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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded Dec. 1-5, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded Dec. 1-5, 2006, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

141-145 N 2nd St unit 2a

Bryce and Hilary Blake Hamilton to Alex Mulcahy, $377,000.

826 S 2nd St unit 1

Pine Spruce Associates LP to James B Swinney and Erin Kennedy, $298,500.

313-15 N 3rd St unit 4b

Brian J Stocker to Michael Robert McHugh and Michelle C Burns McHugh, $455,000.

1230 N 5th St

Third Street Development LLC to Nicole Smith Alvarez, $290,000.

2527 N 5th St

Blair Jamal Shaw to Ira R Schwartz, $80,000.

5201-5203 N 5th St

Tae Hwa Kwan Corp to Duk Sun Kim, $300,000.

201 N 8th St unit 810

201-59 North Eighth Street Associates LP to Robyn K Levin, $405,000.

1931 S 10th St

Peihong Tang and Guochum Xie to Joshua B Skaroff, $220,000.

3420 N 11th St

Michael Mosheyev to Magda Coss and Luis R Durand, $108,000.

5316 N 12th St

John Fox and Estate Of Anna Mae Fox to Keasha Paulhill, $85,000.

3109 S 13th St

John L and Mary L Richards to Joseph J Tenuto and Dina Dodaro, $310,000.

6515 N 18th St

James Walker to Rozell J Randolph, $115,000.

7253 N 18th St

Joe C Hill to Patricia R Couser, $112,500.

4460 N 19th St

Han T Le to Bruce Ira Susser, $115,000.

852 N 20th St

Michael J Spero to Janis Jones, $420,000.

844-46 N 29th St unit 119

29th Street Commons LP and Casarina Holdings LLC to Nathan S and Stephanie C Kurita, $359,900.

2043 S 29th St

Mina A Patel to Ramon A Valdez, $185,000.

600 S 52nd St

M A Bruder & Sons Inc to Ramesh R and Hemalatha Naropanth, $196,000.

703 N 64th St

Richard V Pepino and Estate Of Lillian R Pepino to Christina Branch, $84,900.

1832 S 65th St

Kavon Sengsourysack to Asisat Akinsanya and Michael Olayinka, $98,000.

1969 71st Ave

Liquidation Properties Inc and Litton Loan Servicing LP to Christopher J and Tara M Colquitt, $100,000.

1818 N 76th St

Susan K Schofield to Patty Orji, $125,000.

3647 Academy Rd

John Mathew to Willie E and Margaret Smith, $163,000.

614 Adams Ave

Alfredo and Ilidia Santos to Tina Lloyd, $155,000.

500 Admirals Way unit 319

Toll Naval Associates to John A Gill, $509,800.

500 Admirals Way unit 326

Toll Naval Associates to Lioudmila and Vladlena Platonova, $363,000.

500 Admirals Way unit 422

Toll Naval Associates to Audrey Ziadat, $421,200.

1248 Alcott St

Alex and Inna Groysman to Aisha Kamara, $128,000.

6136 Alma St

Thomas L and Maureen A Coleman to Larry Roach, $93,000.

2929 Aramingo Ave

Juliette Agosto to Rosita Delgado, $83,000.

315 Arch St unit 401

315 Arch Street Realty 2005 LP to Edward L Chavez and Jerry Long, $331,000.

197 Baldwin St

George Holowko to Michael Kurliand, $279,900.

850 N Bambrey St

Carlos A Peraza to Chad and Natalie Meadows, $285,000.

3104 Barnett St

Catherine A Mignogna to Eladio M Veras and Amarilis Guzman, $92,500.

134 Beck St

Josephine Simpson and Frances Sanchez to Ian Walsh and Jennifer Bender, $335,000.

407 Belgrade St

Danielle Heizman to David Stearn, $160,000.

4548 Belgrade St

Pleasant Construction Inc to Laura J Lenahan and Jennifer L Badolato, $269,900.

2502 S Bellford St

Darren W Anderson to Tanya Blake, $110,000.

3916 Bennington St

Cathryn M Morris to Natividad Franco, $99,900.

2023 Beyer Ave

Carlos Castro to Daniel A and Patricia A Bell, $260,000.

7523 Bingham St

Michael Cirillo to Melissa Farnella and Daniel Marcinkiewicz, $179,900.

709 N Bodine St

Christopher Somers to Paul J Smith, $210,000.

