Bucks County

These transactions were recorded in February.

Bedminster Twp

109 Dean Dr

Brian and Janice Damiani to Steven and Jacqueline Mekanik, $236,500.

190 Pipers Inn Dr

Pulte Homes Pa LP to Bernadette V and David L Serafini, $349,860.

Bensalem Twp

1382 Arundel Way

Albert and Esther Cohen to Juan M Mata, $209,400.

6011 Capt Milton E Major Ave

James and Ruth Davidson to Thomas W and Maureen T Jackson, $390,000.

843 Clovernook La

Paul Auerbach to William H and Evelyn Smith, $272,500.

611 Harvard Sq

Melissa L Nolan to Heather G Mitchell, $260,000.

6320 John Hancock Ct

Michael W and Christina M Ban to Jeffrey Quang Tien Chung, $245,000.

6709 Mayflower Dr

Diana Carpenter to Gabriel J Jr and Linda Juszczuk, $240,000.

6517 Timothy Ct

Richard Schepise to Erick and Yesenia Williams, $255,000.

641 Yale Ct

Patricia Bell to Kenneth Stern, $265,000.

Bridgeton Twp

1624 Chestnut Ridge Rd

Bernard Stahley to Ann Glaser, $285,000.

Bristol Boro

515 Radcliffe St

Weichert Rlctn Res Inc to Christine D McCall, $280,000.

Bristol Twp

1102 Edgely Rd

Anthony and Angeline Marchetti to Stephen M Jr and Brenda Brandt, $195,000.

2045 Garfield St

Maxine E Hricko to Richard T Shepherd, $109,900.

1511 Moore St, Unit 301

NVR Inc to Andrea O'Connor-Bodmer, $184,015.

43 Orchard La

Ira R Jones to Daniel Schoepfer, $222,500.

1 Perennial Dr

Stephen M and Carol J Kuliczkowski to George and Lillian K Worthington, $379,000.

620 Princess Ave

Frieda Peacock to Andrew T Hartman II, $140,000.

21 Pumpkin Hill Rd

John Luciano to Tiffany Kuzemka, $250,000.

47 Strawberry La

Mary G and Michael Dombrosky to James A III and Barbara F Rigby, $179,900.

5 Vista Rd

Bertram G and Dorothy Davis to Christian and Kristen Zetterberg, $205,000.

220 Welsford Rd

Frank R and Patricia A Suriani to Marian Thomas, $235,000.

26 Winding Rd

Luanne E Bender to Jeffrey and Jessica Zanin, $195,000.

Buckingham Twp

3195 Meadow View Cir

Hbg-Heritage Center Inc to John C and Susan S Soffronoff, $431,310.

3670 Morrison Way

Irving W and Helene R McConnell to Robert F and Mary P Miller, $690,000.

3125 Pelham Pl

Gerda E Sternfeld to Joseph E and Jerrie L Thompson, $510,000.

1042 Pineville Rd

John and Penne-Ann Ricco to Peter E and Patricia A Rollins, $945,000.

1483 Swamp Rd

Frank J and Stephen F Wicen to Gregory J Heupel, $325,000.

2935 Swamp Rd

Keith A and Margaret S Tettemer to Jonathan T Tor and Christopher R Tor, $253,500.

Chalfont Boro

860 Patrick Pl

Dita Hurnik to Michael P Fritz, $202,500.

Doylestown Boro

92 N Hamilton St

Tina Waslin to Richard W and Shana L Trichon, $304,000.

Doylestown Twp

59 Buck Rd

Peder Falch to Martin W and Evangelia K King, $510,000.

380 Iron Hill Rd

William M Stephenson to Michael and Jennifer Rush, $480,000.

2002 Par Dr

Bruce W and Ursula H Wiltshire to Leonid Rabinovich, $470,000.

99 Pickwick Dr

Raymond E and Boguslava Kelly to Ronald and Mary E Andress, $520,000.

1890 Turk Rd

Cartus Fin Corp to Pamela J Dreger, $270,000.

91 Turkey La

David A Zarby to Mindy L Kaplan, $390,000.

East Rockhill Twp

907 Rockhill Rd

John G Yeagle to John T and Frances A Parker, $305,000.

Falls Twp

58 Elm La

Brian M and Christina M Leinheiser to Agustine R and Antoinette M DeFinis, $270,000.

116 Pinewood Dr

Richard J and Deborah A DelDonno to Nathan Aldsworth, $245,000.

37 Twin Leaf La

George Fox III to Traci Brown, $260,000.

