heather Nash, $132,600.

343 S 5th St

Eric Marzluf and Estate Of Estelle Colwin Snellenburg to Tara Paige and Keith Lamont, $712,500.

4677 N 6th St

Francesco and Amalia Filograna to Hassan Akhavan, $145,000.

233 S 6th St unit 202-G

Richard S Lee and Jeffrey L Plourde to Sandra F Kirch, $570,000.

233 S 6th St unit 212-B

Alan B Ruscoe to Donald A and Marie R Roeder, $317,500.

201 N 8th St unit 59

201-59 North Eighth Street Associates LP to Gary Luciani, $409,500.

1534 S 8th St

Mary Catherine Sauerwalt to John M Curran and Nancy A Armstrong, $255,000.

600-602 S 9th St unit 301

9th & South Partners LP to Ryan D Lancaster, $375,000.

4812 N 10th St

Carlos Martinez Ardila to Steven W Willford, $97,900.

5123 N 12th St

Marvin Merritt to Takeisha and Jasmine Burno, $199,900.

6705 N 15th St

Corestates Group LLC to Alonzo I Haughton, $121,500.

111 S 15th St unit 1611

111 South 15th Street Associates LP to Kristen and Courtney Kammerer, $495,000.

2512 S 18th St

Rosa L Marcucci and Estate Of Filomena Lazzaro to Shaun Conallen, $289,900.

502 N 19th St

Thomas A and Michele A Warnock to Alexander Boguslavsky, $373,000.

789 N 24th St

Josefa Madej and Aleksandra Hall to K Catherine Roney, $359,000.

2048 N 25th St

2048 N 25th Street Property LLC to Joseph Tookes, $150,000.

1926 S 29th St

and Dominic M Estate Of Anna Muraglia to Otlando M Andreoli, $140,000.

5424 N 2nd St

Orianna Contractors LLC to Wanda Moore Taylor, $144,300.

41 S 45th St

Leon Brown to Oluwole Amudipe, $85,000.

1212 S 46th St

Gulam and Nirpil K Gogolu to Hargursharan Singh, $257,500.

1432 N 55th St

Ocean Realty Group LLC to Louis Salzer, $85,000.

3201 S 63rd St

Continental Salvage Inc to Francis Schultz Jr, $122,500.

700 A Chelten St

Michael Collins to Andrean Wilson and Maurice Blake, $145,000.

1 Academy Cir unit 213

Toll Naval Associates to Elizabeth A Leonard, $310,575.

1 Academy Cir unit 218

Toll Naval Associates to Patricia Caltabiano, $284,975.

500 Admirals Way unit 424

Toll Naval Associates to Daniel and Renea Marut, $491,975.

1730 Afton St

Leonard and Roselyn Lit to Kelly Pui San Loh and Yew Mooi Yong, $182,000.

5424 Akron St

Stanley and Loretta Zaloga to Harrington J Tavarez, $80,000.

574 Alcott St

Alexander Capps to Tina Parker, $100,000.

8710 Alicia St

Margaret M Williams to Eric and Christine M Geiger, $315,000.

2845 Almond St

Eric Boyer to Jan Paul Galas, $123,700.

3134 Almond St

Anthony Pizzaro to Elizabeth E Berry, $175,000.

1228-1232 Arch St unit 4a

Bolton Partners Of De LP to Larry McCall and Nancy Ambrose, $500,000.

2032 Arch St unit B

Victoria F Falcone to Patrick T Igoe, $580,000.

315 Arch St unit 405

315 Arch Street Realty 2005 LP to April Ann Reynolds, $350,000.

6415 Argyle St

Thomas D and Margaret P Kelly to Wilfredo and Brenda Candelaria, $205,000.

1127 Atwood Rd

Carrol and Carroll A Lacount to Kenneth Taylor, $130,300.

7520 Battersby St

Bryan and Debra Moshinski to John H and Rosemary P Weber Jr, $240,000.

2129 Benson St

Jonathan and Jennifer P Zeitz to Moushim Patel, $222,500.

1405 S Beulah St

Anna Rita Del Collo and Estate Of Helen Afilani to Agim and Diana Mucaj, $100,000.

3306 Bleigh Ave

National City Mortgage Inc and National City Mortgage Co to Samera Ahmad, $128,000.

