Founded in 1869 in New York by a German immigrant and his son-in-law, I became one of America's largest private companies. I went public in 1999. As an investment bank, I've helped companies raise money via debt and equity stock and have taken public firms such as Sears, Merck and Ford. I'm one of the most sought-after employers by MBA grads. My 2007 revenue totaled about $46 billion, nearly double 2005 levels. My assets under management total nearly $900 billion. Who am I?

Last Week's Trivia Answer:

I was founded in 1969 and closed my first year with 53 employees and 18 products, but no sales. Today, my annual sales top $6 billion, and I employ more than 16,000 people. I'm No. 2 in the microprocessor industry, with market share topping 12 percent. I like to make Intel work hard. My partners include Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sun and Toshiba. My name could be rephrased as "Progressive Tiny Contraptions." Who am I? (Answer: Advanced Micro Devices)

OOPS! We recently stated that Dean Foods is headquartered in Pennsylvania. Make that Texas.