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Bucks County real estate transactions

Bucks County

These transactions were recorded in August.

Bedminster Twp

239 Allem La

William G and Charlotte W Preston to Rebecca A Bosler, $163,000.

263 Barnhill Rd

NVR Inc to Kenneth N and Joan I M Ayer, $426,560.

423 Saddlery Dr

NVR Inc to Eric and Bettina DeFeo, $341,865.

Bensalem Twp

4720 Bristol Rd

Richard and Marion Green to Shu Ying Ye, $190,000.

1437 Cambridge Pl

James Monzo to Gina Skrabonja, $340,000.

5036 Hunters Ct South

Michael D and Jill Hammer to Robert and Barbara Foti, $224,900.

5125 Merganser Way

Deutsche Bk Natl Tr Co to Hung Lee, $369,900.

5213 Merganser Way

Ace Holdings to James J Rohan, $319,900.

2818 Oakley Ave

Paul A and Phyllis A Kubacke to Margaret L McKinney, $195,000.

3022 Shepperd Rd

William B and Kristine L Vrooman to Francis and Stephanie Ott, $317,000.

3032 Shepperd Rd

William F and Maria G Shields to Amit and Kirti Gami, $307,000.

Bristol Boro

312 Dorrance St

Gilberto Ramirez to Monica A DiTommaso, $180,000.

817 Garden St

Marvin E Warden to Joseph M Swinehart and Joseph G Swinehart, $130,000.

231 Lafayette St

Lynda J Briggs to Joshua Briggs, $91,000.

641 Pine St

Harry W and Susan C Follin to Ronald and Lynn Marshall, $184,000.

Bristol Twp

18 Alder La

Allen S and Jennifer J Dannels to Elizabeth Aidee, $274,900.

2 Greenway Cir

Baldwin Children Trust to Andrew W Pustay and Stacy Shackleton Pustay, $349,900.

201 Parkway Cir

John M Jr and Cecilia A Pine to John N and Mary S Weaver, $350,000.

31 Pine Needle Rd

Joseph Theurer to Luz M and Nathalia Rodriguez, $241,400.

5602 Treaty St

Dorothy D Hockaday to Kathryn L Goodrow, $95,000.

934 Winder Dr

Richard Walsh to Pedro and Elizabeth Salas, $183,000.

Buckingham Twp

5883 Buck Run Rd

Robert C and Caryn E Young to J Patrick and Julie O'Keefe, $787,500.

3817 Buckingham Dr

Terrence J and Judith A Setar to Glenn J and Laurie L Douglass, $405,000.

2687 Cranberry Rd

Carroll E and Diana T Lippincott to Patrick M Ryan, $520,000.

4898 Tall Oak Ct

Kevin M and Mary Kennedy to Scott A Elnetzke, $515,000.

Chalfont Boro

211 Christopher Pl

Michael J Noel to Linda J Sesa et al, $196,000.

26 Park Ave, Unit C42

Thomas Anghelone Jr to Avner and Tammy Heskeyahu, $125,000.

Doylestown Boro

13 Maple La

Edwin A and Kelly A White to Cynthia Spiecker, $355,000.

Doylestown Twp

458 Edison Furlong Rd

Christopher L and Gail G Huber to Carl Lupo and Mary C Abidiwan-Lupo, $325,000.

284 Fox Hound Dr

Agostino E and Helen M DiSidoro to Curtis E Thomsen, $520,000.

117 Pebble Valley Rd

David W and Roxie H Haines to John P and Loretta Young, $460,000.

54 Pebble Wood Dr

Peter L and Linda E Kallin to David M Dura, $420,000.

22 Water Crest Dr

Roger D and Alice C Ferguson to David B Jr and Meredith K Haywood, $582,500.

Dublin Boro

118 High St

David B and Deborah A Scarpill to Efrain Jr and Tamara Soto, $275,000.

Falls Twp

203 Alden Ave

Francis J and Marion S Mulholland to Larry Boccardo, $171,444.