9228 Blue Grass Rd unit 3

Toner Development Corp to Lauren N Santos, $165,000.

629 N Bodine St

Richard Rubin to Amanda Chirico, $245,000.

2444 E Boston St

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Frank E and Rhonda D Griffith, $355,065.

8647 Bridle Rd

Marie A Pierce to Christopher Hammerman, $262,000.

2421 Brown St

Gregory Oliveri and Peter Adels to Charles and Molly Coltman, $585,000.

803 N Bucknell St

Mario G and Mary A Gizzi to Donald H Solomon, $240,000.

3550 Calumet St

Walter J Ryan Jr to Bradley Collins and Doven Brezner, $285,000.

6026 N Camac St

M K Financial Management LLC to Terence Lawson, $119,000.

1907 S Camac St

Felicia Barbieri and Estate Of Louise Corsaro to Hillary A Fricko, $114,400.

1500 E Cardeza St

E Michele Thompson to Lisa C and Kenyatta R Miller, $189,500.

5336 N Carlisle St

Mark Robinson to Shawn K Stewart, $155,000.

939 Carver St

Taher Abouali to Crystal M Rosa, $102,000.

600 E Carver St

Mary R Mallon and Joseph T Scullin to Rosie Lam, $96,500.

630 E Carver St

Arlene J and Joseph R Fogarty to Flora Yen, $98,000.

6137 Castor Ave

Kam Yuk and Wan Ching Chan to Hien K and Cung Joseph Nguyen, $152,000.

613 Catharine St unit A4

Shaffer Group Inc to Patricia Singer, $775,000.

5927 Cedar Ave

Edward L Flippen to Doris Roberts, $100,000.

5423 Chancellor St

Keith Fey to Henry L Chappell, $87,000.

554 E Cheltenham Ave

Rolanda McCrary to Catherine Lee, $83,000.

5431 Chester Ave

Residential Equity Associates LLC to Jacob Hasis, $94,000.

1500-06 Chestnut St unit 174

1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Samuel J and Anna M Ferraro Jr, $420,000.

3402 Chippendale St

Francis Erickson to Michael S Mumper, $163,500.

1708 Christian St

Neva Gilbert Scott and Vivian P Bailey III to William Guzman, $200,000.

216 Christian St unit F

Timothy M Griswold to Andrew J and Lela E Baer, $656,000.

2501 Christian St unit 101

Milex Properties LLC to Donald I Baird, $336,650.

2501 Christian St unit 201

Milex Properties LLC to Wilfried Mai, $343,000.

5914 Christian St

Michael Shaffer to Carol C Davis, $95,000.

6420 City Ave

Samuel Davis Dalembert to Francisco Fantauzzi, $438,145.

10118 Clark St

Naseema Chugtai to Annie A Palamoottil, $300,100.

9742 Clark St

John J and Leonora Morelli to Mary Soler and Raymond Ziajka, $240,000.

915 Clinton St unit 303

Ronald A and Diane U Boros to Herbert and Rita Salzman, $825,000.

3011 S Colorado St

Constance T Bellettiere and Estate Of Thomas W Pearce to Ryan M Fisher and Jennifer L Dougherty, $142,000.

1602 E Comly St

John J and Dorothy M Horvath to Geronimo and Betzaida Santana, $95,500.

5005 S Convent Ln unit H

Mark S Blaskey and The Morton F Blaskey Trust to William and Elizabeth A Hanssens, $160,000.

3524 Cottman Ave

Andrew M McAneney to Kevin Ferguson, $224,000.

4402 Cottman Ave

Robert Traverse to Justin and Angelo J Ruffo, $140,000.

7601 Crittenden St unit A1

Henry C Welsh III to Marion V McGowan, $110,000.

2064 E Cumberland St

Mark Ambolino to Efe Oyibo, $224,000.

1732 Danforth St

Stanley and Marion Baider to Bruce Sardar and Beatrice Bruce, $195,000.

2721 S Darien St

Stephen Chappen Jr and Stephen Chappen III to Elena Medina, $170,000.

2011 E Dauphin St

Tomas Sanchez to Magin and Maribel Ruiz, $147,500.

124 Dawson St

Amelia Vallen and Geraldine Marrollo to Luke Attanasi, $153,500.

