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Burlington County real estate transactions

These transactions were recorded through Sept. 25.

Bordentown City

165 E Burlington St

Katherine Kithcart to Derek E and Kristin M Pierson, $165,000.

522 Willow St

Mark and Suzanne Gordon to Jennifer Falkow and Eric Leichner, $215,000.

Bordentown Twp

94 E Burlington St

Shawn M Campbell to Joie Marie Brann, $287,500.

25 Gloucester Ct

James D Longmuir to Janine Riggs, $250,000.

18 Wyndham Ct

Joseph F and Robert J Scalabrino Jr to Naga S Jasti, $360,000.

Burlington City

2 E Federal St

Harold Boston to Henry Haughey, $150,000.

427 Locust Ave

Theresa Lynch to Colleen Tooley, $190,000.

29 W Pearl St

Ortha M Johnson and Darius D White to Johnathan M Johnson, $156,000.

317 E Union St

William L and Patricia L Buehrig to Robert and Irene Larosa, $170,000.

Burlington Twp

17 Foxchase Dr

Wenda L Young Stanfield and The Wenda L Young Revocable Living Trust to Diana M Bradshaw, $349,900.

47 Goldspire Ln

Ned W and Sally J Viands to Claude and Ghislaine Alexandre, $437,800.

20 Jennifer Ln

Michael W Wilkinson to Gregory D and Jennifer I Marks, $278,000.

1160 Kaye Ct

Vilma F Rivera and Raymond N Truitt Sr to Raynald and Marie C Sajous, $60,000.

6 Lenape Ln

Walter L and Loretta Caldwell to Sennie Gbengon, $394,000.

10 Linden Rd

Nick J and Mollie Zaires to Wayne J Dietel, $279,900.

1 London Rd

Monte and Denise L Clark to William and Judith Johnson, $350,000.

1205 Megans Ln

Michael J Procopio to Russell W Smith, $175,100.

35 Steeplechase Blvd

William F and Karen N Hawkes Jr to Michael Greaves and Cynthia Repici Taylor, $357,500.

Cinnaminson Twp

2114 Arleigh Rd

Joseph and Marie Ginion to James F Hyland and Donna M Dusak, $262,000.

1394&1398 Cinnaminson Ave

Robert J and Paula M Brandimarte to Donn C Lamon and Salvatore A Mufalli, $150,000.

111 Mt Vernon Dr

Joseph F and Lucy A Weber to Susan W Stoneback and Tommy I Picou, $333,900.

602 Sweetwater Dr

Joan C Yearly and Estate Of Adele M Yearly to Karen Bradley, $206,000.

Edgewater Park Twp

124 Alexander Rd

and Christine Estate Of Richard H Curry to Patricia A Huller, $198,000.

275 Green St unit 514

Joseph F Rovenski II and Sundae Howell to Edward Battaglia, $115,000.

1475 Mt Holly Rd unit G4

Kenneth M and Judith K Harris to Matthew P Pellegrino and Denise M Holmes, $163,000.

Evesham Twp

20 Birchwood Dr

Joseph Mikolajczyk to Lurline Lewis, $280,000.

42 Dorchester Cir

Brian P and Christi A Young to Andre Abboud and Houda Bou Nourad, $196,500.

11 Huntington Ct

Mark H and Linda S Keats to Scott and Amy Herb, $308,500.

53 John Singer Sargent Way

Cartus Financial Corp to James S and Linda M Miller, $673,000.

99 Knox Blvd

Timothy J and Mary E Needham to Deborah L Blackwell and Mario J Orlando Jr, $248,000.

706 Lindsey Ct

Carri S White and John C White Jr to Vincenzo Cutietta, $130,000.

8 Medoc Ct

Robert Dinunzio to Mary Ann D Walker, $266,000.

5 Richmond Pl

Yusheng Huang and Minli Zhan to Keith J Roman and Kristina L Mazzetti, $305,000.

4 Utica Rd

Gerald and Joyce Silver to Robert E and Patricia R Schmidt, $385,000.

37 Woodlake Dr

Cartus Financial Corp to Andrea Ciarrocchi, $215,000.

Florence Twp

112 3rd Ave

Paul S Luyber to Bryce Hamilton, $168,000.

35 Florence Tollgate Pl unit 5

Diane L Maahsen and Diane L Ziegler to Nick Balitsos, $57,000.

6 Florence Tollgate Pl

Edward T Cook to Kristin A Sleister, $88,065.

8 Ridgway Dr

Robert E and Patricia A Sheldon to John W and Linda C Applegate, $369,900.

3 Yockus Ln

John D and Grace Redden to Robert E and Patricia A Sheldon, $374,900.

Hainesport Twp

136 Glengarry Ln

Jack N and Linda M Holloway to George D and Maureen E Mahrlig, $368,500.

9 New York Ave

George T and Tina M Krail to Christopher C Brothman, $169,000.

20 Patriot Way

Brian J and Lynne M Hannum to Sidney J and Martha J Mashaw, $385,000.