18 Greenwood Rd

Timothy P Roth to Dhairyashil Shinde, $370,000.

19 Pensive La

Mildred Brennan to Michael and Joann Cibik, $175,000.

123 Pinewood Dr

Douglas and Nicole Turner to Charles J and Dweh G Snorweah, $329,000.

Hilltown Twp

1026 Deerfield Cir

Terry and Lisa J Atler to Sok C Vong, $270,000.

720 Diamond St

James D and Kim M Dee to John J and Claire H Alcaro, $325,000.

309 Fairhill Rd

William G Earlley Jr and A T Maminski Earlley to Christopher and Carrie E Ghormley, $305,000.

30 Highview Rd

Philip B and Frances A Landes to Chester Chrzanowski, $625,000.

Ivyland Boro

1000 Jacksonville Rd, Unit 20

David D and Cynthia E Jones to Laurence and Stacey R Heller, $104,500.

Lower Makefield Twp

1996 Amber Dr

Nicholas P Trott to Alex and Maya Boguslavsky, $840,000.

653 Bayberry La

William M and Patricia J Morrison to Wendy Ertel, $277,000.

1587 Brookfield Rd

Kenneth A and Wanda F Jones to David M and Lisa K Gallagher, $690,000.

854 Kilby Dr

Karl E and Marion S Bohrer to Timothy J and Maura A Wheeler, $468,000.

1193 Longmeadow La

Steven P and Joann V Caggiano to Michael J and Susan S Lee, $560,000.

28 Lower Hilltop Rd

Kenneth S and Marjorie M Burton to Ethan John and Julie Ann Fitzsimmons, $420,000.

2107 Lynbrooke Dr

Alice Cogan to Jerome and Louise Silverman, $262,000.

1468 Makefield Rd

Thomas Doryk to Michael D and Bernadette M Souza, $330,000.

10 Sandy Dr

Ian M and Jody S Underwood to Michael David and Jill Ann Hammer, $347,500.

2058 Silverwood Dr

Richard G and Carol P DeRegis to Thomas A Meyers, $944,000.

545 Southridge Cir

Sunder and Debra A Venkatesulu to Melvin and Dawn Daniels, $595,000.

6103 Spruce Mill Dr

Michael Hutchinson to Amrit Seetharam, $275,000.

2705 Sterling Rd

Douglas F Otter to Laura Belove, $262,900.

Lower Southampton Twp

611 B Ave

Michael and Steven J McGovern to Thomas E and Shannon L Clark, $260,000.

107 Crocus Rd

John R and Ann V Sones to Tracie Adams, $264,900.

839 Sterners Mill Rd

Eric and Erika Dobson to Stanley M Oskiera Jr, $360,825.

44 Winding La

RC Hendricks to Jesus Ramirez Ortega, $285,000.

Middletown Twp

23 Crown Rd

Carol M Harding to William F and Patricia F Oreo, $268,500.

46 Forsythia Dr North

Henry Lyle and Lois Ann Townsend to Beverly Briggs, $325,000.

8 Quincy Dr

Thomas G and Christina L Sottnick to Bilal Kose, $265,000.

198 Walnut Tr

Ralph M Jr and Denise M Bye to Stephen Matiko, $359,900.

Milford Twp

1408 Fels Rd

Marc C and Colleen Ruth Solt to Charles and Peach Draper, $535,000.

1640 Lucas Ct

Robert H and Nina Jane Best to Bryan S and Karen E Witte, $280,000.

29 Lucky La

Frank H Scholl to Brandon and April Senavitis, $182,216.

1750 Red Bud Rd

Douglas J and Heather A Moody to Michael E and Ginamarie Lippincott, $300,000.

1864 Sycamore Dr

NVR Inc to Albert Jr and Patricia Grandinetti, $463,640.

Morrisville Boro

708 Ashdale Rd

P C J Prop LLC to Janine Cleveland and Anzor Macharashvili, $195,900.