66203 Delaire Landing Rd unit 203

Miriam Stamm to Stacy M Linneman, $170,000.

2118 Delancey St

John C and Bonnie H Collins to Karl Kirchner, $950,000.

302 Delancey St

Anthony J and Penny J Ross to Joseph M and Carolyn N Evans Jr, $1,055,000.

5912 Devon Pl

Willie J Alls to Andre L Berry, $187,000.

1011 Dickinson St

Douglas A Spangenberg to David M Sinkovits and Winifred A Nagle, $303,500.

1317 Dickinson St

Ralph and Phyllis Bertolino to Stephen T and Janet C Creed, $285,000.

7228 Ditman St

Joyce McKnight to Laurie Horn, $87,000.

13073 Dorothy Dr

Michael and Theresa Micucci Zabawa to Nicole S Boyes, $290,000.

1517 E Duval St

Corestates Group LLC to Lakisha L Thomas, $149,000.

3262 Edgemont St

Joseph D and Leona D Perks to Chris J Fabyonic, $99,000.

2712 Elbridge St

Michael F Riley to Christopher Holder, $115,000.

7209 Elmwood Ave

Margaret Annaccone and Estate Of Patricia Annacone to James A Gilmore, $85,000.

1916 Emerson St

Sandy Deng to Gennady Polyakov, $157,500.

6652 Erdrick St

John H and Rosemary P Weber to Katherine Stott and Jesse Gregg, $138,000.

7748 Fairfield St

Richard and Ann Marie Haberkern to Edward J Cimorelli, $205,000.

4841 N Fairhill St

Phelith Hang to Yulon Harris, $90,500.

2837 S Fairhill St

Hau Doan to Amy Ly, $170,000.

1910 Fairmount Ave unit C

Gretchen Henne to Meaghan Brown, $165,000.

6318 Farnsworth St

Amy L Davies to Odali A German, $140,000.

1335 Farrington Rd

Joseph O Johnson to Roland K Lee Jr, $129,900.

110 N Felton St

Princess Grant and Denise Boyd White to Carl Junious, $79,900.

4353 Fleming St

Lyndell Johnson to Juanita Gonzalez, $150,000.

8533 Forrest Ave

Robert E and Margaret M J Gainey to Saundra White, $149,500.

1871 Frankford Ave

Ethel Rita and Stephen Ackerman to David Barlow, $235,000.

9410 Frankford Ave

Estate Of Emilie Slaven and William T Slaven III to Greta Didonato and Michelle Moran, $215,750.

1615 S Franklin St

Harry Esposito to Justin Tyner and Meghan Keary, $125,000.

6037 N Front St

Miriam Amaro to Sergio M Delvalle, $128,000.

463 Gerhard St

Paul W and Mary E Henkel to Edward Voves and Anne Lloyd, $220,000.

3052 Gilham St

Isabel A Mitchell and Kathryn Carroll to Marisol Burgos, $120,000.

142 Gladstone St

Victor T Gargano Jr to Brian McKenna and Susan Reilly, $90,000.

1215 Glenview St

Lynn Koenigsberg and Estate Of Emanuel Davis to Fatumata Sidibeh, $184,000.

508 Governors Ct

Toll Naval Associates to Mathew H and John A Meyers, $692,697.

6638 N Gratz St

Bennitta Joseph to Monique Remy, $110,000.

1251 Greeby St

Andy Galarza to Tambar Washington, $130,000.

4254 Griscom St

Lisa Mason to Perry Bolden Jr, $109,900.

133 N Gross St

Yvette and Yvette M Gilbert to Nicole Y McCrief, $90,000.

2001 Hamilton St unit 415

Joseph A Salvatori Jr to Geoffrey Mesko, $315,000.

5334 Haverford Ave

Corey Pearson to Shannon Bussey and Hanesha Simmons, $112,000.

7303 Haverford Ave

Anthony and Liliana Delbonifro to Mitchell and Cari Chartock, $145,000.

7311 Haverford Ave

Anthony and Liliana Delbonifro to Mitchell and Cari Chartock, $145,000.

1205 Haworth St

Della L and Michael Anthony Hodges to Hector Rivera and Janira Goltia, $174,000.

7030 Hegerman St

Faust Joseph and Catherine J Capobianco to Diana Hennings, $224,000.

