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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded April 9-11, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded April 9-11, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

1318 N 6th St

Kukuli Velarde and Douglas Herren to Christopher Somers, $212,500.

2603 S 9th St

Lisa Massanova to Heather Raquel Philips, $229,900.

735-39 S 12th St unit 502

Fitzwater Lofts LP to Raymond and Sue Handy, $469,000.

1943 S 13th St

Concetta Patrone and Theresa Tenuto to Annmarie Budniak, $189,900.

111 S 15th St unit 1603

111 South 15th Street Associates LP to Amrita Purkayastha, $406,166.

1643 S 16th St

Joseph Criniti Jr and Anthony Iannacone to Herry M and Hotmauli M Girsang, $142,000.

2226 S 16th St

J P Morgan Homes LLC to Julian R Framo and Shawn Walsh, $197,500.

532 S 16th St

B&T Home Builders LP to Robert M Pyskadlo Jr, $749,900.

3228 S 17th St

Pasquale and Michele Azzara Jr to Giovanni and Natalie Paparo, $385,000.

6648 N 18th St

Debra L Williams to Dana Levine, $120,000.

1520 N 19th St

Housing Enrichment Renaissance Board Com to Mattie Parker, $82,500.

1839 N 33rd St

Delbert T Spiva and Carmen Dandridge Spiva to Gwendolyn Faulkner, $240,000.

1427 N 55th St

Gharana LLC to Sheila Clark, $93,000.

405 S 56th St

Karen Gamble Cartwright and Estate Of William Gamble to Gail Blackwell, $120,000.

2214 N 58th St

Wendi Bell to Antoine J Gardiner, $90,000.

1732 N 61st St

Donna Garrett to Lawrence Bell, $90,000.

932 N 65th St

Hud and Carole Armstrong to Ella Bennett, $114,000.

841 N 66th St

Leon McCrea to Larry Johnson, $100,000.

2533 S 73rd St

Olusegun Jaji and Jaji Olusegun to Tamika El, $100,000.

2465 75th Ave

Dione Keith to Lazett L Jarvis, $92,000.

2451 79th Ave

James Burno to Georgia Richardson, $150,000.

500 Admirals Way unit 227

Toll Naval Associates to Donna L Baldino, $351,350.

500 Admirals Way unit 405

Toll Naval Associates to Nicholas A and Dana A Zamparelli, $526,725.

2609 S Alder St

Jim Christino to Katie Kline, $164,500.

3113 Almond St

Paul Meiers to Regina M Schwegel, $114,000.

1019 Alpena Rd

Francis M Boyle to Laura L McCall, $275,000.

1947 Ambassador St

Jason Mazzola to Iris M Freifeld, $250,000.

923 N American St

Empire Investment LLC to Eric and Tracy Sweeney, $540,000.

1230 Arch St

Bolton Partners Of De LP to Alphonse Scalise, $360,600.

1600-1618 Arch St unit 613

Sas 1600 Arch Street LP to Molefi and Ana Asante, $519,900.

2200-28 Arch St unit 804

Obmg Arch Associates LP to Sharon Reid and Morgan Craig, $478,900.

820 Avon Rd

Lina S Ali to Kelli A Harnigh and Charles J Neimann, $187,500.

1428 Bainbridge St

R J Developers LLC to Thomas B Hugh, $960,000.

540 Belgrade St

Aquilino and Kelly A Sanabria to Deepti Modgekar, $215,000.

2631 E Birch St

Matthew I Pawlowski and Estate Of Denise Pawlowski to Stephen J McCabe Jr, $89,000.

4206 Bleigh Ave

Joseph F Toland Jr and John Della Rocca to John Oldroyd and Anne Nyce, $127,000.

2416 E Boston St

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to San T Mac and David Chiu, $285,040.

1844 N Bouvier St

Phoenix Webb Co to Henry Bailey, $135,000.

2 Brewerytown Ct

Westrum Bt LP to Andrew and Lois M Muraresku, $400,356.

4 Brewerytown Ct

Westrum Bt LP to Jon David Anderson and Stephen Anthony Mohr, $323,145.

3224 Brighton St

Ronald G and Mary Jane Daltwas to William M Wissman and Jamie N Guido, $205,000.

