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Montgomery County real estate transactions

Montgomery County

These transactions were recorded in February.

Abington Twp

1704 Edge Hill Rd

Estate of Anne E M Siratz to Tftm Prop Group Inc, $125,000.

1680 Huntingdon Pike, Unit 127

Phyllis and Norman Yerusalim to Sheila and Marvin Weisberg, $165,000.

1058 Kingsley Rd

Vicki and Douglas Scharfberg to Allen T Burns, $463,000.

1439 Lorimer Ave

Linda R Macht et al to Christina M and Brian T Brislin, $550,000.

2734 Moreland Rd

Troy W Gavin to Janette and Angel R Veas, $185,000.

1932 Preston Ave

Jennifer Bissell to Danielle L Sevier and Joseph R Rushwick, $215,000.

2065 Rubicam Ave

Dorothy L and W Wilson Krewson to Meghann Fee and Sean Townsend, $249,900.

Bridgeport Boro

478 Ford St

Barbara L Junier-Jankowski and Edward J Junier to Bart and Molly Levy, $225,000.

Cheltenham Twp

627 Arbor Rd

Estate of John J Drumm to Robert M Skaler, $160,000.

425 Asbury Ave

Jason Bethala to Shireen R Bethala-George and Juby S George, $275,000.

1601 Chattin Rd

Michael Mayro to Reginald T Jett, $372,500.

600 Elkins Ave

Paula B Levin to Nimrod Ripner and Shani Weinstein, $190,000.

8008 Fenton Rd

Herman M and Elinor S Panzer to Eileen M Rackus and Angela M DiGualco, $310,000.

130 Glenview Rd

Scott C and Abigail M Lederman to Christine Hoyler and Robert Jackson, $450,000.

2539 Gypsy Ln

George W Westerman and Rosa H A Westerman to Arcadia University, $340,000.

8221 Manor Rd

Stacey C and Scott V Davis to Jonathan and Janis W Schmalzbach, $370,000.

7822 Spring Ave

Therese M Rothenbach to Joseph V McDade, $200,000.

Collegeville Boro

246 Liberty Ct

Erin M Gambeski and Kevin M Smith to Marybeth Boyle, $247,500.

Conshohocken Boro

326 W 3d Ave

Martha R and Richard N Wolfrom to Leonard F Knobbs and Marissa M Montalvo, $189,900.

305 W 10th Ave

Mary Messmer to Jenna and David Galette, $257,500.

351 Spring Mill Av

Dennis L Fattore to Kristen M Lowar and Kip A Reybitz, $279,000.

East Norriton Twp

213 Bryans Rd

Jerry L Tucker et al to Susan Osthaus, $205,000.

Franconia Twp

376 Allentown Rd

Janine C and Joseph J Mullen to Aurel Cirstea, $237,000.

438 Auburn Ct

Th Prop Llc to Jorge DelValle and Myrna Agosto, $280,990.

444 Auburn Ct

Katrina Minehart to David C and Joan B Myers, $300,000.

499 Berkshire Dr

Edward J and Mildred L Corcoran to Timothy W and Traci L Chow, $262,000.

Hatboro Boro

116 E Moreland Ave, Unit A2

Antoinette L Marino to Rebecca and Anthony Forrest, $223,200.

323 E Moreland Ave

David Travis to Joseph R Morrissey, $475,000.

Hatfield Boro

216 S Wayne Ave

Leyda Santo and Daniele Santo to James M Garner, $250,000.

Hatfield Twp

608 Brighton Dr

Estate of Wayne S Slotter to Christopher L and Ann E Hoover, $385,000.

136 Oak Blvd

Kenneth L Jones to Charles L and Pattie E B Guttenplan, $410,000.

Horsham Twp

228 Milton Ave

Adam T Meinke to Robert T Michael and Tarra D Bolot, $270,000.

Jenkintown Boro

100 West Ave, Unit 630S

Burton S and Barbara U Abrams to Louis J Abrams, $80,000.

Lansdale Boro

201 E 5th St

Karen A Doyle to Peter Claffey and Julia H Tarleton, $203,000.

220 E 5th St

James T Wambold to James C Clancy, $185,000.

Limerick Twp

1125 Main St

Joseph A Schwindt and Karen J Waetjen to Diane M Heidel, $180,000.

142 Mill Rd

Marie A Zawislak et al to Christopher and Michele M Saboe, $375,000.

2704 Noble Way

Michael Inho and Sandra Chee to Andrew R Knight and Amanda Heyser, $242,000.

34 Rumler Dr

Lori A Dewey to Nadia McDowe and Richard McDowell, $302,000.

