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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded April 17-19, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded

April 17-19, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

130 N 2nd St unit 4c3

K Hovnanian At Philadelphia I LLC to Raul F and Carlos H Soares, $433,380.

249-251 N 2nd St unit 3f

249-251 North Second Associates LLC and 249-251 North Second Street Assoc LLC to Andrea Matwyshyn, $443,000.

1019-25 N 4th St unit 1025-D

Liberty Condominium LP to Hilda Bacon, $240,000.

4928 N 4th St

Antonio Batista to Cheryl Hawker and Nicola Rollocks, $82,750.

947 N 5th St

Lillian C Van Story to Tanya Prime, $327,500.

2549 S 6th St

Chandy Voeun to Gan Li, $95,000.

814 S 8th St

and Antonia Estate Of John J Palumbo to Antonino and Antoinette Micela, $210,000.

1160 S 9th St

Pats King Of Steaks LP to Yan Hong Kang, $160,000.

2514 S 9th St

Armando Louro to Tony Silvestre and Dave Mazzilli, $100,000.

2842 S 10th St

Frances R Patricelli and Ann Vassallo to Nicholas Digiacomo, $170,000.

812 S 10th St

Alan D Baldridge to Lawrence J and Kristen L Nagel, $712,500.

6611 N 17th St

Mamie Stokes to Dolores Walker, $80,000.

237 S 18th St unit 8d

Christine King to Dolores C Redfearn, $615,000.

3176 S 18th St

Anthony A and James C Donato to Nicholas Matrazzo and Melissa Cerbone, $250,000.

7207 N 20th St

Renato Sinanaj to Paulette and Michael Lindsay, $124,000.

7229 N 20th St

Chrislind Associates Inc to Randolph and Marcia J McEwen, $129,000.

566 N 23rd St

Konstantinos Macos to Christopher and Nicolette Vernick, $650,000.

1834 S 27th St

John Chang to Byron Copper, $142,700.

870 N 28th St unit 215

Brandy Brewery Acquisitions LP to D Charles Balducci, $245,000.

601 N 44th St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Tilisse S El, $180,000.

609 N 44th St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Yusef Lateef Davis, $180,000.

617 N 44th St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Kim Singleton, $155,000.

520 S 46th St

David Ellsworth Ludden and Dina Mahnaz Siddiqi to Graham R and Joanne Laub, $569,000.

913 S 48th St

I Milton Karabell to Robert L Mauck and Brigid C Reilly, $367,500.

211 N 62nd St

Iantha Jane Foster to Roberta Miller, $83,000.

810 N 63rd St

Federal Financial Co to Joseph and Leslie Dereef, $135,000.

2636 S 67th St

Platinum Reo Properties LLC to Howard M Walloh, $84,750.

4525 Aberdale Rd

John J Sinclair IV to Shane McGuigan, $134,900.

500 Admirals Way unit 115

Toll Naval Associates to Jessica A Leon, $299,975.

500 Admirals Way unit 323

Toll Naval Associates to Quincy M and Eugenia M Crawford, $417,935.

500 Admirals Way unit 327

Toll Naval Associates to Dari L Horowitz, $366,270.

908 S Alder St

Robert McKenna Jr and Jason D Coffman to Catherine Harris, $320,000.

327 E Allens Ln

Miguel D Hughes to Mark Geiger and Stephanie Nahas Geiger, $350,000.

942 Anchor St

Edward Dubinsky to Mario V Stagliano Jr, $110,000.

1209 Annin St

Evangelina N Tsakiris to Arben and Llambrini Teneqexhiu, $130,000.

1009 Arch St unit 4c

Chun F Huang to Jin Qiu Huang, $120,000.

1228-1232 Arch St unit 3a

Bolton Partners Of De LP to Ronald P Cooley, $440,559.

4748 Ashville St

Prudential Relocation Inc to Bonny Sutton, $80,000.

5406 B St

Paul and Lanoi Pathammavong to Siyan Pen and Chhivhonn Keut, $130,000.

5928 B St

Stephanie Gregorczyn to Tung Nguyen, $104,000.

2246 Bainbridge St

Valerie B Coleman to Micah and Natalie Smith, $345,000.

4146 Bennington St

Catherine Wells and Catherine Jackson to Lucila Gonzalez and Euripidez Martinez, $79,000.

5216&5218 W Berks St

Steven R Gary Sr to Tanya Snagg, $127,000.