1727 Brill St

Joseph W Rose to Kathleen Ricker, $87,500.

2084 Brill St

Richard Pfeiffer to Silito Rivera and Geraldine Rosado, $106,900.

209 E Bringhurst St

James Joseph Haines and Estate Of Kenneth Redner to John Lucas, $97,500.

1100 S Broad St unit 409b

Marine Club Associates LP to Matthew A Simansky, $282,000.

7554 Brockton Rd

Edward R Reilly and Estate Of William J Woods to Jorge Sinchi and Rosa Farez, $107,000.

9921 Bustleton Ave unit D1

Bernard and Arleen Griffin to Michelle M McLaughlin, $138,000.

110-30 Byberry Rd unit A9

Mollie Stromberg to Roman Grichener, $139,050.

1238 Callowhill St unit 703

Cheryl A Peebles and Suzanne Pertruzel to Attila Bodi and Melissa Kapadia, $250,000.

314 Cambridge St

Nathaniel and Sharlene Head to Matthew Emerson, $195,000.

6335 Carnation St

Arborwood Duplex Associates to Louis Lobron, $112,500.

6339 Carnation St

Arborwood Duplex Associates to Louis Lobron, $112,500.

6341 Carnation St

Arborwood Duplex Associates to Louis Lobron, $112,500.

43 Carpenter Ln

William Robinson and Estate Of John B Robinson to Sharon A Aveni, $195,000.

5036 Catharine St

Spring Garden Cdc to Catina Camp Dupriest, $305,000.

3069 Cedar St

Mariola Momot to Christian M Florio and Jana Elizabeth Talamo, $150,000.

11807 E Centennial Sq

Frenkel A Emanuel and Rhonda S Frenkel to Yuri Smolanitsky and Malka Lev, $220,000.

1823 S Chadwick St

Nuoi Ngoc and Danny Ngoc Ngo to Randolf Jumarang and Cristine Balmores, $80,000.

7015 Charles St

Dean M and Donna L McVey to Thomas Gallagher, $158,000.

6355 Cherokee St

Carole E Townsend to Edouard Lyssov, $100,000.

1500 Chestnut St unit 4d

1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Amanda B Fefer, $282,000.

1500 Chestnut St unit 4g

1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Carrie Chaitt, $275,000.

627 Cheswick Rd

Juan A Torres and Joseph A Guinan III to Todd Oandasan, $337,000.

1130 Chesworth Rd

Gina Fernandes and Estate Of Theresa Chalmers to Dimitrios T and Evgenia D Spyrou, $230,000.

3750 Clarenden Rd unit 27

Dawn M Valentine to Amy Moore and Anthony Ceraso, $148,000.

1331 S Clarion St

John Chang to David E and Andrea M Difuntorum, $232,500.

2631 E Clearfield St

Susan A and Susan Hopkins to Thomas C Elliott and David Olsen, $100,000.

723 Clymer St

Richard Cataldi to Jason Javitz and Morgan Callahan, $315,000.

6514 Cobbs Creek Pkwy

Kendra L Chavis to Tadelech W Gutema, $125,000.

1929 Colonial St

Corestates Group LLC to Bianca L Kendrick, $118,900.

361 Conarroe St

Dennis Gaudenzi and Brian Doreste to Diana McNamara, $250,000.

6800 Cottage St

Charles Galloway and Estate Of Edward John Galloway to Joseph John Benson, $108,000.

2705 Cranston Rd

Florence and David Schwartz to Mitchell and Cari Chartock, $192,270.

2707 Cranston Rd

Florence and David Schwartz to Mitchell and Cari Chartock, $192,270.

2709 Cranston Rd

Florence and David Schwartz to Mitchell and Cari Chartock, $192,270.

3540 Cresson St

Robert and Renee Kyle to Kathryn V Battista, $174,900.

1021-1025 W Dauphin St

Samuel Wright to Elijah A Golden Jr, $279,000.

320 Delancey St

Russell Schaedler to Ruth Sine, $650,000.

4416 Devereaux St

Michael A Gelzinis to Roberto Rivera Diaz, $175,000.

7116 Dorel St

Orazio Musumeci and Michele Bevilacqua to Jeanette G Fields, $99,000.

5120 Duffield St

Wen Hui Lu to Fenelon Destin, $89,000.