113 N Bread St unit 3e10

K Hovananian At Philadelphia I LLC to Paula A Etchison, $1,099,230.

7312 Briar Rd

Leo Schagrin to Megan Whitman and Ivan Goloub, $101,000.

2941 Brighton St

Michael A and Cynthia M Tomasetti to Theodosios and Anna Tsamoutalis, $159,000.

504 E Brinton St

Russell F Mahrt and Megan Malloy Carr to Rosalyn E Holliday, $135,000.

314-318 Brown St unit 204

314-318 Brown Street LP to Erika Parenti, $300,000.

7828 Buist Ave

Rathnaker Patlola to Sir Guy Epps and Latrese Jones Epps, $205,000.

2714 Cambridge St

Michael J Loonstyn to Carolyn Kibelstis, $220,400.

2526 Cedar St

Paul Tran and Jack Nguyen to Jill A Chrostowski, $185,000.

1404 S Chadwick St

Grg Management LLC to Anne Denner and Nancy Maguire, $81,000.

312 E Champlost St

Edward A Discount and Bruce P Botwin to Antoinette Anson, $105,000.

9658 Chapelcroft St

Annie Jacob to Dur M and Hayat Maaf, $460,000.

240 Chelten Ave

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Odalis Garcia Francisco, $106,800.

584 E Cheltenham Ave

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Edgar Salguero, $95,000.

3670 Chesterfield Rd

Carol Shortall to Joanne Zalewski, $229,900.

1130-32 Chestnut St unit 300

Eagle Pa Associates LP to Catalina Asanza and James Wesley Loveman, $829,000.

151 W Chew Ave

Cesar Sylvain to Edzer Turenne, $120,000.

330 S Clarion St

Andrea M Bernard to David Disbrow, $299,000.

9366 Clark St

Matina Trantas to Maria H Miller, $195,000.

1011 Clinton St unit 2

Backtees Investments LLC to Jordan S Claffey, $222,500.

5833 Cobbs Creek Pkwy

Spring Valley Real Estate Development Ll to Aaron M Robinson, $113,300.

2611 S Colorado St

Pamela A Funk to Steven Dipietro, $160,000.

2631 S Colorado St

Stephen and Louise Morreale to William Fornaretti, $190,000.

5327 W Columbia Ave

Homebuyers Network LLC to Dominique Dease, $99,000.

5341 W Columbia Ave

Deborah H Dolphin to Susan Anderson, $100,000.

5005 S Convent Ln

Susan Werner and James L Pearl Esq to Lucas Witczak, $139,000.

3440 Crawford St

Ezra Walizer and Samantha Sicoli to Anthony J Zanin Jr, $249,000.

824 Crestview Rd

Robert M and Kate J Rotermund to Lorraine S Webb, $260,000.

3218 Davinci Dr unit 50

Wetrum Park Place LP to Vasilios Dovas, $395,990.

1208 Day St

Hillary C Repnicki and Steve N Weiss to Philip J Sorrentino, $189,520.

9721 Dedaker St

Laurie Jo Green to Dominick and Yolanda Dicicco, $200,000.

1960 Devereaux Ave

Katherine M Reaph to Loyda Y Guzman, $130,000.

9122 Diplomat Pl

Victor and Arissa Bychyk to Alex Dlusskiy and Zoya Barmachenko, $237,000.

2937 Disston St

Frederick J and Regina M Auwaerter to Howard Wong and Yu Lan Zhao, $147,000.

707 Disston St

Joseph F and Susan J Scheid Jr to Don Mathais and Liza Mathais Abraham, $167,000.

9605 Ditman St

Timothy P Lederer to Timothy M Boyce and Jennifer A Sammon, $435,000.

6547 Dorel St

Pasquale W Chiancone to Joseph and Linda Nace, $140,000.

3582 Dows Rd

John P and Kimberly J Campbell to Sean King and Shannon Oneill, $202,000.

5961 Drexel Rd

Jeffrey A and Amy C Taylor to Lance M Morabito and Angela L Villani, $620,000.

3139 Edgemont St

Victor L and Kathleen A Gregory to Desiree Hudicek and Joseph E Hudicek IV, $107,500.

3141 Edgemont St

Victor L and Kathleen A Gregory to Desiree Hudicek, $107,500.

3428 Edgemont St

Robert F and Mary K Dunphy III to June O Huntbach, $86,000.

720 Emerson St

Robert F and Helen W Arehart to David Tittelmayer, $245,000.

