Personal-finance Web sites run a gamut from the truly personal - individuals presenting their own finances as object lessons - to corporate advice mills. Here are some of the most entertaining.

Yahoo finance.

Easy to use and full of tools, the personal-finance section of Yahoo's money site is quite good. Yahoo has deals that lets it draw content from some of the best finance sources online. It has its own contributors, too, such as Anya Kamenetz, who writes "Generation Debt," a regular commentary on the economic pressures bearing on people under 35.


Open wallet.

This personal blog explains itself thus: "An anonymous New Yorker tells the world how much money she earns, spends, and saves." It is curiously compelling to see how the thirtysomething "Madame X" details her financial life. She lists her current net worth at $343,000, and her goal this year is to hit $410,000. Other strangers, including struggling self-described New York starving artists, write in with their own stories.

Here is another blog. This one features a variety of writers funneling personal-finance tidbits from around the Web.

A stable of finance "gurus" provides plenty of advice here at the lively site. Watch out, as soon as you hit this site, the cleverly distracting " Video Network" starts playing in a box. It might keep you there a long time.


Oddly, we didn't feel all that encouraged by this personal-finance page. For example, it explained how foreign investors are scarfing up cheap U.S. real estate and other bargains. That put us in mind of Australian Rupert Murdoch, who just bought Dow Jones & Co. Inc., owner of MarketWatch Inc. Another article here warned us: "There are at least 11 reasons why the current economic slowdown isn't going to end this year."