1220 Hellerman St

Marie L Bonaventure to Jhims and Marie Bellefleur, $145,000.

443 Hermitage St

Hilary J Williams and The Williams 2004 Revocable Trust to Sean T and Christina A Plover, $232,000.

5223 Horrocks St

Malenis P Aponte to Miguelina Peralta, $113,500.

4004 I St

Paula Magobet to Loan Phan, $131,000.

3839 J St

John Nguyen and Gia An Vu to Le Hoang, $118,000.

1318 Jackson St

Kevin Quan to Alan W Griesmer, $205,000.

8611 Jackson St

Robert F and Janet Capaldi to Victor L Desautel Jr and Kim Mastromarco, $165,000.

9572b James St unit 107-B

Michele M Kirk to Robert F and Janet Capaldi, $183,000.

812 N Judson St

Jennifer V Hudson and Jennifer Leone to Colleen M Burns, $320,000.

5720 Kemble Ave

Warren A Robinson to Ivan B Labrooy, $87,000.

724 Kentwood St

Irwin and Shirley Belitsky to Rachel and Palamoottil J Mathew, $190,000.

10704 E Keswick Rd

William McGraw to Catalina and Juan Fernandez, $196,000.

12004 Knights Rd unit 6

William and Virginia T Ofarrell to Jorge and Salvador Bernal, $404,000.

2162 Knorr St

Jorge Mora to Jhon Jairo Heredia, $173,000.

642 Lawler St

Scott and Sharon Perloff to Jian XI Tang, $192,000.

7323 Lawndale Ave

Hong Rong Jiang to Felipe S Haubrich and Ana C Santos Haubrich, $189,000.

7333 Lawndale Ave

David M and Josephine Freiling to Lucilla E Hepworth and Patrick J Tighe, $190,000.

3940 Lawndale St

Edward R and Priscilla Bonsell to Yaniris M Cortez, $92,900.

7236 Leonard St

Edwin Berger to Xiu Ping Li, $126,000.

2447 E Letterly St

Sonia Korenstein to Jose G and Jennifer A Baquerizo, $145,000.

1073 Levick St

Howard B and Constance Hyman to Bouchra Najid and Badreddine Boukraa, $150,380.

10616 Lockart Rd

Anthony L Juliliano to Parampil M and Sosamma Varghese, $255,000.

1324 Locust St

Arts Tower Development LP to Keiko Miyamori, $150,000.

1324 Locust St unit 512

Arts Tower Development LP to Emily Shaker, $127,900.

1420 Locust St unit 11l

Mary R Montague to Olga and Robert O Petersen, $220,000.

1204 Longshore Ave

Steven M and Susan M Gelfand to Be Thi Ho and Joanne Hu, $275,000.

1329 Longshore Ave

William E Rusden III to Diego Morales and Aziz Jundi, $138,500.

3322 Longshore Ave

Vicki Altomari and Vicki A Mastro to Frank Altomari, $90,000.

4209 Loring St

Anne R McKenna to Christopher Michael and Amy Judith McKenna, $151,312.

1356 E Luzerne St

Juana O Jimenez to Dulce Rivan and Luis Paulino, $89,900.

6807 Lynford St

Yan Zheng to Robin A Wagenfeld, $152,500.

6337 Magnolia St

Christopher J and Tara Colquitt to Tonya S Sapp, $123,000.

5860 Malvern Ave

Equicredit Corp Of America and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc to Eugene F Chambers, $79,000.

4316 Marple St

Carol A Dorland to Elizabeth A Lowry and Michael Metusec, $146,700.

7021 Marsden St

Mary Beth Coppola to Alberto Rivera, $157,000.

712 Medina St

Louis Silverstein to Daniel J Digirolamo, $288,900.

439 Mercy St

Es3 Holdings LLC and Woodcrest Consulting LLC to Ron Cruz and Rachel Barnes, $80,700.

2437 S Milan St

Donald Solomon Jr and Andre J McCrea to Shire Cannady, $117,000.

4022 Mitchell St

Francis M Felice and Thomas J Fithian to Colin Good, $199,000.

1246 E Montgomery Ave unit 54

Envelope Factory LP and Envelope Factory LLC to George N Scarino III, $299,000.

6533 Montour St

Mildred G Smith to Han Bieu Luong, $100,000.

