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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded April 12-16, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded April 12-16, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

130 N 2nd St unit 4f2

K Hovnanian At Philadelphia I LLC to Barry M and Barbara R Harvis, $490,000.

722 N 2nd St unit 201

Hph-722 North Second Street Assoc LP to Andrew C Schmidt and Meaghan Frawley, $365,000.

837 N 2nd St unit 311

Hph Poplar Street Associates LP to Ann Gundersheimer, $430,000.

2415 S 3rd St

Kathleen Cullinan to Amy Deitz, $140,000.

1520 S 6th St

Him Tim and Yuth Uth to Yi Fei Li, $198,000.

758 S 6th St

Franz J Rabauer to Robert Palumbos and Melanie McMenamin, $515,000.

1728 N 7th St

Pradera Corp to Karen R Leonard, $83,000.

1208 S 7th St

L&T Group LLC to Li He Ren, $335,000.

1201 S 8th St

Queenie K Cheung to Castin Demoni Li, $150,000.

1041 S 9th St unit 43

Paul & Frances Giordano to John J Giordano, $94,080.

6305 N 11th St

Paul F Daley and Estate Of Clare M Daley to Tony and Alynthia Daniels, $213,000.

1012 S 11th St

William and Rita Dambrosio to Lang V Nguyen, $355,000.

1920 S 13th St

A Marc Piccoli to Brian Kall and Kimberly Kindelsperger, $178,190.

627 S 13th St

Fbv Kater LLC to Jeff Levinsohn and Erica Gloss, $669,900.

3753 N 15th St

Marina Petcherskaia to Leonid and Joseph Guterman, $116,000.

633 N 16th St

Thomas P Kelly to Andrew and Jill Wasserman, $800,700.

3013 S 17th St

Francis J Fabey to Carl J Arrigale, $150,000.

6633 N 20th St

Juanita Hatfield to Tina D Jones Glover, $117,000.

142 N 21st St

Homerun Properties Inc to Hossein Alidjani and Laila Rajabi, $666,250.

827 N 21st St

Dionisij Karaman to Zachary and Bob Johnson, $310,000.

858 N 27th St

Alpha Holding Corp and The 858 North 27th Street Trust to Dave and Cherie Mazeffa, $210,000.

844-46 N 29th St unit 113

29th Street Commons LP to Christian N Deussing and Jonielle Figliuolo, $349,900.

844-846 N 29th St unit 101

29th Street Commons LP and Casarina Holdings LLC to Meghann Gonzalez, $349,900.

603 N 44th St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Mark A Johnson, $180,000.

125 S 60th St

Mariam Grimes to Angela Johnson, $80,000.

2020 S 65th St

Gary Collins to Welde A Mabrat, $126,000.

1332 N 75th St

Michael Thynne to Lorna Stevens, $108,900.

157 W Abbottsford Ave

Sharon Aveni to Michael Spain, $148,000.

449 W Abbottsford Ave

Anna J and Joanne T Boyle to Steven J and Julie B Hoke, $79,894.

6634 Akron St

Isabelle Ripkin and Will Of Jeannette Berman to Jaswinder S and Kulvir K Dhillon, $110,000.

4400 Aldine St

Michael A Galdi to Michael and Thomas J Delany, $156,500.

6514 Algon Ave

Hung Nguyen and Kim Cuc T Tran to Badreldin H Alhag and Omelhussein Alisaid, $189,000.

311 S American St

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc to Regina M Obrien, $565,000.

1630 Annin St

Joseph Anderson to Abby Neely and Alex Merkulov, $115,000.

1745 Annin St

Washington Group LLC to Robin and Edward M Miller, $250,000.

5125 Arbor St

Joy and Thresia Karamathy to Maritza Salguero and Elman Geovanny Arellanos, $126,000.

2200 Arch St unit 712

Obmg Arch Associates LP to Rudolph E and Angela M Willis, $510,000.

1513 Arrott St

Hector L Rodriguez and Freddie Fermin to Denise Caceres, $80,000.

405 Bainbridge St unit C

Frank Dicicco to Rebecca Furchner, $240,000.

6531 N Beechwood St

Sonia Hylton to Lisa Matthis, $110,000.