3115 Fairdale Rd

Ronald G Bartos Jr to Thomas Szumowski, $168,000.

2744 S Fairhill St

John V Lam to Louis Foglia, $181,000.

2815 Fanshawe St

Philip F and Sara Susan Gormley to Mindy Mullen, $149,000.

7901 Farnsworth St

William A Masci to Stephen Mudry, $236,000.

1409 Faunce St

Joan Griffin and Estate Of Gloria M Killeen to Angelo R and Anne Zuino, $203,000.

2100 Faunce St

Walter E Price to Edgardo and Iris Lanzo, $180,000.

2229 Federal St

The Hawk Opportunity Fund LP to Lili T Salmon and Richard Belcastro, $215,000.

246 Fitzwater St unit 7

Shane E Ruckle to Setta Odoroff, $380,000.

7071 Forrest Ave

Francis D and Irene F Crawford Jr to Celine Jean Baptiste and Paul Estelly, $120,000.

7116 Forrest Ave

Sandra and Burton Gold to Elease E Johnson, $126,000.

7510 Forrest Ave unit 12

Celeste C Nicholson Johnson Taylor and Fred Nicholson to James M and Marilyn Deleon, $216,500.

850 Foulkrod St

Marie J Bivins Holden to Leslie J and Luis A Cruz, $113,200.

4726 Fowler St

Joseph and Karen B Oliver to Julie S Reyna and Gregory J Hiestand, $190,000.

1349 Friendship St

Howard C and Rebecca Leigh Minnigh to Sonia and Kojoe Ledlum, $147,400.

4810 Friendship St

Pasquale and Anna Cairo to Jason and Michelle Derosier, $94,900.

4907 Friendship St

Liberato and Monica A Maio to Rosalinda Stewart, $106,000.

5926 Frontenac St

Dorothy Storey to Yres S Toutebon and Marie Y Verneus, $98,000.

6045 Frontenac St

John Harry and Susan Camp to Deysis M Ramos, $124,000.

7348 Garman St

Cool Valley Investments LLC to Tileania Sizer, $95,000.

1121 Gerritt St

Matilda E Biscardi to Andrew and Kristin Wood, $230,000.

11712 Gifford St

Frank Fisher Jr to Ivan Kempel, $216,000.

8323 Gilbert St

Rose Mary Giddens to Clarence Tarpley Jr, $125,000.

421 Gilham St

Olga Alexandrov to Christina Lubin and Arista A Baptiste, $186,000.

6618 N Gratz St

Gwendolyn A Sizemore to Wilton and Jean Andrews, $90,000.

225 E Gravers Ln

Sarah M Townsend to John Andrew and Mary Beth Toczek, $385,000.

1904 Greymont St

Job and Lizy George to Samuel Pappy and Salomy Samuel, $270,001.

286 W Haines St

Beatrice Norman to Kathleen M Card, $160,000.

817 S Hancock St

Dorrine M Steele and Estate Of Martha V Steele to Jacqueline Rendeiro, $204,750.

819 S Hancock St

Matthew L Forester to Stephen A Winkler and Margaret Kern, $300,000.

3034 Harper St

Nathaniel A House and Mary T Conway to Jennifer A Strand, $181,300.

1348 Harrison St

Karen Scott Forbes to Aracelis Adorno, $129,999.

6020 Hasbrook Ave

Roberto Molina and Ruth B Silva to David Cuevas, $140,000.

6201 Hasbrook Ave

Patrick K and Winifred McTamany to Denise Whyte, $120,000.

3210 Haverford Ave

See R Homes Inc to Matin Haghkar, $212,695.

5928 Hegerman St

Edward J Appelgren and Constance Appelgren Avram to David and Teresa Cruz, $99,000.

1153 Hellerman St

Cheryl A Stoothoff to Saddique Masih and Shahid S Alam, $143,000.

11115 Hendrix St

Jerrold A Marcus to Jacob P and Beena J Sam, $230,000.

428 Hendrix St

Lenard Abrams to Vijay M and Dharmishtha V Patel, $325,000.

389 Hermitage St

Colleen E McDaniel to Alexander S Reiner, $172,000.

256 E High St

Michael and Theresa Pickett to Constance Jefferson, $199,900.

7443 Hill Rd

Lawrence Makarewicz and Estate Of Mary G Maguire to Karen J Boyskey, $209,000.

9753 Hilspach St

Alicia Marilyn Dubin Ingber to Demetrios Proios, $261,500.