86 Village La

Neal G Oberto and Jesse Oberto to Clark R Martin, $260,000.

139 Winding Way

David R Machek to Hien N Nguyen, $317,500.

Hilltown Twp

40 Country Rd

Robert F and Donna L Hipp to Jonathan G and Barbara J Faucette, $275,000.

530 Fairhill Rd

Dolores T Moebius to Charles J and Roseanne T Mulligan, $317,500.

2311 Keystone Dr

Cutler Grp Inc to Brian W and Shanna L Tvenstrup, $635,000.

Hulmeville Boro

3 Michelle Ct

Daniel N and Michele C Mandolesi to Kenneth M Lynn, $338,000.

Lower Makefield Twp

1276 Belgrave Crescent

Peter Borowsky to Terrance B Higham, $315,000.

1377 Brentwood Rd

Craig E Claxton to Lara J Payne, $710,000.

504 Cedar Hollow Dr

John J and Loretta M Sawyer to John R and Audrey Jones, $275,000.

1017 Lehigh Dr

Weichert Rlctn Res Inc to Jeffrey Liss, $470,000.

622 Palmer La

Alex E and Ani A Hussian to Bradley Potts, $219,000.

Lower Southampton Twp

1704 Bustleton Pk

Alfred Jr and Patricia A Casella to Watts Prop LLC, $410,000.

1940 Clayton Ave

Robert and Tyffany Szypicyn to Maria Lubrano, $310,000.

526 Elmwood Ave

Ace Hdlgs to Cahit Durgun, $240,000.

1938 Magee St

Phyllis Tudgay et al to George Litynskij, $219,900.

620 Rosewood Ave

Glenn E and Lana M Hanson to William and Virginia Winarski, $320,000.

1134 Wood Rd

Dale E and Patricia A Earp to Susan M Scott, $288,000.

Middletown Twp

44 Firtree Rd

Robert and Evelyn M Weiss to Fred Oberhau, $250,000.

16 Hybrid Rd

Lynn Goldberg-Gursky to Robinson A Gautier, $235,870.

68 Scarlet Oak Rd

William Grove to James V Elmer and David Elmer, $200,000.

1261 Taylor Dr

John C and Donna M Segraves to Timothy F Magrann, $530,000.

55 Tinsel Rd

Jeffrey and Kimberly Koellner to Ransel and Jennifer Nesbitt, $285,000.

Milford Twp

2328 Blackledge Dr

NVR Inc to Robert Ormiston, $633,677.

2174 Spinnerstown Rd

Virginia Matczak to Joshua A and Tember A Heft, $200,000.

Morrisville Boro

49 Dieter Ave

Bank NY to Sandra C Redante, $120,000.

New Britain Twp

30 Edinboro Cir

Kathleen M Larkins to Kathryn L Birsa, $245,000.

New Hope Boro

18A Oscar Hammerstein Way

Michael Melsky to Patrick Loynd, $200,000.

53 N Main St

Giulio Minchella to Geraldine A Fitzpatrick, $353,000.

Newtown Boro

25 S Lincoln Ave

Toll Pa VIII LP to William and Karen R Levis, $1,204,600.

Newtown Twp

390 Cambridge La

Cameron and Elizabeth Vogt to Carlos Alvarez, $445,000.

506 Diamond Dr

Gundi Properties LLC to Kristin L Hunsberger, $175,000.

5 Farmington Pl

Joseph D and Karen B Marasco to Maureen O'Neill, $315,000.

1 Hillview Dr

Brookshire Estates LP to Pavan and Nirmala Heda, $1,059,659.

38 Parkview Way

Jeff and Erin Halligan to Roger Bede and Christine A Houghton, $322,000.

18 Sawmill La

Joseph G Jr and Catherine S Raines to Omar Hijab, $620,000.

Nockamixon Twp

9089 Easton Rd

Galen C and Deborah J Yoder to Alessandro C and Rebecca D DiCandia, $283,000.

Northampton Twp

2 Falcon Dr, Unit 205

June E Ackerman to Marlene Mendez, $280,000.

10 Homestead Dr

William J Jr and Joan R Babst to Patricia A Hare, $189,028.

Penndel Boro

438 Bellevue Ave

Clement A and Frances M Sypulski to Richard and Kathleen Mruk, $215,000.

Perkasie Boro

1114 Old Post Rd

David L Owens Jr to Timothy J and Jennifer A Gavin, $315,000.