2546 Montrose St

Bmc2 LLC to Lisa Mulder, $150,170.

6495 Morris Park Rd

Andre and Damaris Harmon to Raenita and Dennis Jones, $150,000.

4903 Morris St

Anita and Shirley Melvin to Nicholas C Nedd, $99,000.

5529 Morton St

Leann and Stephen Beloyan to Susan M Mangan, $99,900.

135 Mountain St

Amy Angelilli to Mary Ludovici, $185,000.

1337 S Myrtlewood St

Otis Weekley to Joel Ellis, $82,500.

1418 Napfle Ave

James H and Barbara A Peiffer to Marie L Bonaventure, $182,000.

1826 N Natrona St

Loretta Ammons to Trina Boylar and Darin Brownlee, $85,000.

2310 Naudain St unit B

Kevin Jones and Kristin Hynd to Luke Pazicky, $412,000.

2219 Ogden St

S Solski and Estate Of Jozef Solski to Paul A Skowronski, $165,000.

6446 Ogontz Ave

Seidah L Miller to Mary A Evans, $110,250.

6631 Ogontz Ave

Mark Lawson to Ruby R Fobbs, $129,900.

305 W Oxford St

Carmen C Alvarado to Margarita L Padin, $260,000.

1924 N Palethorp St

Jonathan M Flotron to Paul Jarmul, $145,000.

2307 N Park Ave

Azteca Properties to Juan Mayorga, $80,000.

1530 Parrish St unit 32

Amerestate Realty Management LLC to Paul Donavan, $275,000.

6352 Paschall Ave

Salvatore and Georgette Bellopede to Long Van Cao and Thanh Thi Nguyen, $95,000.

4725 Penn St

Jiaming Niu and Chun Zhou to Jean Baptiste Sylnay, $149,000.

901 N Penn St

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Robert Barth, $1,656,053.

901 N Penn St unit 2003

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Dominick R Baker Sr, $889,324.

901 N Penn St unit P1201

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Tal Michael Chitayat, $452,000.

901 N Penn St unit P804

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Chaim Gelfand, $213,420.

901 N Penn St unit R2502

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Douglas and Michelle Shields, $875,000.

883 N Pennock St

Joseph A and Lynne M Bucovetsky to Jennafer M Norley Jr and Christopher G Mesigian, $315,000.

2401 Pennsylvania Ave unit 12b29

Heather D Waldman to Ronald L and Gail T Petrofsky, $245,000.

2401 Pennsylvania Ave unit 21b12

Henry S Cecil to Bennett M and Leah L Schlenger, $879,000.

2801 Pennsylvania Ave unit 201

Joseph Jason and Tamantha J Vansteenburgh to Christopher W Linsky, $237,000.

2637 S Percy St

Ronald V Di Angelo Sr and Ronald V Di Angelo Jr to Christopher Rosato, $149,000.

674 Perth Pl unit D

Iron Stone Penn Towne LP to Oron and Neta Rosenkrantz, $189,520.

2520 S Philip St

Blue Moon Capital LLC to Rashmika Patel, $79,200.

2548 S Philip St

Blue Moon Capital LLC to Tina Alva, $79,200.

1922 Pratt St

Madeline Soto and Carmen Lopez to Lourdes Leon, $84,900.

8602 Provident Rd

Piedmont Properties LLC to Jelani Vaughn, $149,900.

9208 Puritan Rd

Shane Hughes and George Foster to Luis and Yesenia Rosario, $185,000.

236 Queen St unit B

Sean and Christine McDermott to Brian G Lay and Sarah Foss, $650,000.

8804 Revere St

Estate Of Charles W Yust and Wachovia Bank to Jan and Galyna Bobko, $182,000.

7725 Richard St

John and Melanie MacDonald to Leondus and Shirley H Johnson, $193,000.

1241 S Ringgold St

Valley Generation Group LLC to Gina M Battaglini, $95,000.

1907 W Ritner St

Yasmine J Alice and Estate Of Alesandro Bonavitacola to Joseph and Rita C Ursino, $155,000.

407 W Ritner St

Jennifer Whipkey to Rajan and Anjanee Jugran, $178,000.

1820 Rittenhouse Sq unit 501

Florence C and Shelley Marcus to Robert Heim and Eileen Kennedy, $2,300,000.