9365 Hoff St

Thai Hui and Ok Ja Hong to Annette A Brady and William G Brady Jr, $222,000.

5918 Horrocks St

Michael Kilargis and Glecia Vakirtzoglu to Charles E McCarthy, $133,000.

5946 Horrocks St

Monica Hernandez and Monica Beltrante to Mosammat A Begum, $139,900.

804 E Hortter St

Madeline Scott to Samuel Segars, $226,000.

306 W Hortter St

Va to Norman K Jones II, $210,135.

4414 E Howell St

Kenneth E and Bernadette S Ayre to David and Thuan Thi Van Phan, $135,000.

854 Independence Ct

Stone Creek Homes LLC to Michael and Sherry Tracey, $674,900.

866 Independence Ct

Stone Creek Homes LLC to Robert Day and Joella Erriguez Day, $795,465.

868 Independence Ct

Stone Creek Homes LLC to Robert S Mosley, $843,068.

1821 W Jefferson St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Sureya K Mohammed, $82,500.

1825 W Jefferson St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Gary Folk, $82,500.

614 W Johnson St

Rose M Ehly to William Picard and Dana Moss, $147,000.

157 Kalos St

Mitchell A Cron and Jennifer Leith to Caitlin Cavanaugh, $209,000.

730 Kater St

Konstantinos Macos to Anthony K Wong, $610,000.

5714 Keystone St

Nikolaos Fotiadis and Aaron Oseroff to Todd Radner, $80,000.

806 Knorr St

Michael I Paskar to Lawrence O and Antoinette M Bloomfield, $252,000.

7040 Large St

Molly Reiser to Shofiul Alam, $132,000.

1509 Latona St

Vincent P Le and Lien Hoa to Derrick and Christian Zizelmann, $89,500.

4177 Leidy Ave

Kenneth and John Irick to Grace Emmanuel Othieno, $90,000.

7003 Lincoln Dr

Robert N Birnbaum and Estate Of Sandra L Soll to Daniel P and Amy S Murray, $532,500.

11996 Lockart Rd

Ralph and Ida Disimone to Arno and Ginger Weinstein, $320,000.

1324 Locust St unit 1228

Arts Tower Development LP to Alexander Alpert and Alina Umanskiy, $132,900.

1324 Locust St unit 807

Arts Tower Development LP to Milena T Kurtinecz, $133,900.

4648 Locust St

Roni J and Jigna Lagin to Michael George Karas, $298,700.

2120 Longshore Ave

Evelyn Schechtman to Rong Tian Tan and Shu Lan Liao, $138,000.

2140 Longshore Ave

Lawrence M Feinstein to Ching Lam and Laichun Chan, $142,500.

3011 Longshore Ave

John E Smith Jr to William and Billie Ann Makarewicz, $152,000.

1330 E Lycoming St

Jose Vera to Nelson Nunez, $90,000.

1901 E Madison St

Arcides Cardona to Thomas Cameron and William F Enz, $82,150.

1240 Magee Ave

Mauricio and Karol G Gonzales to Pierre A Beaudowin and Marie M B Joseph, $112,000.

2946 Magee Ave

Jeffrey J and Kathleen L Rizzo to Robert N and Ruth E Southrey, $142,000.

7325 Malvern Ave

Pamela Franklin to Shavonne Grayson, $138,000.

322 Maple Ave

Myrtle B Wells to Keir A Wells, $160,000.

434 Markle St

Adrian Burk to Colleen Carr, $203,000.

6380 Marsden St

Helen M Garvin to Adrian Butler, $98,000.

5216 N Marshall St

Floyd W and Karen J Kinard to Angelic Y Jones, $88,000.

2542 S Marshall St

Melal Inc to Shad Manning, $95,500.

614 Martin St

Thomas R and Tracy M Stokes to Brandon Nagle, $157,400.

5913 N Mascher St

Joseph L and Mary V Keeley to James Pleasant Jr, $99,500.

9115 Mather St

Joseph Gadomski and Renae Gremell to Thomas and Smitha Joseph, $385,000.

4514 Mercer St

Lucille D Kowalski and Estate Of Jane D Kowalski to Norma M Erickson, $109,900.

8334 Michener Ave

Stanley and Deborah Barklay to Orin and Rainelle Barkley, $130,000.

8440 Michener Ave

Talena and Roger Payton Walker to Debra Ann Hill, $149,500.