3157 Belgreen Rd

Claire M Berk to Laura Dimarcantonio and Charles Dougherty, $190,000.

236 Benner St

Ruth G and Kathleen Stinsman to Nathifa A Carmon, $120,000.

245 Benner St

Dorothy Porter to Justin J and Megan E Kiefski, $125,500.

5224 Bingham St

Pham Realty LLC to Claudia Rojas, $139,900.

2719 E Birch St

Robert J Rockey to Margaret Zagarolo, $115,000.

2408 E Boston St

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Katherine M Rouse, $289,010.

2410 E Boston St

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Danielle Andre and Harold T Booker, $290,410.

2418 E Boston St

Nvr Inc and Ryan Homes to Herman T C and Harry Hsu, $302,570.

2420 E Boston St

Nvr Inc to Marion L Verdieck and Jason M Lonergan, $285,322.

3128 Brighton St

Paul J Fiorelli to Nicholas D and Kristine D Huminski, $154,900.

1719 Brill St

Antonia D Flacco and Will Of Dolores Mary Elizabeth Williams to Albert Wynne Jr, $80,000.

614 Brill St

Deo and Nazmoon Joyce Gokool to Marie L Medy, $93,000.

511-519 N Broad St unit 303

511 Associates LP to Shushma Shah, $165,500.

314 Brown St

314-318 Brown Street LP to Amanda M Aslansan, $450,000.

314-318 Brown St unit 103

314-318 Brown Street LP to Amanda Aslansan, $344,900.

4509 Brown St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Taibu H Sullivan, $155,000.

4641 Brown St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Leroy Davis Jr, $155,000.

4647 Brown St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Stephan Taylor, $155,000.

8226 Burholme Ave

Joseph and Kathleen Meehan to Dominique Fetzer, $225,000.

7154 Bustleton Ave

David A Gold to Antoinette L Brice, $112,000.

3604 Calumet St

Robert C and Paula M Henry to David Brown, $164,900.

6350 Calvert St

Katherine and Henry Barona to Felipe Giraldo, $168,000.

2211 Cantrell St

Ralph T Polito to Marlene S White, $82,000.

853 Carver St

Felicia Corbin to Renaire Handy, $97,500.

7059 Castor Ave

Willie Zimmer to Chou Kiang and Yong Si Long, $300,000.

1626 Catharine St

Universal Community Homes Inc to Rebecca C Stone and Daniel G Alig, $370,000.

239 Catharine St

Monica Ltainen to Kellie Marie and Matthew David Garson, $495,000.

2400 Catharine St unit 1

James K Weber and Howard S Shanker to Sophia Popanikolaou, $152,000.

6256 Charles St

Margaret M Monahan to Travis E Collins, $135,000.

2812 Chase Rd

Norma L Norris to Louis A Thomas and Christine Dellacroce Thomas, $158,400.

2830 Chatham St

John Chang to Shawn P Gillespie, $140,000.

3222 Chesterfield Rd

James Roberto to Rebecca Kerr and Shaun Mooney, $210,000.

5735 Chestnut St

Second Corsa Inc to Berta Korsunsky, $100,000.

1421 W Chew St

Johanna Campbell to Leroy and Catherine Wade, $90,000.

3436 Chippendale St

Adrienne Danks and The Estate Of Joseph J Grabias to Michael A Bucchieri, $150,000.

3531 Chippendale St

George W Busch Jr and Estate Of Mary Busch to David Jewell and Samantha A Carter, $130,000.

717 S Chris Columbus Blvd unit 510

Dockside Associates Pier 30 LP to Catherine and Jude Yanette, $541,405.

2242 Christian St

John Loughren to Lisa Hurlbutt and Robin T Morris, $555,000.

921 Christian St

Saul Tessler to Margaux Angela and Julia Anne Delcollo, $430,000.

4049 Claridge St

James Horbury to Soribel Perez, $87,000.

514 E Clarkson Ave

Steven C Grosik to Philip Tribble, $100,000.

6542 Cobbs Creek Pkwy

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp and Marie T Eaise to Haniyyah Wilson, $93,000.

3211 Comly Pl

Stephanie J Ming to Melissa M Paolini and Michael R Quinn, $203,000.