Lower Frederick Twp

37 State Game Farm Rd

JJD Urethane Co to David T Mohr, $163,000.

Lower Gwynedd Twp

16 Beth Dr

Linda Sweeney and Walter Whitehill to Alexandre Ledoux and Ellen Malenas Ledoux, $515,000.

801 Foxfield Rd

Rosemary K and Bradley S Daniels to Craig and Natalie Melograno, $980,000.

Lower Pottsgrove Twp

762 S Court St

Tammy L and Richard P Thren to Jason S Rosenberger and Stephanie J Renninger, $233,000.

229 Creekside Dr

Anthony J and Kindra Holden to Carrie Walker, $215,000.

Lower Providence Twp

219 S Trooper Rd

Gonzalo Rolando Quiroga Lopez and Gissela Quiroga to Lourdes Hernandez, $215,000.

Lower Salford Twp

113 Clover Hill Ln

David J and Denise Poole to Kimberly J Edgerton, $465,000.

Montgomery Twp

113 Blue Ribbon Dr

Lorraine B and David F Henson to Donna L and Anthony G Emrich, $337,000.

6901 Colonial Ct

Carol A Winters to James A and Tara S Harvey, $228,400.

2804 Harvard Ct

Nancy Getz to Christina A Castagna, $258,000.

102 Horseshoe Ln

Tatyana Mazik to Philip Shapiro, $440,000.

2102 Noras Ct

Daniel J Avanzato to Christopher J Hill, $205,000.

100 Savory Ln

Jung G and Mi Ae Jang to Susamma A and Alex Abraham, $518,000.

109 Sparks Cir

Constance and Joseph C Kraynak to George W and Tracy John, $495,000.

211 Twining Rd

William and Brenda Homony to Tamera L Johnston, $315,000.

118 Veronica Ln

David W Morton to Feng Dong and Dawei Hu, $570,000.

New Hanover Twp

2328 Angel Dr

Denise and Robert Milito to Christina K and Kenneth G Pritchard, $430,000.

672 Kingswood Vale

Tracey G Staas to Angela and Raymond C Wentling, $430,000.

Norristown Boro

725 Carmen Dr

Rose E Pulcini to Meredith Wagner and Colin Webber, $174,500.

200 Cherry St

Adriano and Monica L Palatano to Richelle C Johnson, $95,000.

849 George St

Gail Carden to Dennis R Shiffler, $76,000.

557 Hamilton St

Kelli and Moises Burgos to Tanya L Lawrence, $152,500.

211 Hartranft Ave

Wells Fargo Bk to Clea Williams, $122,000.

316 James St

Kathleen Collins to Michael Gibson, $130,000.

338 E Marshall St

Chanin W Davenport to Robert E Stokey, $78,000.

1715 North Hills Dr

Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of NY to John M Davis, $146,900.

North Wales Boro

119 Washington Ave

David A Gerhart and Barbara A Peoples to Netzahualcoyolt Barroso and Glenis DellaRosa, $179,000.

Perkiomen Twp

207 Commons Ln

Oliver Castillo to Laura Fiume, $300,000.

Plymouth Twp

116 Pleasant Rd

Estate of Ladislav P Marek to Nicholas Cappelli and Richard Cappelli, $140,000.

Pottstown Boro

217 Diamond St

Ralph E Sinkbeil to Mellany C Boyd and James T Sweeney, $175,000.

69 S Evans St

Arthur W Cook to James R Knipe and Petrilla R Banks-Knipe, $125,000.

80 S Roland St

Robert C Kantner to Eric D and Courtney J Gray, $72,000.

Schwenksville Boro

666 Main St

Patricia A Gill et al to Tyler J and Dene D Mitchell, $190,000.

153 State Game Farm Rd

Option One Mtg Corp to Matthew C Hartman, $150,000.

Skippack Twp

2232 Chandler Ln

Meadow Glen Dev Inc to Carol E and Michael T Tucci, $418,287.

2236 Chandler Ln

Meadow Glen Dev Inc to Robert L and Leanore E Neuendorff, $499,800.

3837 Mill Rd

Lori Allison Swift and Janice M Pinto to Jason P and Elysia A Whiteside, $330,000.

2220 Wentz Ln

Meadow Glen Dev Inc to Steven and Rose J Chinofsky, $443,320.

2221 Wentz Ln

Meadow Glen Dev Inc to Rosaleen and William Doherty, $403,850.

2226 Wentz Ln

Meadow Glen Dev Inc to Bette McGaffin, $519,276.

2234 Wentz Ln

Meadow Glen Dev Inc to Robert S and Marion H Morris, $338,400.

2240 Wentz Ln

Meadow Glen Dev Inc to Marital Wilson Tr, $444,350.