1335 Mifflin St

Elisa G Ragozzino to Stephen P Churchill, $215,000.

4353 Milnor St

Thomas R and Donna A Barci to Daniel and Theresa Gallagher, $85,000.

2752 Mower St

Edward and Bernadette Buczacki to David P and Linda Willis, $264,900.

364 W Mt Airy Ave

Patrick J and Jennifer Ames McGrath to Matthew A Cole, $254,900.

4619 Naples St

Lawrence E and Kathleen Ruppert to Deirdre L Robinson, $84,900.

8424 Navajo St

Wachovia Bank Na and Henry Carvill Lewis to Maureen Noel Bythrow, $610,000.

9368 Neil Rd unit B

Alexander S Helms to Pavel Voinalovich, $196,700.

1635 S Newkirk St

Randy Barbazon to Joseph Montone, $93,655.

6028 Newtown Ave

Arc Properties LLC to Dia Jarrett, $95,000.

2815 Normandy Dr

Charles P and Deborah M Keefe to Jorge L Oyola Jr, $285,000.

5236 Oakland St

Marlene Presume to Joseph P Jules, $125,000.

5244 Oakland St

Mathilde F Cruice and Estate Of Robert Cruice to John R Colti Jr, $110,000.

7230 Oakley St

Edward Obrien and Will Of Albert Gelbuda to Nui H Lam, $122,000.

4141 Orchard Ln

Palmer M Toto to Benedict F and Carol Lacorte, $532,750.

1208 Panama St

Catherine and Henry Gardner Rulon Miller to Krista Iobbi, $324,450.

1942 Panama St

Joan R Witlin and Maggie Schultz Cohen to Nancy J Needham, $748,500.

2255 N Park Ave

Peter Coy to Jason Lebo, $215,000.

1322 Passmore St

Kenneth and Joann Lawall to Colleen Truitt Janneh, $117,500.

901 N Penn St unit P1804

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to John Primavera, $306,000.

901 N Penn St unit P2003

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Patricia M Ostroski, $618,500.

901 N Penn St unit P2302

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Scott W Peterson, $649,722.

901 N Penn St unit R1602

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Adam Wenzel, $733,653.

901 N Penn St unit R2301

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Steven and Barbara Silver, $679,000.

901 N Penn St unit R702

Isle Of Capri Associates LP to Joseph F Gill, $640,000.

7269 Pittville Ave

Drew Demarco to Milton Dearry, $114,900.

7327 Pittville Ave

Suzanne Hunter and Suzanne Muhammad to Danielle Dark, $95,000.

142 E Pleasant St

Siblings Properties LLC to Amanda McMurray, $83,000.

1061 Pratt St

Carol M Veneziale to Anibal Oyola, $178,000.

2213-25 Race St unit 203

Mariam Fayek and Ian Baldwin to Mark Hutnyk, $402,000.

5822 Reach St

Anna M Weitzmann and Lynne W Friedel to Victor and Anita Young, $182,500.

9823 Redd Rambler Dr

Anne H Farrell to Michael and Allysa Kenny, $295,000.

2501 S Reese St

Sovath J Sinn and Sovannry Yin to Sinath Has, $100,000.

6254 Revere St

Johnny Aponte to Erica Cruz, $120,000.

6914 Revere St

Alfred Cobani to Qi Ping, $160,000.

2012 Ridge Ave

Felipe Alvarez to Franklyn and Ramona Peralta, $180,000.

1725 W Ritner St

Jane and Helen Quigley to Edward Dagostino, $250,000.

1532 Rodman St

Jonathan Alan and Catherine Gibson Broh to Jeffrey J Kapp, $380,000.

6044 Roosevelt Blvd

Marcelle Lamour to Marie E Beauvais, $130,000.

7600 Roosevelt Blvd unit 408

Edwin and Nancy Diaz to Cristina Nuteanu, $85,000.

7600 Roosevelt Blvd unit 502

Francis Menna to Vilmarie Alvarez, $80,000.

7201 Rupert St

Joseph M Zornek to Gui Bin Xu and Chen Ling Lin, $153,000.

2041 Saint Albans St

Brenda L McBride to Jonathan Fox, $305,000.

7306 Sanderling Pl

Joseph J and Catherine M Tomassetti to Mark A and Angela D Merritte Mansaray, $195,000.

2541 S Sartain St

Mary and Philip Ferro to Monique Romeo, $130,000.