509 W Duncannon Ave

Khonesavanh Phakeuth to Nikisha Kimp and Karriem Muhmmad, $84,900.

4444 Edgemont St

Barbara Kotlarz to Stacy Nelson, $161,000.

4479 Edgemont St

Shawn M Ewing to John Boggs, $159,000.

323 N Edgewood St

Ephony David Burgess to Nicole V Stewart, $83,000.

1108 Englewood St

Steven Oconnor and Estate Of Eleanor Oconnor to Terrell Bagby and Tamika D Thomas Bagby, $178,000.

431 W Erie Ave

Alcibiades Del Orde and Gregoria Herrera to Rafael Dela Cruz, $120,000.

1128 E Eyre St

Cfs Properties Group to Dennis Probst, $85,000.

1321 E Eyre St

William Krayger to Stephen Bonnell, $249,900.

8930 Fairfield St

Sabu and Feba Varghese to Kenson Simpson, $215,000.

8025 Fayette St

Tcif Reo 1 LLC and Select Portfolio Servicing Inc to Drew Demarco, $82,050.

214 E Fisher Ave

Baron Lopez to Ruben Mendez, $110,000.

1117 Fitzgerald St

Regina Trama to Henry T Williams, $177,000.

1128 Fitzgerald St

Paul Badame to Michelle Montano, $147,300.

4677 Frankford Ave

Gail Shlifer to Elias Tsontzos, $123,000.

6901 Frankford Ave

Michael Mostak to Michael Capobianco, $335,000.

2407 S Front St

Joseph Siperko to Shawn Power, $154,500.

4250 Frost St

Claire R Manning and Theresa C Nowakowski to John W Fearnley, $99,000.

11714 Gifford St

George Mills and Karen Keresztury to D F Pace, $225,000.

7913 Gilbert St

Andria Johnson to Patricia B Mullings, $144,900.

312 Gilham St

Andrew Plais and Amanda Hoyle to Sara Marie Nelson, $158,000.

5313 Gillespie St

Hendrick and Adriana Raranta to Desmond B Byrd, $98,000.

9314 Glenloch St

Deborah Sweeney and Dominic Cristinzio to Mary Fey, $225,500.

2803 Glenview St

Jennifer Simpson to Carol Bertrand and Joseph P Gorham Jr, $120,000.

501 Governors Ct

Toll Naval Associates to Ryan and Corrie Wells, $560,000.

1442 W Grange Ave

Kip A Williams to Ameena Mobley, $127,000.

6148 Grays Ave

Elizabeth G Worku to Daniel Mogesa, $93,000.

5123 Greene St

Eugene Haynes and Lisa A Nelson Haynes to Ryan P Dunn and Eve C Mitchell, $161,500.

516 Greenwich St

Nasir Zada Nachman to Thomas Iannelli and Keith Carroll, $105,700.

4301 H St

Triet Minh Pham to Rene A Guzman Martinez, $174,500.

9926 Haldeman Ave unit 41

Igor Bobovich and Lana Ponomarenko to Yuri Reptak, $210,000.

1005 Hartel Ave

Ann M Vayda and Estate Of Natalie Vayda to Joan H Sheehan, $186,000.

2215 N Hobart St

Martin Gubernick to Keith P Givens, $79,500.

3117 Holly Rd

Joseph T and Mary Kay Downey to Michael J Banas and Meghan Corcoran, $184,900.

1032 E Howell St

Joanna Rondon to Ronald Bailey, $83,000.

1621 E Hunting Park Ave

Tammy T Phan to Ronald D Mitchell, $100,000.

6264 Jackson St

William J Staudt to Luz Castro, $106,000.

6604 Jackson St

Donna Bonicker and Gerald Brett to Adrianne Rice, $124,900.

907 Jackson St

Margaret Lalli to Paul G Dadario, $140,000.

928 Jackson St

Dung Tan Huynh to Kiu C San, $122,000.

10007 Jeanes St

Dora and Helen Stampliakas to Joseph and Merry Jo Farrell, $187,000.

1938 S Jessup St

Jason Granato to Ezequiel Galloza, $135,000.

225 S Jessup St

Lawrence Evan Frankel and Will Of Keith De Vries to Sharon A Billman and Dennis J Carlisle, $291,900.