Lumberton Twp

217 Ashley Ln

Craig M and Amy E Funderburk to Gregory Foran and Faith Tiver Foran, $340,000.

5 Githens Ln

Karen Noor to Thomas J Vonderahe and Elisabeth S Vonderache, $494,000.

48 Glenwood Rd

Mary E and Paul F Gardner to James S and Elizabeth M Sanders, $290,000.

107 Kingsbridge Dr

Paul D and Cynthia J Stepp to Gregory H and Dorothy M Hall, $395,000.

22 Mulberry Ct

Janis Workman to James Milton, $155,000.

52 Saffron Dr

Robert and Donna M Smith to Alfonza Howard, $208,000.

Maple Shade Twp

47 Cherry Ave

Domenic J and Wendy Marano Jr to Michael Allen Stevens, $210,000.

454 Martin Ave

Libretta Stotz and Libretta Bickhart to Jason Van Kirk and Angelene Whittington, $226,800.

102 E Park Ave

John E and Brenda F Smith to Trina C Hamilton, $195,000.

Medford Twp

120 Bracken Rd

Zahra Saeed to Joginder Kaur, $590,000.

5 Cliffswallow Dr

Gardner Medford Inc to Michael B and Karen M Palmieri, $200,000.

33 King Arthur Dr

Joseph and Joan A McKeown to Robert and Anita Kaczur, $435,000.

18 Utah Trl

Philip E and Martha D Goff to Edward and Margaret Vanarsdall, $407,000.

13 Woodsfield Ct

Patricia Duckrey to Michael and Elaine Yuz, $999,999.

Mount Laurel Twp

135 W Berwin Way

Anthony Mazzei to Rudi and Charlotte German Bethke Sr, $170,000.

41a W Bluebell Ln

Charo M Mamhot and Alan Gholston to Peter A Flatley, $181,000.

3302b Chadbury Rd

Anne H Droogas to Stacey Beaudry, $184,900.

378b Delancey Pl

Cynthia R Martinez to William G Holencsak, $180,000.

502 Garden Way

Frank C and Patricia Ann Pierce to Perry and Sara Didomenico, $339,500.

2008 Gramercy Way

Joseph C and Christine Gross to Carolyn Kasprack, $252,000.

708b Harwood Ct

John and Ann C Hickey to Paul T Dudek and Michelle Blacklock, $199,900.

279 Mt Laurel Rd

Walter A and Margaret A Mangler to Kenneth A and Nicole M Deusinger, $355,000.

24 E Oleander Dr

Kenneth and Nicole M Deusinger to Erica M Lerro, $230,000.

3 Quail Ct

Paul Drayton Jr to Janette L Hawkins, $625,000.

34 Rolling Gln

Anthony J and Janet C Fusco to Ronald Fairhurst and Nancy I Straub, $841,608.

81 Sandhurst Dr

William and Elizabeth Perham to Joseph Garlanger, $298,500.

Pemberton Twp

6 Coville Dr

Sandra and Kenneth Bernard to John H and Linda E Buckelew, $161,710.

186 Kinsley Rd

Margaret Neumann to George Conyers, $135,000.

221 Lester St

Michael D Krause to Robert Adragna, $163,000.

413 New Jersey Rd

Glenda Lopez to Victoria M Hernandez, $237,500.

227 Reed Ave

Gordon Zwicker to William and Nicole Carrasquillo, $218,000.

215 Rhode Island Rd

Benjamin E and Kimberly L Jenne to Delmar E and Sandy L Tillery, $204,000.

222 Sassafras St

Bernard and Nichole Allen to Paul F Visconti, $250,000.

Southampton Twp

48 Chatham Pl

Ruth A and Robert Ray Banford to Jane B Williams, $216,000.

315 Eayrestown Rd

Edward R and Marilyn Kent to Robert H and Donna M Smith, $485,000.

58 Main St

George Petronis to Daniel G and Kari L Pollock, $265,000.

45 Stagecoach Rd

Robert C and Sharon E Sprague to Steven A Cramer, $246,000.

Tabernacle Twp

8 Eldorado Dr

and John W Estate Of Joann Balliet to Debra Nicholl and John P Kenner, $339,000.

38 Lee Dr

Elizabeth A Heffner to Thomas A and Nicole M Yohnnson Jr, $222,000.

38 Pine Cone Ct

Property Funding LLC to Charlie E and Carolyn Blackford, $378,000.

Willingboro Twp

28 Bucknell Ln

Dennis C and Nancy C York Sr to Keimone S and Kevin A Downer, $253,000.

44 Ember Ln

Lois J Christie to Everton R and Linda Oxley, $237,000.

3 Emerald Ln

Jean R McFarland to Andre Goines, $227,000.

32 Express Ln

Anthony and Arminda Smith to Christine L Petka, $140,000.

26 Fireside Ct

Paula McElhone to Abe Weston, $140,000.

33 Mainbridge Ln

Miguel Cortes to Darlene Mathis, $205,000.