Souderton Boro

285 Park View Dr

Dennis H and Robin B Clegg to Chf Properties LLC, $230,000.

Springfield Twp

413 Burton Rd

Emmy C Matlack to Noreen Sample, $293,000.

7902 Flourtown Ave

Ludmilla and Sean Manning to Robyn and James Morningstar, $378,000.

111 Lyster Rd

Aloysius G Cunningham to John W Greenawalt and Patricia A Ragg, $226,000.

Towamencin Twp

164 Ardwick Ter

Michelle L Gulian to Rachael N Epps, $169,000.

1665 Bishop Wood B

Aurora Y and Jose P Lalas to Erich and Kristen Daciw, $335,000.

1302 Fairbourne Ct

Susan Thompson to Stella M and Michael A Milkowich, $189,000.

1505 Henning Way

Caren D Harrison to Donna M and Stanley J Weglarz, $337,000.

1990 Old Morris Rd

Carmine T Barbieri to Leona M Kirk, $250,000.

Trappe Boro

111 Royer Dr

Dorothy M and Glenn M Floyd to Qi Shen and Yan Liu, $267,000.

Upper Dublin Twp

634 Bellaire Ave

Michelle C Harrison to Jdb Service Group Inc, $165,000.

1576 Dillon Rd

Shirley R Schriftman and Ellen S Fischer to Ross F Schriftman, $355,000.

Upper Frederick Twp

3347 Salford Stati

Frank J and Mary A Gallagher to Thomas A and Linda S Madrak, $327,500.

Upper Gwynedd Twp

15 DeLancy Ct

Jeff Domenichetti to Todd Weand, $155,000.

81 Elbow Ln

Robert McCormick to Ana and Alexise Maldonado, $265,000.

701 Green St

Richard D Revere and John F Tolan to Lauren Clarke and Zachary Ewaniuk, $235,000.

1117 Harvest Ln

Jacob V Pennegar et al to Roberta L Candy, $254,000.

1171 Hill Rd

Christopher J Hill to Darryl Corts, $274,900.

1151 Scobee Dr

Adrian L and Angela Y Harris to Raymond R and Amy O Simmonds, $420,000.

Upper Merion Twp

1120 Brians Way

Brian W and Linda M Noll to Francisco D Martinez Landin, $490,000.

1130 Brians Way

Barbara Cohen to Rudolph Sciore, $490,000.

569 Charles Dr

Wilbur D Kreamer and Marian L Kreamer to Peter M Gravinese, $300,000.

138 Flintlock Rd

Estate of Walter Cherry Wisniewski to Wayne Stem, $190,000.

224 Garfield Rd

James S and Kristin M Friend to David J Pizzico and Randi Wright, $274,000.

144 Walnut St

Waltraud A Martino and Nicholas W Martino to Teresa C and Michael F Zadroga, $245,000.

Upper Moreland Twp

3733 Meyer Ln

Sylvia E and Richard E Parks to Deone W Creighton, $379,000.

Upper Pottsgrove Twp

173 Mapleleaf Ln

Anita F and John E Ickler to Christopher J and Galeet D Farrow, $236,000.

Upper Providence Twp

149 Gateshead Way

Britta and Leonard Pekofsky to Ralph J Colucci and Nicole Colucci, $595,000.

129 Patriot Dr

Kristin L and Daniel Kobell to Katherine and Mark C Allocca, $667,500.

410 Splitleaf Ln

Katherine G and Mark C Allocca to Lorie A and Kevin L McCann, $455,000.

West Norriton Twp

413 Centre Ave

Jonathan P Gray and Kathryn M Koch to Stephen Furman, $110,000.

154 Deacon Dr

Rose Marie J and Stephen Berkezchuk to Martin Nelson, $268,205.

119 Fairway Ln

Fairways Residential to Tracey L Giegerich, $305,990.

46 Galbraith Ave

Diana L Martella to Dominic and Jo Ann Pergolese, $80,000.

18 Lawn Ave

Sarah M Meyer and David F Ingram to Michael Crown, $209,000.

327 Norris Hall Ln

Tracey M Todd to Bradley M Fox, $240,000.

West Pottsgrove Twp

433 Grosstown Rd

Christina M and Wayne R Moyer to David E Mighton, $140,000.

Whitemarsh Twp

14 Forsythia Ct

Stephen J Kohn to Andrea F Spivack, $290,000.

7 Scarlet Oak Dr

Harold and Faith M Schreiber to Carl M and Abbey R Rosenfeld, $515,000.

Whitpain Twp

947 Hedgerow Ct

Irvin and Susan Fliegelman to Jin Hee and Young Hwan Yeo, $381,500.