510 Waltham La

Mark J and Annette Radick to Anabelle Morales, $257,500.

Plumstead Twp

4019 Captain Molly Cir

Christopher D Kepich to David M Ford, $214,000.

3837 Curly Hill Rd

Kenneth Confalone to William R and Laurie Schutt, $910,000.

4988 Curly Hill Rd

Edward M and Leona M Sohmers to Pamela Stoy Eelman, $237,384.

5062 Rebecca Fell Dr

Catherine Farber to Prudential Rlctn Inc, $227,500.

4471 Summer Meadow Dr

Paul C and Sarah M Lanzetta to Brenda Klein, $374,900.

Quakertown Boro

78 Alan La

Linette Polito to Michael E and Patricia A Orlic, $150,000.

7 Berks Ct

David H Hafler to Gerardo Mendez, $185,500.

404 E Broad St

Jack A Steltzer to Jon S Dembrosky, $190,000.

23 Congress Ct

Marjorie J and Robert R Sr Barndt to Mayom A Angok, $150,000.

11 Essex Ct

Michelle H Khoubesser to Eric R and Kristin King, $203,000.

724 Juniper St

Tobin and Jennifer L Stratman to Jonathan and Melissa Sell, $192,000.

Richland Twp

1071 Arbour La

NVR Inc to William J and Sandra Mohan, $240,000.

3096 Dovecote Dr

Michael S and Christine O'Connell to Julio Lebron, $365,000.

1168 Presidential Dr

James A and Jennifer C Cook to Scott V and Stacey C Davis, $398,000.

693 Tollgate Rd

Shawn Corby to Patrick W Birli, $232,000.

Solebury Twp

6660 Old York Rd

Pamela Minford to Evolution LLC, $355,000.

2091 Sugan Rd

Glazier Grp LP to Michael A Janke, $2,575,000.

Upper Makefield Twp

353 Pineville Rd

Matthew E and Anna C Hill to Rosemary Hill, $750,000.

Upper Southampton Twp

28 Belmont Station

Francis X and Marie C O'Brien to Chris Giuliani, $188,000.

1007 Manor La

Daniel E and Arline A Hubis to Jeffrey Katits, $345,000.

324 Stratford Dr

HSBC Usa to Robert and Janet Kustra, $290,000.

Warminster Twp

54 Acorn Dr

Warren Strothers et al to Rymar Ent LLC, $230,000.

157 Delmont Ave

John and Elizabeth Soloway to Philip and Laura DeHennis, $340,000.

949 Olden Dr

Walter J and Natalie M Denkowski to Michael S and Christine O'Connell, $325,000.

250 Olive St

Tabmar Devt Inc to Vadim Rybak, $375,000.

818 Roberts Rd

Anna M Fagan et al to Joseph S and Margaret A Devine, $261,122.

Warrington Twp

304 Aster Way

Kairus J Rudina to Patrick and Carolina Golderer, $400,000.

105 Equestrian Ct

Gold M Bldg Grp LLC to Jeffrey Hey, $575,000.

3530 Limekiln Pk

Steven C Gingolaski and Denise Maksimow Gingolaski to Ruth Ann O'Neill, $290,000.

904 Longwood Ct

John V and Grace P Eisenhart to Sea Ho Lee, $460,000.

403 Prescot Ct

Stan and Benita Orlin to David L Hoy, $397,000.

811 Purple Martin Ct

Juan M Mayo to Thomas C and Valerie M Fidler, $240,000.

Warwick Twp

1431 Bentley Dr

Jeffrey and Ann L Connor to Robert and Dale Osinski, $435,000.

1625 Deer Run Dr

Roberta Goodstein to John F Young and Jodi A Kotzen Young, $370,000.

1342 Gabriel La

Creek Rd Devt Grp LP to Linda C Wilbourne et al, $895,275.

2022 Sunrise Way

Frank A and Catherine I Cardamone to Michelle J O'Donnell, $285,000.

2107 Wynne Way

NVR Inc to James M Steuterman, $715,659.

West Rockhill Twp

323 Simmons Rd

Noel D and Pamela B Arnold to John M and Janet M Coughenour, $325,000.

Wrightstown Twp

18 Alexanders Ct

John D and Lauren E Ziel to Michael and Christine Goldstein, $800,000.

116 Jane Chapman Dr West

Toll Pa XI LP to Roberto and Judith L Marini, $1,167,074.

780 Penns Park Rd

Joseph A and Michele Szarko to John D and Lauren E Ziel, $510,000.