886 N Judson St

Daniel and Leslie Lothstein to Andrew Frederick and Jill Noelle Lavine, $295,000.

8512 Kendrick Pl

Cheryl and Catherine Curry to Kathleen Kramer, $235,000.

900 Kerper St

Pamela Haines to Bozin and Menka Jakimoski, $175,000.

9435 Kirkwood Rd

Olga Monkevitch to Faina Gutman and Igor Shraibman, $209,500.

5302 Knox St

Joseph V and Penelope A Garcia III to Dereic Dorman and Tamica Oglesby Dorman, $310,900.

2220 S Lambert St

Louis D Castelli to Jeffry Takili and Lian Eng The, $145,000.

2439 S Lambert St

Edward and Christine Korbal to Tiffany Campagna and Louis Monzo, $175,000.

9343 Lansford St

Brian J Zaleski to Irene Fredericks, $174,000.

9450 Lansford St

Miroslava Stoycheva to Valery and Inna Grenader, $215,000.

4228 Lansing St

Dolores M Hartman and Dolores M Zambino to William F Cahill and Marion J Rhodes, $194,900.

1452 Lardner St

Mark A and Luz Marina Rasso to Mark Vitcov, $90,000.

7109 Large St

George D and Ann M Cuthbert to Navin and Savita Soni, $130,000.

5157 Leiper St

Richard H Yung to Nerino Jakovcic, $120,000.

8111 Leon St

Angelo and Megan Sebazco to Janet Usle, $145,000.

9218 Leon St

Cesare R Arici to Michael V and Jennifer A Calvano, $242,000.

801 Levick St

Michael I Paskar to Reynira Nunez, $144,000.

10654 Lockart Rd

Boris and Lyubov Maksimchuk to Nino Chumburidze, $280,000.

1324 Locust St

Arts Tower Development LP to Judith P Podwil, $109,900.

1324 Locust St

Arts Tower Development LP to Matthew F and Mary G Matthew, $109,900.

1324 Locust St unit 420

Arts Tower Development LP to Mary A Brennan, $118,900.

1324 Locust St unit 524

Arts Tower Development LP to Ryan Young, $130,150.

1324 Locust St unit 704

Arts Tower Development LP to Jacquelyn S Haas, $144,200.

220 Locust St unit 25d-S

Kim Walker and Kingsley Chin to Joseph J and Angela M Verdejo, $330,000.

4119 M St

Glenn and Clair M Orwan to Victor L Soto and Eveline Altamirano, $96,000.

148 W Manheim St

Ruth P Lindsay to Brenda J Littlejohn, $100,000.

4513 Marple St

Estate Of Wanda Czech and Armand Madrigale to Robert W Miller, $118,900.

734 S Marvine St

Tr Marvine LP to John and Jill Amber Gabriel, $689,900.

5213 E Marwood Rd

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Thua and Long T Pham, $91,000.

7528 Mayland St

Christopher Colquitt to Dale E and Brenda L Dickerson, $110,000.

7325 Meadow Lark Pl

Susan M Mirigliani to Rhonda Johnson, $155,500.

2114 Medary Ave

Drt Financial Holdings LLC to Terence Lawson, $85,000.

112 E Meehan Ave

Janice and John Lembo to Stephen Sharkey, $83,750.

2214 Memphis St

Michael Nachurski to Barbara A Scott, $176,000.

1522 Mifflin St

Wai K Pang to Zheng Ming Li and Yu Xia Chen, $200,000.

3806 Millbrook Rd

Leonard Anthony and Maryann Szyper to Pamela A Hostetler, $340,000.

3166 Miller St

Kmc Holding LLC to Dennis and Kathleen Egen Jr, $114,000.

1835 S Mole St

John Longacre to Evan Clancy, $165,000.

1201 Mollbore Ter

Katherine Siravo and Estate Of Louise E Siravo to Robert Narda, $175,000.

527 Monastery Ave

Robert E and Terri Lynn Wuller Jr to Breta Boots, $247,400.

7114 Montague St

Jacqueline Murphy to Aaron C and Deborah A Belgrove, $118,000.