7244 Saul St

7244 Saul LLC to Baoqing Zhuo and Fengqin Zheng, $132,000.

416 N Saunders Ave

Eric E Holte to Judy Burke, $157,500.

903 Scattergood St

Larry Roach to Tracy S Coleman, $78,280.

29 W Seymour St

Barbara A Rice and Estate Of Regina B Marazas to Pamela Norton, $89,994.

261 Shawmont Ave

Jeffrey and Daniele Mitchell to Donald and Barbara A Hendrickson, $195,000.

402 E Slocum St

Reginald Harrison to Erin K Fitzsimmons, $174,000.

3010 S Smedley St

Albert and Jody Levonchuck to Nicholas Gentile and William R Gentile Sr, $140,000.

3239 S Smedley St

Frank and Louise Varangee to Dawn M Grasso, $440,000.

6944 Souder St

Ann and Anna Frankel to Robert Neely, $102,000.

5738 Spruce St

Jeanette Greene Bryant and Estate Of Laura Porter to Louise Gregg and Frank L Peterson, $90,000.

2860 Stamford St

Eleanor Cotton and Estate Of Anne G Costello to Oleh and Erika Andreychyk, $145,000.

406 Strahle St

William M Brown and Estate Of Leona Hascher to Antonio Aspite and Kristi Wilson, $190,000.

5406 Tackawanna St

Steven J and Cathleen M Owens to Moustapha Fofana, $87,106.

4504 Teesdale St

and Robert K The Estate Of Leola M McCarty to Danh C Dang and Thoa Thi Nguyen, $105,000.

3108 E Thompson St

John Liszewski to Majid and Firouzeh Jaraha, $106,000.

425 Titan St

James Ervin Waller to Sylvester and Mary Wright, $80,000.

6300 Torresdale Ave

Robert E and Ruth I Ferrell to Ronald H Kiesling and Rosa D Spadaro, $100,000.

6738 Torresdale Ave

Francis A and Diane Lupo to Lee Fung Chan and Yu Mei Chen, $155,000.

7432 Torresdale Ave

Christopher J Vassalluzzo Do and Diane Morrone Vassalluzzo Dmd to Ko Pen Yu and So Ping Wong, $135,000.

115 Tree St

Daniel Logan to Travis L Whisenant, $174,000.

2633 Tremont St

Aruna M and Shobhunuben M Patel to Saramma Abraham, $195,000.

3093 Tulip St

Danielle Smith to Joanne Kinkaid, $85,000.

1228 Tyson Ave

Us Bank Na and C Bass Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Certif to MacIel Dejesus, $224,900.

817 Tyson Ave

Kitt A Xaysena to Ashley White, $185,500.

530 Unruh Ave

Rfr Properties LLC to Ailin Ortiz, $179,900.

720-722 W Venango St

Arcides Cardona to Michael A Ingento, $130,000.

1711 Wakeling St

Barbara D Black and Barbara D Ecton to Vanessa Harrison, $89,900.

408 E Walnut Ln

Harris Bookfor to Andrew and Shaniqua Tetteh, $169,900.

2018-32 Walnut St unit 10l

Warren J Gustus to Richard A Cooper, $520,000.

1231 Waverly Walk

Alessandro Martuscelli to Concetta Barbera, $467,000.

1312 Weaver St

Steve Alston to Richard M Gordon IV, $140,000.

5338 Webster St

John Wallace Associates Real Estate Deve and John Wallace Real Estate Development LLC to Rachel Macy, $105,000.

6249 Webster St

J & P Developments LLC to Benjamin R Brown, $100,000.

3147 Wellington St

Ruth G Slemmer and Estate Of Elsie H Williams to Kristyn A Melly, $138,000.

3209 Wellington St

Margaret A Guest and Margaret Deshan to Luis E and Beverly A Chiclana, $150,000.

1931 Wilder St

Barbara Brunson to Eugene Pace, $85,000.

511 E Wildey St

Joseph P Lowry Jr to Arthur R Coia III, $206,000.

3035 Windish St

Albert F Yenger to Lori M Vile, $191,900.

1716 Wolf St

Angelina Ditullio to Immanuel and Juliana Fnu, $185,000.

330 Wolf St

Roger F and Karen H Debenham to James Leyenaar and Kelly Wray, $206,185.

9974 Woodfern Rd

Irving Migden to Joseph J and Michele Banka, $212,000.

5703 N Woodstock St

Jane I Carson to Ernest G and Jacqulyn Stewart Jr, $80,000.