1956 Beyer Ave

Estate Of Ellen Johnson and Harold Diamond to Arturas Dudonis and Teodoras Dudoniene, $197,000.

3230 Birch Rd

Laurie Horn to Anthony J Mongeluzi, $191,000.

3405 Bleigh Ave

Joe Shira to Luis Velez, $173,000.

1152 Bloomdale Rd

Robert and Kathleen Shea Ballay to Laura N Kassoy, $310,000.

1013 S Bouvier St

Oshunbumi Fernandez to Rassedell Choice, $155,000.

7821 Bradford St

Ina S Liss to Michael Dougan, $231,000.

511-19 N Broad St unit 507

511 Associates to Thu C and Thuy Thuong Pham, $210,500.

1100 S Broad St unit 415c

Marine Club Associates LP to Samantha L Dolin, $354,002.

1326 S Broad St unit 4f

William C Jamouneau to Michael R Imdorf, $170,000.

4501 Brown St

Philadelphia Housing Authority to Kazi Farhana Ahmed, $155,000.

6118 Bustleton Ave

Matthew P Jones to Kevin and Nicole Bell, $148,000.

9921 Bustleton Ave unit H3

Vladislav Cutler and Irene Lipshits to Julie Elkin, $140,000.

5344 N Camac St

Klayman Properties LP to Gregory Coleman, $130,000.

10037 S Canterbury Rd

James P and Marjorie H Odell Jr to Michaela McNally, $205,000.

6737 N Carlisle St

Drew Demarco to Dawn Taylor, $143,900.

8029 Castor Ave

Elgie P Mc Laughlin to John E Cranage, $195,000.

1905 Catharine St

Innovative Funding Group Ltd to Andrew J Downer, $350,000.

5914 Catharine St

Phyllis N Wise to Patricia McLean, $84,000.

2239 Cecil B Moore Ave

Lewis Berry to Cuong Dat Tu and Mai A Hoang, $125,000.

5442 Charles St

Robert Karch to Yoeuth Yang and Sarah You, $121,000.

5445 Charles St

Demetrius and Keona Blaylock to Brian and Sarah M Anderson, $122,500.

223 Chelten Ave

and Robert F Robert F Taylor Jr Revocable Living Tr to David C Hoang and Yu Qing Huang, $130,000.

1939 Chestnut St unit 3c

Wp 1939 Chestnut LP and Wp 1939 Chestnut Inc to Amanda R Shames, $208,500.

2102 Christian St unit A

2000/2100 Christian Street Associates and Costandino Development Associates to David Ma, $195,000.

2501 Christian St unit 103

Milex Properties LLC to Michele S Davidson, $295,000.

7 Christopher Dr

John and Hermine Khodanian to Harold and Annette Aponte, $635,000.

178 W Clarkson Ave

Manuel and Carina Nunes to Reuben E Lander, $113,000.

1010 S Cleveland St

Mimicorp LLC to Brian Walters, $85,000.

4612 Comly St

Krystyna Trocki to Carol Simon, $150,000.

3600 Conshohocken Ave unit 709

Francis L Milner Horton to Kaima Taylor, $170,000.

2226 Cottman Ave

Moshoula Moustakas to Jian Feng and Sheung Oi Wu, $470,000.

2128 E Cumberland St

Stanley J and Cheryl A Sanger to Sean Irwin and Laura K Ledbetter, $189,500.

2642 S Darien St

Wen Jie Chen and Dong Huang to Jian Fang Zheng, $115,000.

2443 E Dauphin St

Anna May Donnelly to Timothy P Oczkowski, $167,000.

3220 Disston St

Kevin and Amy Schmanek to Danielle N Cifelli and Frank J Cifelli Sr, $157,000.

6304 Ditman St

Omokhape M Agbugui to John H Gallagher III, $100,000.

6753 Dorel St

The Heatherwood Group to Naomi Belizaire, $95,000.

3876 Dungan St

Choung Vantran to Cruz Colon, $112,000.

619 Dupont St

Donna M Montalvo to Tram T Dang, $220,000.

7149 Eastwood St

Bella Borisoff and Debra G Speyer Esq to Sze Cheong and Wai Ha Mui, $108,000.

3634 Edgemont St

John and Christine Conway to Edward Antonelli, $186,000.

1313 Elbridge St

Samuel Arthur to Marina J Jah, $94,000.