1055 Daly St

Louise Mohlenhoff to Dewey Larosa and Michael Anastasi, $249,900.

8845 Danbury St

John Carickhoff Jr and Estate Of Eleanor H Carickhoff to Richard and Joanne Steinmetz, $189,000.

58002 Delaire Landing Rd unit 2

Brian E McLaughlin to Gail Rinehart, $152,000.

8603 Dicks Pl

Betty J Galloway and Adrienne Small to Christi Rinehart and James Sanders, $233,000.

342 W Duval St

Evelyn C Jordan to John S Adams and Elena M Aldrete, $156,900.

2163 Eastburn Ave unit 65

Haines Eastburn Stenton Inc and Haines Eastburn Stenton Corp to Hubert M and Sheena L Reid, $105,000.

7237 Eastwood St

Evelyn Diaz to Mohamed Elhaquat, $112,500.

2657 Edgemont St

Rgv Builder LLC to John T Giordano Jr, $277,900.

7614 Elmwood Ave

Anna Marie Maresh and Mary Franklin to Mohamed Diawara, $128,800.

3457 Englewood St

Mildred P Szal to Benjamin Mendez and Ruth E Rodriguez, $190,200.

1243 Fanshawe St

Martin A Graber to Marie Guersaint, $130,000.

1353 Farrington Rd

Tikico LLC to Charmain D Davis, $127,900.

7925 Fayette St

Christopher and Tara Colquitt to Quinton Wesley, $149,500.

229 Federal St

Carol Malamut and Carol Escher to Douglas Daub and Elizabeth Etzold, $170,000.

3420 Fitler St

Daniel and Melissa Sharp to James Stack and Kerri Garbinski, $194,000.

1937 Fitzgerald St

Lillian F Smith and James B Dougherty Jr to Sunny J and Joan E Carroll, $132,000.

1117 Fitzwater St unit B

Anthony Rufo to Yenche Tionda and Kao Wang, $500,000.

1523 Fontain St

Frontier Real Estates Group LLC to Nicholas and Susan Pizzola, $125,000.

566 Fountain St

Denise Bickings to James J Murphy and Erica A Samarco, $216,000.

6116 N Franklin St

Dolores Waters to Tamika Mitchell and Louis Ballard, $144,000.

5056 N Front St unit 201

River Church II LP to Shaughnessy Naughton, $310,000.

1919 Fuller St

William Conway to Brian and Chrissy Zanczuk, $349,900.

6128 Gardenia St

Marion J Rhodes and Marion J Rhodes Johnson to Corey Jackson, $92,000.

504 Gates St

Joseph Toth and James Frank Price Rev to John F Trainor and Susan Villegas, $227,500.

178 Gay St

Frank J and Stella E Martynowski to Scott Maritzer and Jeffrey Smith, $185,400.

182 Gay St unit 1106

Nob Hill LP to Andrew R Banas, $353,500.

7015 Georgian Rd

Estate Of Willie Mae Hoard and Catherine Trappier to Debra and James Whaley, $135,000.

1229 Gerritt St

Nicholas and Theresa Ann Mansor to Suzanne Linus, $264,900.

1200 Gilham St

Freddy Sanchez to Edward A Torres, $159,900.

1204 Gilham St

Stoneridge Holdings LLC to Alvaro Gallon, $119,900.

1253 Gilham St

Lisa M and Roberto Carrasquillo to Sakura Gillespie, $130,000.

5634 W Girard Ave

David Toney to Rosemarie McNeil, $143,000.

6342 Glenloch St

Joseph P McDevitt Jr to Anthony Broomes, $104,000.

7158 Glenloch St

Sabrina Wall to George and Irina Dolgy, $127,000.

7202 Glenloch St

Patricia M Beaver and Patricia M Green to Aronissa McFadden, $129,000.

2223 Glenview St

William J Kohn to Jin Zhan Zhen, $188,000.

821 Glenview St

Larissa J Leeper and Estate Of Orest Juzkiw to Jaime L Bennett and Franklin A Bennett III, $225,000.

220 W Grange Ave

Keith Jones to Charles Adams, $105,000.