226 W Rittenhouse Sq unit 1805

Jack Farber to Carol Tinari, $800,000.

221 Rochelle Ave

Marlena D Slowik to Mark Malfara and Charles J Fitzgerald, $230,000.

2335 S Rosewood St

Helena M Lind and Norma M Runner to David and Meir Raphaely, $138,000.

7341 Ryers Ave

Brian Thomas Wolfinger and Concetta Maria Lupo to Michelle M Maier, $269,900.

2102 Saint Albans St

Jeffrey K and Amanda W Auerbach to Brandon and Antoinette Pizzola, $365,000.

726 Saint Albans St

Scott Becker to Daniela Pierson, $200,000.

7816 Saturn Pl

Lamar H Lewis to Tahirah Barnett, $145,000.

117 W Sedgwick St

Catherine Jackson to Richard and Victoria Ransome, $145,000.

774 Selmer Rd

Jose and Maria Ferreira to Mikhail and Yaroslava Noga, $232,500.

4206 Sheffield St

Gaetano and Deborah Leporace to Erica S Ramirez, $130,000.

6126 Shisler St

Deneen N Fisher to William and Portia Davis, $121,000.

4405 Silverwood St unit 7

Greenwich Investors XVI LLC to Peter McDonough, $245,000.

3015 S Smedley St

Joseph and Lucy R Carnuccio to Joseph Edwards, $169,500.

1906 Solly Ave

Dolores C Autieri to Tho C Han and Kimberly P Le, $206,000.

2839 Solly Ave

Frances L Apple and Estate Of Gertrude E Connelly to Karl and Tammy Grabner, $184,900.

1305 Spruce St unit Th1a

Lenox Apartments Inc to Rodney Brittingham, $169,823.

7037 Stenton Ave unit 43

Stanley H Smith to Rosena Mompremier and Henri Michel, $260,000.

1147 Stevens Rd

Victor Shtefunk and Valerii Zybin to Dmitro Marchuk, $570,000.

6625 Tackawanna St

Edward Martin to Luljeta Petushi, $125,000.

1338 N Taney St

Cynthia S Lane and Estate Of Kenneth M Lane to Abdul Madyun, $82,900.

3272 Tara Rd

Jennie E Redmond to Robert R Baldwin, $90,000.

4024 Teesdale St

Lillian Costa and Angela L Menna to Eileen Kelm, $86,000.

8277 Thouron Ave

Edna E Morris and Linwood Crum to Miranda and George Pope, $150,000.

3152 Tilton St

Witold Fijalkowski and Bozena Olejarczyk to Rafal Dec, $100,700.

1122 Tree St

Albert M and Albert Dangelantonio to Eli J Vandenberg and Anna K Thompson, $125,000.

3121 Tulip St

Lisa M Miscer to Heather K Mills, $102,000.

7463 Tulpehocken St

Arthur S Mapp Jr to Linda Scott, $121,900.

1511 N Uber St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Patricia Colquitt, $82,500.

1515 N Uber St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Denise Ripley, $82,500.

719 N Uber St

Maria A Adames to Victor S Rozier, $300,000.

6501 Vine St

John F and Rita P Wilent to Elizabeth M Harvey, $135,800.

887 W Walnut Ln

Berkley and Lisa Renee Harmon to Nakia Merriweather, $253,000.

146 E Walnut Park Dr

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Dustin and Lorell Upchurch, $138,888.

1308 S Warnock St

John Chinnici and Marie Dentina to Jonathan Shames, $120,000.

604-36 S Washington Sq unit 1207

Diane Weist to Susan Bagheri, $325,000.

7316 Whitaker Ave

Robert L and Marie T Hopper Sr to Michael J Tomczak, $143,000.

4108 Whiting Rd

Kim Plunkett and Estate Of Kathryn L Bearhalter to Amy L Davies, $150,000.

6419 Woodland Ave

The J J Willowbrook Corp to Girmaye T Jiru and Fiker Z Tesema, $80,000.

2334 S Woodstock St

Jenna Cruz to Diana M Fleming, $210,000.

2415 E York St

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Harbhajan S Sangha and Sukhwinder Kaur, $271,070.

2417 E York St

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Salvatore Corso, $280,390.