1447 Elbridge St

Lester Burbage to Katy Bonaventure and Maxime Derenoncourt, $117,000.

4624 Ella St

Savuth Som and Kuy Por Ung to David Urrutia, $78,900.

2234 Ellsworth St

Alleyn Paul to Stephanie Churchill, $120,000.

5756 N Fairhill St

Jane Kim Harned to Charlie Huynh, $90,000.

1422 Fanshawe St

Vitaliy Ivanovych and Yanina Linetsky to Yaroslav Varenychenko, $170,000.

1724 Faunce St

Lai Sing Lee to Yong Hua and Fei Li, $170,000.

1628 N Felton St

Saint Cyr Estil and Sera T Cesar to Hyguette Simplice, $90,000.

7744 Ferndale St

Kim E and Nigel Tomlinson to Teddy and Norma M Alicea, $180,200.

8624 Ferndale St

Matthew Pirolli and Michele Faulls to Keith W George, $259,900.

6840 Finch Pl

Garmonyou Zoegar to Osinakachi Egbukwa, $140,000.

2317 E Firth St

William and Barbara Uzelmeier to Joseph Cleary, $130,000.

5846 N Front St

Rhonda E Magobet and Rhonda E Scales to Stanley K Haward, $112,000.

6104 Gardenia St

Wilson T and Helen M Brown to Alfred O Diggs, $101,000.

512 Gerhard St

Timothy E and Meredith Gallagher to Jessica Husband and Joanne Cunningham, $189,000.

3543 Germantown Ave

Philip H Ahn to Robert Sirotovitz, $250,000.

1249 Gilham St

Jian Ming Ma and Xiu Qun Yu to Eduardo Ramirez, $119,000.

6238 Gillespie St

Timothy McGinley to Betty Chaney Cobbs, $134,000.

504 E Gorgas Ln

Louis and Shirley Matkoff to Ian Michael Oelschlegel, $215,000.

6513 Guyer Ave

Monique Pigford to Than So, $85,000.

46 W Haines St

Durham Street LLC to Laurie Stewart and William Donohue, $155,000.

221 Hall St

Stephen J Pirrotta to Morri Safran, $320,000.

1234 Hamilton St unit 105

1234 Hamilton LP to Leonidas Addimando, $525,000.

2001 Hamilton St unit 428

John L Batchelor to Fei Wang, $340,000.

175 W Hansberry St

Bernard Dickerson Sr to Jennifer Glover and Katrina Harley, $140,000.

5258 Hazel Ave

The Partnership Cdc to Danielle Riggs, $82,000.

10774 Heather St

Nikolay Belov and Rayka Belova to Natan and Jane Nirenberg, $165,000.

5914 Henry Ave

Linda Wolfe Bateman to Gregory Ehly and Kimberly Deskiewicz, $168,000.

1754 S Hicks St

Thai Diep and Hao Tran to Ena J Widjojo, $178,750.

4083 Higbee St

Igor Zelfon to Margret Manboadh and Noel Vega, $88,000.

120 Hoffman St

Cash Construction Inc to I Milton Karabell, $189,900.

2501 S Iseminger St unit 2

R Management Group LLC to Maria Diblasi, $190,000.

7234 Jackson St

Kenneth J and Jennifer M McCay to Ryan Kelly, $125,000.

209 Kenilworth Ave

Guerillas In The Mix Inc to Juan Gonzalez, $120,000.

1104 Kerper St

Alva and Yairelis Thurston to Elizabeth Varughese, $190,000.

4809 Knorr St

Joann and Joanne Grogan to Antonia Flacco, $155,000.

8117 Langdon St

Julius and Clara Meles to Robert J and Shirley Renee McBride, $220,000.

2700 Lardner St

William J Delaney Jr to Cheryl A Curry, $119,000.

1609 N Lawrence St

Global Investment Properties LLC to Paula Jeanne Nadon, $280,000.

7222 Leonard St

Thomas Boyes to Ashraful and Dilbahar Haque, $127,000.

1324 Locust St unit 213

Arts Tower Development LP to Shireen B Hatami, $185,000.

1324 Locust St unit 503

Arts Tower Development LP to Sarabelle Salsburg, $112,000.

1420 Locust St unit 9l

Gail Parker and Estate Of Herbert L Alcott to Abhishek R Virginkar, $232,500.