3681 Morrell Ave

3681 Morrell Ave and Barbara A Bores III to Kathleen McNulty, $186,000.

6490 Morris Park Rd

Suzanne M Grugan to Carolyn and Edward Michael Noll, $170,000.

1138 Mt Vernon St

Wallace Lots LP to Michael D Rider, $80,000.

2109 Murray St

Amelia Kowalski and Thomas M Guinan to Cynthia and Richard Miehle, $191,600.

622 W Naomi St

Christopher S Vales to Anthony J Boris, $210,000.

1906 S Newkirk St

Kim Townsend to Thomas Panchella, $165,000.

7856 Nixon St

Laura Smith and Laura McCall to Steven F Massa, $189,000.

1619 North St

Louis B and Steven L Sivak to Carmen Dicamillo and Mary Farrell, $950,000.

2231 Oakford St

Green Properties LLC to Jennifer Lamothe, $140,000.

6946 Ogontz Ave

Octavia T and Maurice Michael Murray to Trevor L Gordon, $96,500.

3154 Olympia Pl

Joseph T and Mary H Rindone to Anthony Damore, $310,000.

2213 S Opal St

Anna L Lord to Sally Guariglia and Edward J Marshall, $110,000.

1641 S Orkney St

Benjamin H Kohl to Andrew Brenza and Dawn Carlock, $233,000.

2625 Parrish St

Daghan and Amanda Tomris to Patrick J Regan and Kim L Newton, $390,000.

4701 Penn St

George and Marina Ryzinsky to Mei Zhen Dong, $170,000.

2401 Pennsylvania Ave

Henry D and Deborah E Arrup to Bernice Halpern, $315,000.

10713 Philcrest Rd

Mike Xiao to Joseph J Stainer, $218,086.

13675 Philmont Ave unit 16

Ridge Property Management LLC to Viktoriya Kogan and Alexander Bedenko, $325,000.

1028 Pine St unit 2

Gaskill Group LP to Mark D Farrell, $368,000.

1115 Princeton Ave

Stephen and Elayne Schurr to Monica Ofori, $196,000.

3014 Princeton Ave

Frank W Hauser Jr to Nicholas R Colacicco, $149,900.

118 Quarry St

Ross and Kellyn Muller to Patricia and Michael G Vezza, $895,000.

955 N Randolph St

Michael Padula and Julia Hinckley to Ryan and Tara Davis, $310,000.

14015 Rebecca Dr

Vladislav Vaisman to Anthony and Nina Mingioni, $355,000.

805 Red Lion Rd unit A18

Ilya Keslin and Svetlana Keslin Gurovich to Vladimir Kalish, $182,500.

121 S Redfield St

Dukes Properties & Development Inc to Lorraine Young, $94,000.

458 Ripka St

Sarah Denbow to Louis Petrillo, $173,500.

210 W Rittenhouse Sq unit 1402

Philmer H Rohrbaugh to Richard Cohen, $550,000.

1457 Robbins Ave

Elaine Corbin to Wael K Mahfouz, $169,900.

4127 Robbins Ave

Thaer and Nidal Abusiam to Faynell S Lindsey, $147,000.

241 Robina Pl

Khaya and Edward Kogan to Galina Yelin, $280,000.

1715 Rodman St

Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Catharine S Frazier and Stanislas M Devigne, $345,000.

3245 Saint Vincent St

Linda Ireland to Kimberly A Carlson, $170,000.

948 E Sanger St

Milton Fisher to Abasita and Rafael E Francisco, $115,000.

2629 S Sartain St

Damon and Jennifer Julio to Lauren Capocci, $213,000.

5144 Saul St

Jim Ceresani and Estate Of Charles Hayden to Marie E Santiago, $93,000.

3419 W School House Ln unit 23

Alfred C Laboccetta to William and Christina Tellado Winston, $390,000.

558 Selma St

Gregory A and Yvonne Stephens to Noemi Miranda and Noemi M Velez, $215,900.

6054 Shisler St

Anna S Fratto to Stephen and Oneka Calloway, $128,260.

1352 South St unit 210

Rimas Properties LP to Nadine N Sendowski and Joseph Rose Jr, $355,000.

1352 South St unit 416

Rimas Properties LP to Michael Huber and Thomas Sellitto, $581,100.