848 Granite St

Melvin E and Shiela Lynn Thomas to Sharon Mayes, $82,400.

1900 Hamilton St unit 101

Rodin Parking Partners LP and Tivoli Sponsor to Kevin McCarthy, $490,000.

1147 N Hancock St

Dionice C Cheeseman and Dionice C Cuadrado to Geremiah Giampa and Colleen Glynn, $200,000.

425 Harmon Rd

Stephen P Zevan and Tracee L McClelland to Erin L Hinnov, $295,000.

731 Hartel Ave

Sonia R Mosquera to Brandon M Stalte and Lauren W Shaw, $225,000.

38 W Harvey St

Frank and Jacqueline Jones to Ryan M Reczek and David J Devenney Jr, $175,370.

1243 Hellerman St

Kadir Baksh to Rong Zhang, $127,500.

2307 S Hemberger St

Wells Equity Enterprises LLC to Kowana Manley, $80,000.

1411 Hemlock Pl

Joseph W and Michael J Afflerbach to Tiberiu and Aurelia Megyeri, $200,000.

5217 N Hope St

Zaida M and Rosanna Velazquez to Angela A Phillip, $127,000.

6930 Horrocks St

Melvin and Brenda Goins to Leonard Brooks and Monica Ryan, $159,000.

219 W Hortter St

Jeffrey and Suzanne Long to Billy Cromedy, $282,000.

1247 N Howard St

Howard Square LLC to Jason F and Rachel B Troxell, $437,000.

1022 Ivy Hill Rd

Barry Davis to John R and Bonita B Simpson, $168,000.

9542 James St unit A

Michael Konrad to Regina Martello, $199,900.

2531 S Jessup St

Anne Marie Hamill to Jeffrey H and Cara A Melkerson, $158,000.

2923 Joey Dr

Nelson Shabanaj to Nelson and Patricia Green, $223,000.

1536 Kater St

Neil R Cohn and John J Brown to Eran Grumberg, $575,000.

704 Kerper St

Sandra L Santo and Estate Of Agnes C Odonnell to Jeremy and Kamilah Williams, $159,650.

416 Knorr St

To The Top Investing LLC to Donghee and Mark Rosser, $150,000.

352 Krams Ave

David Orth and Ronald Prosser to Noreen and Sean P Cody, $225,000.

3741 L St

Tuan M Ngo to Anh T Vu, $125,000.

6520 Lansdowne Ave

Joanna M Trama to Arlea Davis, $97,938.

7412 Lapwing Pl

Thomas J Cunningham to Messeret Agegnehu and Ephrem Admasu, $190,000.

5853 Larchwood Ave

Dereck H West and Estate Of Dorothy V West to Aura Townsend, $105,000.

6617 Large St

Almetta Green to Poul Kwok, $120,000.

7251 Large St

Aurelia J Megyeri and 1411 Hemlock Pl Raut to Jose A Medina, $135,000.

2535 Lefevre St

Joseph C Massott to Christina Szambelak, $135,000.

1012 N Leithgow St

Strata Properties and Strata Properties LLC to Marc Howard, $332,000.

6475 Lensen St

Sarkis Manoogian Jr to Anea D Cobia, $87,500.

610 Levick St

Olga Rabovetsky to Michael D Harris, $132,000.

1324 Locust St unit 716

Arts Tower Development LP to Jeffrey S Pietrzak, $133,000.

1420 Locust St

Elizabeth Marie Haggard to Warner Scholz and Marion Daisy Dugan Tillack Jr, $575,000.

200-210 Lombard St unit 732

Stobba Residential Associates LP to Ralph P Ferarra, $380,000.

2847 Longshore Ave

Robert A Meli and Estate Of Anna M Meli to Agim and Violeta Onuzi, $128,900.

6709 Lynford St

William C Edwards III to Roger Yin, $127,000.

7551 Malvern Ave

Brian Heffline to Abigail Bomani, $169,900.

5801 N Marshall St

Melissa R Sahm and Melissa R McFadden to Anhnguyet Thi Nguyen, $85,000.

3158 W Master St

Westrum Bt LP to Dana Harris, $338,659.

5926 McCallum St

Barbara Ann and Barbara Ann Monley Smith to Deborah K Ahrens, $127,000.