2429 Locust St unit 41

Jar Locust Point Property LP to Jairo and Cecilia M Parada, $444,800.

2429-41 Locust St unit 503

Jar Locust Point Property LP to George H and Nancy Marcus, $462,700.

200-210 Lombard St unit P821

Stobba Residential Associates LP to Joel L and Jerry R Glauser, $277,000.

310 Lombard St

Michael C Cassady to Robert Russo and Sharon Lee, $865,000.

2807 Longshore Ave

Mary Jaster and Estate Of Teresa M Glenn to Jon Downing, $106,000.

3130 Longshore Ave

Cynthia K Sperduto to Jeffrey S Stanley, $130,000.

5555 Loretto Ave

Marion R Schwope and Danielle Zaccagni to Olga V Tabales, $86,500.

6818 Lynford St

Eric G Severn to Simran Pal, $119,500.

6822 Lynford St

Mark S Kligman to Jagjit S Chawla, $109,000.

5922 Malta St

Florence L Klemp and Estate Of Elizabeth Keepers to Tyra Coates, $80,000.

6615 Malvern Ave

Kyle Dyer to Delores Watts, $138,000.

5130 Market St

Amina Bouayad to Salem Alameri, $80,000.

6738 Marsden St

Kevin Hish to Patricia A Brusok, $87,000.

579 Martin St

Marina Ayzenberg to Gregg Jugla, $185,567.

931 McClellan St

Amelia Marinelli and Diana M Fowler to Ryan Spilman and Anika Andrews, $183,000.

2622 McKean St

Rachel Loguidice to Erica L Uditsky, $164,800.

5929 Media St

Kimberly Pitts to Derrick E and Michelle Y Ward, $115,000.

1830 Megargee St

Richard and Michelle Cohen to Jerome and Margaret Swartz, $175,000.

4571 Melrose St

June Fey to Darlene Rivera, $124,900.

1851 Merlin Rd

George V and Jaiby V George to Varghese T Kurian and Pascaria Varghese, $310,000.

612 W Montgomery Ave

Pradera Corp to Ying Fen Zhang and Bi Ying He, $83,000.

614 W Montgomery Ave

Pradera Corp to Chi Jiun Chen, $83,000.

6518 Montour St

Prince and Annamma Prince John to Varughese Chakkuthara and Selina Skaria, $172,500.

1010 Montrose St

Philadelphia & Reading Co LLC to Raymond B Malloy Jr, $340,000.

1922 Montrose St

Adar Properties LLC to Lindsay Sujin Kim and Daniel Haeyoung Chung, $359,000.

3320 Morrell Ave

Francis J and Kathleen M Desantis to Robert J Holzer, $169,000.

1030 Morris St

and Lisa A Estate Of John Napolitano to George and Christine Costa, $199,485.

8511 Navajo St

E Steven and Nancy W Bauer to Gregory N and Alyson N Mandel, $720,000.

4218 Neilson St

Regina B Whelan to Johnny D Rodriguez, $101,000.

6933 Oakland St

Quang X Nguyen to Wen Hui Zheng, $202,500.

6235 Ogontz Ave

Corestates Group LLC to Glendine Springer, $105,000.

6742 Old York Rd

Terry F Crockett to Matthew and Lida Ung, $153,062.

2739 E Ontario St

Kelly Ochal to Susan A and Edward J Hopkins, $145,000.

2116 S Opal St

Catherine Bonavitacola to Joseph A and Donna J Scipione, $85,000.

4234 Ormond St

Debra M Lopez to Jabar J Hilton, $89,900.

5325-5329 Oxford Ave

Weis Properties Inc to XI Shi Tan, $350,000.

10862 Parlin Ter

Albert Israilov to Thomas Mathai and Annamma Thomas, $245,000.

2805 Parrish St

David E Levin to Thomas and Arati Kreibich, $450,000.

1822 Penfield St

Anthony R West Sr to Robin Fortune, $115,000.

822 E Phil Ellena St

Artemis Acquisition Group Ltd to Sandra Inez Carter, $331,000.

1802 Pine St unit 1

Wade Properties LP to Michael A Pagliaro and Lauren M Mello, $292,000.

147 E Pleasant St

Lisa McLee to Sharrod Davis, $90,000.

2705 Poplar St

Francisca and Zoraida Vazquez to Robert M and Nancy Canale, $245,000.

409 W Queen Ln unit 13

Jeffrey Rickenbach to Brian J Foster, $165,000.