631 Hillcrest Ave

Mary F Taibi to John Alimmatiris, $229,900.

377 McKinley Ave

Gary L and Judith G King to Steven Schartup, $190,000.

381 McKinley Ave

Keco Inc to Steven K Schartup, $155,000.

New Britain Boro

505 Ferris La

Allyson F Eckelmeyer to Stacy E Cunningham, $179,000.

609 Ferris La

Pamela M Venuto to Troy and Melissa Stevenson, $213,000.

New Britain Twp

605 Chatham Ct

Walter G and Doris G Holberg to Terrence and Susan McKeever, $325,000.

232 Inverness Cir

Deborah K Moneta to Jacquelyn Dunion, $279,900.

104 Rocky Ct South

Phyllis E Scott to Linda J Reeves, $239,900.

New Hope Boro

105 Pinewood Cir

Todd Molgat to Steven G and Patrizia S Thomas, $999,900.

350 S River Rd, Unit A10

James J Joseph to John Yardley, $678,750.

8 Riverstone Cir

Pamela Minford to Christopher J and Kathryn I Eler, $760,000.

Newtown Boro

207 E Penn St

Donald T and Polly C Little to Michael W McCafferty, $472,000.

Newtown Twp

1606 Diamond Dr

Robin L Scully to Danielle C Sandler, $171,000.

4 Everett Dr

Brian and Andrea Caudill to Brian R Caudill, $111,439.

256 Leedom Way

Richard V Jr and Kimberly D Capaldi to Douglas Peiffer, $275,000.

281 Leedom Way

Sandra L Sharkus to Caroline Christopher, $229,900.

1704 Society Pl

Jeffrey D Jones to Tery Vartanian, $244,000.

107 N Sycamore St

Michael O Boccardo Sr to Robert W and Marianne Lang, $1,055,000.

Northampton Twp

42 Bellwood Dr

Don P Palermo to Igor and Alla Byalsky, $327,000.

66 Bellwood Dr

Lana Korostin to Jared and Susan Miller, $328,500.

95 Brook Dr

Eileen M Leiter to David and Marianne Keebler, $425,000.

181 Chestnut Dr

James N and Patricia K Murray to Marion E Principe, $415,000.

35 Legacy Oaks Dr

Joanne G Popoff to Sherry Barris, $396,000.

62 Lydia Ave

Edward and Helen S Kaplinski to William P Betz III, $325,000.

80 Schoolhouse Rd

Alan S and Margery B Hellman to James J Schmidgall and Frances Lucas Schmidgall, $370,000.

37 Willow Rd

Robert W and Doris M Clarke to Robert L Bosch, $320,000.

Plumstead Twp

4123 Captain Molly Cir

Bryan S and Karen Elizabeth Witte to Jennifer Kratowicz, $232,000.

4553 Old Oak Rd

David C and Linda J Thurston to Heidi Elwell, $430,000.

4624 Old Oak Rd

Frank J and Donna L Maguire to Chuljin Kim, $360,000.

Quakertown Boro

84 Alan La

Emily E Dressel to Mary Anne and Giuseppe Randazzo, $167,000.

21 Elm St

Gregory W and Joanne B Smith to Sorrel Wood Investments LLC, $165,900.

9 Moores Ct

Edith M Koehler to Noemi Perez, $159,900.

116 N Ninth St

Pauline Wolfinger to Caitlin A Lyons, $199,900.

Richland Twp

191 Crocus Ct

Robert B Filson to David S and Adriana Abularach, $147,500.

109 Horseshoe Dr

Holli M Johnson to Jeremy A Clark, $183,000.

51 Ivy Ct

William C Ryan to Randall B Disert, $187,000.

38 Mimosa Ct

Jason and Shawn Thackray to Israel R and Christine E Adorno, $175,000.

1159 Red Barn La

Susan Bishop to Brian and Buffy Guenst, $216,000.