6336 McCallum St

William Ira and Richelle G Shelton to Paul Rossi, $268,000.

7013 McCallum St unit 7015

Christopher P Siegel and Ruckno Associates Inc to Jeffrey J and Karen M Regan, $465,000.

9953 Montour St

Francis P and Carolyn J Agrusa to Robina A Merrill, $250,000.

1915 Moore St

Yvonne Le to Yoseph Thiodoris and Rosita Fu, $100,000.

1111 Napfle Ave

Gregory A Mielke Jr to Grimilda E Dormoi, $235,500.

2011 Napfle St

Babu C and Lalikutty B Varkey to Simon T Mangattuthundathil and Thresiamma Simon, $180,000.

906 New Market St

Maureen Nace and Brian McDonough to Christopher Elwell, $275,000.

214-218 New St unit C

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc to Jennifer Morgan, $326,000.

2362 Orthodox St

William J and Patricia L Buchanan to Richard Gil, $159,000.

5951 Overbrook Ave

Rachel R Thomas to Kenneth Key and Gifty Akomea, $495,000.

6401 Overbrook Ave

Barbara and Michael J Hegarty to Kevin and Kimya Johnson, $525,000.

117 Pemberton St

Nancy M Rutter to Pauline and John Dejesse, $360,000.

4261 Penn St

Donald J and Tina M Weidman to Cawearamah E Singh, $100,700.

2751 Pennsylvania Ave unit B208

Peter T and Anna Kraynak to Donna Louise Fenske, $197,000.

412 S Perth St

W Novis and Anna Smith to Andrew L and Denise B Gluck, $647,650.

1424-1426 S Philip St

Pjma Group Inc to Robert M and Megan C Andrews, $460,000.

2111 Pine St unit P12

Stephen K Urice and Mark H Beers to William Charles and Jill Stumpe Louv, $1,125,000.

4200 Pine St unit 202

Campus 4200 Pine LP to Sweeann Ang and Nasha Ayumi Kanai, $390,000.

4200 Pine St unit 203

Campus 4200 Pine LP to Karla F and Peter B Leavens, $329,000.

5467 Pine St

S Town Properties and Maurice Thomas to Angelique Leizerowicz, $154,900.

1234 Princeton Ave

Richard F and Patricia R Kaye to Maria C and Gabriela Cerpa, $275,000.

926-28 Race St unit 3a

928 Race Street Development LP to Jia Chang Lin, $200,000.

12118 Rambler Rd

Joy Wells to Joan A Tyler, $149,500.

3009 Rawle St

Juan Carlos Penvela to Frances M Lee and Sonphasone Sylapheth, $159,000.

522 Reed St

Hud and Shameeka Harris to Kim Hao To, $220,000.

2728 Reno St

Darren Jones to Patrick J and Patricia M Doyle, $265,000.

7923-31 Ridge Ave unit 16

Gregory Reinecker to Anumeha Kumar and Samira Hasan, $234,000.

7923-31 Ridge Ave unit 53

Michael E and Andrea P Zapadka to Mark Simpson and Lawrence Kliamovich, $235,500.

733 W Ritner St

Aida I and Edwin Rivera to Quang Thanh Ho, $120,000.

921 W Ritner St

Patrick J Newcomb to Joseph Boruchow, $170,000.

220 W Rittenhouse Sq unit 2b

Richard Cooper to Ahmet Burak Salman, $510,000.

224-30 W Rittenhouse Sq unit 509

Seth R Oltman to Deepa Awal, $300,000.

736 Rodman St

John B and Justine Winkler to Susan A Janowiak, $400,000.

1423 Rosalie St

Pius John and Christina Pius to Alanka C Jenkins, $130,000.

4970 Rubicam St

Peter and Anne M Gallagher to Treas Dorsey Underwood, $99,900.

2111 E Sanger St

Jeffrey W and Ann M Tyson to Latrice Jones, $88,000.

261 Shawmont Ave unit C

Levi D Bowen to Elizabeth A Kirk, $130,000.

1352 South St unit 317

Rimas Properties LP to Bianca Nicolescu, $473,250.