1518 Reed St

Robert A Gordon to Harold Lande and Shanna Forman, $81,000.

7057 Reedland St

Michael J Reardon to Haliburton K and Sharon D Lewis, $92,000.

2727 Rhawn St unit 25ab

Jack Daryanani to James Frangos, $165,000.

7923-31 Ridge Ave unit 11

Michael A and Gretchen L Segal to Amy Spooner, $237,000.

8326 Ridgeway St

Bonnie English to Angela Rufino, $174,400.

410 Ripka St

Susan R Scanlon to Sarah M Murray, $215,000.

2702 Riverhouse Rd

Ashton Estates Inc to Rajendra and Harsha R Pandejee, $389,900.

7423 Rockwell Ave

Robert and Joan Santosusso to Gregory Allen Evans, $200,000.

7334 Rural Ln

Alfred and Evelyn Stapler to Yitzchok and Pessy Chaikin Gurevitz, $418,000.

188 W Ruscomb St

C T D S Property LLC to Michael Joseph, $79,900.

2655 Sepviva St

Vitaly Dorokhin and Larisa Grozovskaya to Daniel Gagnon, $128,500.

308 Sigel St

Judith H Spirt to Elizabeth A Coleman, $155,000.

4782 Silverwood St

Robert L Jay to Michelle Betoni, $197,610.

3169 S Smedley St

Lawrence D and Margaret Cocco to Michael and Lisa Shoemaker, $345,000.

2435 E Somerset St

Regina Beck Hess and Estate Of Valeria Theresa Beck to Victor R and Jurgita Arteoggi, $79,000.

6804 Souder St

Marcin A and Joanna Z Marzec to Miguel A Cotto, $149,000.

1352 South St unit 412

Rimas Properties LP to Rhoda Dunn, $601,875.

1904-08 Spring Garden St unit 5

1904-08 Spring Garden LLC and Duling Properties LLC to Danielle Poe and Stephanie D Rybczyk, $480,000.

2033 Spring Garden St unit 2

Trident Development Group II LLC to Derek and Catherine C Riker, $375,000.

1544 Stevens St

Tai Duc Dinh and Ngoc Bich Thi Tran to Claudio Martinez, $111,000.

4018 Teesdale St

Allen MacKner to Veronica Tucker, $85,000.

4545 Teesdale St

William J Janssen and Estate Of Theodore J Janssen to Norberto Toledo, $129,900.

101 Tomlinson Rd

Craig Friedman and Jeffrey R Solar to Bryan and Felicia D Sumter, $270,000.

6732 Torresdale Ave

Peter Caranci to Caren Nires, $160,000.

902 Tree St

Robert A Platt and Will Of Kevan E Platt to Maranda A Maxwell, $120,000.

3308 Tudor St

Denise M Kruc to Bashkim and Flora Shperdheja, $135,000.

123 W Upsal St

Carolyn Stout and Estate Of Henrietta Collins to Stanley McKenzie and Neville Nicholas, $235,000.

523 Van Kirk St

Jacques P Fonrose to Abena Agyeiwaa, $120,000.

2032 Vista St

Hud and Carole Armstrong to Ajax Francois, $166,500.

2410 Vista St

Mark Miller to Tracy Barco, $220,000.

1626 Wakeling St

Mark Whited and Estate Of Luckie Whited to Tracy Horton, $106,000.

8340 Walker St

William Anderson to Patrick and Kathryn Edger, $165,000.

2534 S Warnock St

Rbf Management LLC to Rachel Rego, $193,125.

2518 S Watts St

John T Cecala and Angela Botta to Pietro Bendotti, $95,000.

5117 Webster St

David B Hague Jr and Jillian M Pascale to Ben Colar and Samilia Mary Pelshak, $130,000.

1630-90 Welsh Rd unit 31-D

Creek View Partners LP to Edward J and Marcy D Weick Jr, $274,900.

2015 Welsh Rd unit C-34

Ruth M Dauk and Estate Of Marilyn Keddie to Dean and Galina Radzievsky Gagnon, $190,120.

8027 Winston Rd

Craig A and Laura Little to J Wayne Lee Jr, $385,000.

1113 Wolf St

Kathleen Aversa and James Demarco to David Oliva, $191,000.

5415 Woodcrest Ave

Maria and Anthony Williams to Mary E McCusker, $272,000.