1138 Virginia Way

Brett J and Suzanne J Wasilewski to Mattew B Keller, $245,000.

Sellersville Boro

29A Kittery Ct

Patricia S Wolfinger to Eric J Bowen, $144,300.

162 S Main St

Thomas and Janai Reed to Andrew C Arvin, $239,000.

314 S Main St

Kear Family Trust to Robert E and Vicki L Schnell, $204,000.

468 E Park Ave

Allison Oldfield to Lisa A Seachrist, $166,000.

Silverdale Boro

107 Sterling Dr

Paul O and Linda A Toland to Mark S Turley, $324,900.

Solebury Twp

6395 Meetinghouse Rd

Daniel P McCurdy to Margaret Jamison, $2,125,000.

6509 Saw Mill Rd

Edith S Lamonica to Isabel Romero, $425,000.

Tinicum Twp

59 Mt Airy Rd

Steven Cutri to Jane M Yeuroukis, $950,000.

Trumbauersville Boro

19 E Broad St, Unit A-4

Perk Prop LLC to Abigail L Esten, $189,900.

Upper Makefield Twp

25 Hibbs La

Carmen A DiCamillo to William V and Diane I Fricker, $1,200,000.

5 Lookout La

Anthony and Amy Accardo to Suzanne and Bennett Barlyn, $630,000.

9 Milyko Dr

Patrizia Thomas to Amy Fink, $610,000.

1163 Park Pl

Jeffrey Dunkle to Joshua Blaisdell and Ronni Arno Blaisdell, $330,000.

Upper Southampton Twp

279 Beaver Rd

Ralph and Rae S Waldman to Timothy and Kathleen McFadden, $383,000.

66 Meadowfield Dr

Simon L and Linda A Kaplan to Lorie Pape, $364,900.

442 Sunset Dr

Jerome and Patricia K Dortort to Brian R Bauer, $338,000.

Warminster Twp

987 Birch Rd

George W Ott to Peter Borgmann, $180,000.

1161 Darrah Rd

Gertrude H Hertfelder to Dan and Denise Zawdski, $292,500.

1438 Miranda La

Edward C Jr and Diane Wlodarczyk to Charles G and Annavita M Boyle, $282,500.

425 Nemoral St

Emil O Jr and Grace F Kraiser to Teresa and Paul J and Ronald Mackey, $187,500.

1457 Sinkler Rd

David Woeger to Nathan J and Susan Wertz, $322,500.

1575 W Street Rd, Unit 633

Edgar L and Ilse L Bartley to Valerie J Thevis, $112,000.

302 Valley Forge Ct

Amy DiCicco to Norman and Maryann Bailey, $150,000.

Warrington Twp

2138 Green Ridge Dr

Shawn and Teena Keogler to David Slezak, $449,000.

1402 Heron Way

Lorra L Shea to Jay and Allison Levin, $336,000.

111 Hickory Hollow Cir

Brent M and Michele Sine to Alper Kus, $333,000.

884 Stirrup La

Michael J Taylor to Marie A Dunleavy, $345,000.

Warwick Twp

1972 Brook La

Robert A and Marsha J Yates to Eric McClure and Amy Ann Fleming, $366,000.

1512 Carol Ct

Dennis V and Antoinette Mandes to Kathryn Zilahy, $280,000.

900 Hamilton Way

Leroy S Fox to Carole J and Leonard Bilello, $430,000.

2495 Meetinghouse Rd

Richard T and Linda A Hartman to James F and Jo Ann Swasey, $662,000.

West Rockhill Twp

262 Branch Rd

Richard G Jr and Meleny D Miller to Tara L Miller, $250,000.

1008 Luray Cir

Ruby Fantozzi Moore to Robert S and Carol L Johnson, $282,000.

Yardley Boro

47 Letchworth Ave

Steve and Vicki Correll to Demetrios and Erin Houmas, $317,000.

805 Yardley Commons

Willard and Denise Stott to Michael J Falk, $160,000.