1904 Spring Garden St unit 8

1904-1908 Spring Garden LLC and Duling Properties LLC to Scott and Kimberly Mulvaney, $469,900.

5119 Spruce St

Michael P Cohen and Marc A Rosso to Jeffrey Gold, $125,000.

5312 Spruce St

Johnnie Lee and Trannie B William to Dawn Caldwell, $86,000.

1719 Stanwood St

Quick To Close LLC to Walter Fey, $180,000.

2857 Stevens St

Anna Pickford and Estate Of Isaiah Luis Lugo to Juan and Rosmery Zorrilla, $139,900.

353 Stevens St

Jose L Maldonado and Nakia C Fernandez to Duncan E Dennis, $119,900.

842 S Swanson St

Stone Creek Homes LLC to John Franzini, $678,594.

6639 Sylvester St

In Kyoung Kim and Kyung Kim Yoon to Dawn M Ward Alston, $149,900.

6910 Sylvester St

Teixeira Wellington to Amzad Hossain and Abul Kashem, $188,550.

8232 Temple Rd

Eddie J Washington Jr to Alma Bailey, $159,000.

3585 Teton Rd

Michael A and Tracy A McSorley to Michael and Sheila McCurry, $215,000.

5214-5216 Torresdale Ave

Timothy Murphy to Lo Thanh Truong, $150,000.

312 Tree St

Robert Diantonio to Charles and Jaime Dietz, $90,000.

3418 Tudor St

Tcm Financial Inc to Milagros Reyes and Iris M Rivera, $148,500.

3430 Tudor St

Michael J and Lucille Large to Leslie Large and Timothy B Williams, $160,000.

2671 Tulip St

Stephanie Mill to Linda Burness, $166,000.

6521 Tulip St

Herbert B and Beth A Neill to Monica M and Joshua M Feldblyum, $119,900.

3221 Unruh Ave

John F Kowalkowski to Patrick Stanton and Laura Hortz, $151,000.

2018-48 Upland Way Rear

R-5 Development Co LP to Gerald B Brooks, $252,500.

409 E Vernon Rd

Gesner and Rose Marie Joseph to Elizabeth J Oflanagan, $165,000.

6501 Walker St

Anthony and Robin Karwowski to Oyeniyi Williams Fasoyinu, $173,000.

1705 Wallace St unit 201

Scott Homel to Laura Nolte and Scott M Clayton, $325,900.

107 W Walnut Park Dr

Hermie and Emma Acuna to Roselynn Oyegun, $155,000.

2309 S Warnock St

Anna M Callaghan and Estate Of Joseph Scibilia to Elissa Piscitelli, $138,000.

102 E Washington Ln

First American Asset Closing Services and Citimortgage Inc to Luis Muniz, $145,000.

102 E Washington Ln

First American Asset Closing Services and Citimortgage Inc to Luis Muniz, $145,000.

604-36 S Washington Sq unit 2103

Soo Ann Park to Bonnie Rabinowitch, $470,000.

1901 Waverly St

Alfred Berry to Mary MacDougall, $533,500.

1619 Wharton St

Qing Gui Zheng to Alan C Dodd, $235,000.

4214 Whiting Rd

Michael J Cash and Danielle Heron to Jaime Simpson and Margaret Hasher, $177,500.

222 Wickley Rd

Denise P Monahan to David M Smith and Patricia A Meyers, $225,000.

2774 Willits Rd

Andy Manchan Yu and Jasmine Yin Hui to Denis Tarpinian, $219,400.

6703 Wissahickon Ave

Doris L Graham to Augustine C Concilio and Barbara S Edwards, $300,000.

5731 Woodland Ave

Earl C Dumas to Hassan West, $79,500.

2302 S Woodstock St

Sean and Andrea McGee to Joshua and Teresa Evans, $204,900.

12327 Wyndom Rd

Vincent E and Jane M Furlong to Nelson Morales, $217,000.

12405 Wyndom Rd

Joseph L and Donna M Dimarcantonio Jr to Robert and Tina Brown, $180,000.

1813 Wynnewood Rd

Keith and Erica Thomas to Mark Richardson, $220,000.

451 E Wyoming Ave unit 55

Mimose Noel to Tealia Elena Jenkins, $125,000.