1352 South St unit 417

Rimas Properties LP to Matthew E Hoffman, $415,000.

1035 Spruce St unit 202

Dominic C and Capri R Guerrini to Shawn M Faust, $478,400.

1821 Spruce St unit 4

Iron Stone Fast Track LLC to Mark Innerst, $465,000.

640 Spruce St

Dana Spain Smith to Frank J and Molly A Napolitano, $1,320,000.

1531 Stevens St

Lillian Ellendman to Tsvi Itelman, $87,000.

5774 Stewart St

Regina Jennings to Lissa and Kerryann Simpson, $90,000.

3031 W Stiles St

Alma R Waters to Jacob Ramage, $90,000.

1556 Stoney Ln unit A

Sanjay K Peer to Elizabeth and Jefferson A Gibson, $162,500.

1308 E Susquehanna Ave

Patricia Eleanor Moyer to Jed Bronstein, $247,500.

3649 Sussex Ln

William J Simone to Joseph A Dennis and Danielle Perrone, $130,000.

12486 Sweet Briar Rd

Michael and Susan R Cooley to Dennis J and Kelly A Kaiser Jr, $214,000.

146 W Sylvania St

Gloria G Giddings to Nathaniel Means, $80,000.

5427 Sylvester St

Maria B Duarte to Rodney Cureton, $99,900.

1120 Tabor Pl

Raymond L and Stephanie M Hollister to James and Michele Mc Gough, $278,000.

646 E Tabor Rd

Annamarie Kirk to Rajan K Mathew and Mariamma Rajan, $95,000.

1118 Tabor Ter

Wendy Wolf to Candice De Bellis, $216,000.

8152 Terry St

Lawrence and Rosemary Branigan to Michael S Love, $100,000.

7732 Thouron Ave

Donovan Leamy to Christopher J Colquitt, $85,000.

7149 Torresdale Ave

Andrew J and Lynn A Rinaldi to Florine Miller, $137,845.

13087 Townsend Rd

Keith J Lawson to Jimmy Pinto and Maria Ramirez, $169,000.

2124 Tryon St

Amanda B Cox to Michael S and Stephanie J Haugen, $305,000.

3524 Tudor St

Catherine McGowan to Hugh Wun Lee, $145,000.

920 Tyson Ave

Michael J Whitman to Marina Williams, $134,300.

2112 Unruh Ave

Sybil M Weinstein to Dai Phan and Lieu Bich Nguyen, $140,000.

3217 Unruh Ave

Joseph F and Marilyn J Brennan to Adrienne A Knopic, $164,000.

261 E Upsal St

E & V Zagranichny Partners to Rodlin Davis, $249,000.

576 Van Kirk St

Marie F Guthrie to Frederick F Din, $85,000.

2320 Vista St

Joseph Handleman and Will Of Sholom Handleman to Fatos and Bajame Kanani, $209,000.

4010 Vista St

Walter T Wood II to Jeanne M Burns, $132,000.

408 Wadsworth Ave

Nellie R Woodberry to Ltanya Pittman, $320,000.

6810 Walker St

John and Rosalie Cody to Edward and Diana Hetrick, $122,000.

1140 Watkins St

Grace Giletto to Leah M Capcino, $189,000.

2302 Waverly St

Andrea Freundlich and Estate Of Bice Perussia to John A Bullard Jr, $360,000.

1701 Webster St

Debra Ryan to Lee and Marian Lasky, $410,000.

2052 Webster St

Joan Evon Williams to Allison Arch and Samuel Sewall, $271,000.

346 Wharton St

Judith S Berman to Nancy and Charles Barbin, $255,000.

7396 Wheeler St

Stacey L McKeown to Dustin Carr, $103,000.

4220 Whiting Rd

Shawn Renz to Scott M and Nicole M Craig, $182,900.

8065 Winston Rd

Dale Nichols Sutherland to Rosalind Joan Price, $300,000.

7646 Woodcrest Ave

Thomas and Judy Sloan to Richard Ferrell, $120,000.

641 E Woodlawn St

Jason Harrison to Rhonda R Poindexter, $84,000.

2023 N Woodstock St

Guerline MacEan to Hildegard Kent, $210,000.

2122 S Woodstock St

Sabah Samaan to Jimmy S Tjoeng, $105,000.