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Main Line real estate transactions

All sales were recorded in January



429 Church Rd

Lelan E Haller Jr to James J III and Renee S Reilly, $1,993,000.

1532 Sugartown Rd

Estate of Patricia M Walker to Mark D and Shannon M Rossetti, $445,000.


803 Heatherstone Dr

Dorothy A Wells to Jun Tao and Shurong Cao, $640,000.


2 Longview Ln

David and Claudia Carfagno to Geoffrey R and Helene B Marczyk, $450,000.

1801 Whispering Brooke Dr

Quaker Farms LP to Edward W Weingartner Jr, $400,000.



137 W Eagle Rd

John V and Araxy Tatarian to Michael and Ana Parmet, $495,000.

2225 Haverford Rd

John M and Deborah J Edmondson to Raeleen M Derham, $234,500.

63 W Hillcrest Ave

Nancy J Butera to Charles J Butera Jr and Gavin Kelly, $237,000.

507 E Manoa Rd

Jason Z Stoller to Mark and Beth Jenkinson, $302,500.

2927 Morris Rd

Prudential Relocation Inc to Sheryl R Fields, $275,000.

20 Nancy Dr

Dominic and Rose A Mirenda to Raymond R Terza II, $325,000.

1614 Rose Glen Rd

Herman J Lipson et al to Scott and Aurora Dizel, $310,000.

731 Wynnewood Rd, Unit 10

Kelly A Davis to Phyllis Goldman, $279,000.


48 Delia Rd

John A and Joan L Kelley to Cuong D Vu and An D Nguyen, $260,000.

26 Hillside Rd

Mark P Klein to John Scorsone, $217,600.

43 S Malin Rd

Mary L Zimmerman to Edmund and Lori Brennan, $252,000.

520 Paxon Hollow Rd

Shelly M Sullivan to Louis P and Anita Pace, $429,900.

804 St Francis Dr

Michael Galinsky to Effie and Saki Karamitopoulos, $280,000.


3217 Hilltop Rd

Pamela F Faria to John C and Anne P Bradley, $275,000.

106 Millview Ln

David Schusler to Robert P Van Der Merwe and Denise Van Der Merwe, $2,700,000.

514 Waters Edge

Salle Wolf Peters to Christie McBride, $350,000.

3519 Woodcrest Ave

Dolores Flavin to Jeanie Kearl, $260,000.


1553 County Line Rd

Edward F and Margaret Casey to 1553 County Line Assoc, $310,000.

1030 E Lancaster Ave, Unit 701

Marijeh Bina to Joseph A and Thelda F Liebreich, $146,000.

212 Spruce Tree Rd

Airdale Group LLC to Peter J and Julianne E Viscardo, $1,490,000.


Lower Merion

649 Dodds Ln

Theodore J and Carole A Orlyck to Joseph and Donna Grasso, $3,434,000.

623 Greythorne Rd

Edward M and Barbara A Glickman to Anna Joyce Sachs, $550,000.

37 Holland Ave

Phyllis Wright to Matthew C McPherson and William J Rinaldi, $179,000.

930 W Montgomery A

John K Billock and Elise B Tropea to Irene G Bowman, $247,500.

1356 Overbrook Rd

Cara Freeman and Jordan Fiksenbaum, Cara Fiksenbaum to Jennifer H and Matthew J Davis, $497,000.

128 E Princeton Rd

Kathleen D Cirelli to Frank J Marriner and Susan M Cirelli, $810,000.

120 Sibley Ave

Peter H Monaghan, Nelson M Vaughan et al to Allison B Weiner, $569,900.

116 Simpson Rd

Rosemary Walsh and J Philip Curran to Peter and Beeah Lee, $400,000.

317 Spring Mill Rd

Melissa E and Matthew M Bennett to Sheri L Mullen, $1,194,000.

104 Woodside Rd

Dolores M Bozzelli to Todd and Kathryn Bessemer, $418,000.


527 Dudley Ave

Kathleen M Valentine to Daniel A Kazanicka and Danielle Cohn, $450,000.

Upper Merion

128 A Wilson Rd

Peter J Kent to Suyan Hu, $367,500.

670 Brookwood Ter

Mel E Ankney to Julia L and Damien L Desimone, $350,000.

117 Crossfield Rd

Margaret M Gibbons et al to Timothy Matthew Contino and Kristin Jean Larson, $287,500.

267 Larkspur Ln

Norman A Corlett, Dorothy E Corlett et al to Erin M Rado, $255,000.

200 Prince Frederi

Kimberly O'Keefe to PJ & H LLC, $135,500.