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Bucks County real estate transactions

Bucks County

These transactions were recorded in March.

Bedminster Twp

411 Darrah Dr

Pulte Homes Pa LP to Bastri and Dashamira Bajo, $425,300.

1057 Kellers Church Rd

Tribeca Lending Corp to Daniel and Joanne P Dacunha, $400,000.

221 Liberty Trail Ct West

Pulte Homes Pa LP to David Costello and Teresa Deegan-Costello, $440,350.

319 Tinsman Dr

Hancock Rty Corp to Paul C and Krista M Granite, $621,123.

Bensalem Twp

725 Cliff Rd

Bank Ny Tr to Carolyn Siwinski, $342,000.

1385 Corry Ave

Roseann and Armando Mannocchi to John P Nigrey, $270,000.

4646 Hazel Ave

Andrew J and Lorraine Ryan to Matthew and Denise Hartman, $279,000.

6500 Hessian Turn

Deutsche Bank Natl Tr Co to Youssef A and Holly M El-Bahtimy, $215,000.

5148 Hunters Ct North

Robert M and Sarah J Bobbs to Kimma M Spence, $235,000.

1922 Juniper La

Manish Patel to Sudhir Patel et al, $201,000.

2943 Kinsman Ct

Buy Me Rty LP to Michael Couillard, $260,000.

6700 Mayflower Dr

Oliver and Donna M Delgado to Jennifer A Wolkowicz, $259,000.

2271 McKinley Ave

Margaret Kringe to Rosa Brock, $170,900.

274 N Mt Vernon Cir

Angela M Jann to Samara J Danan, $205,000.

4561 Winding Brook Dr

Kevin J Sheridan to Kelli A Kane, $203,000.

2847 Windsor Dr

Javier J and Maria C Alvarado to Barbara H Super, $255,000.

Bristol Boro

228 East Cir

Anne Ferguson et al to Joseph F and Anna L Larrisey, $157,500.

220 Market St

Robert Milner Jr to Richard Kobierowski, $81,000.

262 Minor St

Oscar and Edith Taylor to Walsh Prop LLC, $76,500.

Bristol Twp

197 Blue Ridge Dr

Stanislaw J Kornecki et al to Samantha A and Joshua Brewer, $195,900.

907 Dolores La

Eric T and Kimberly D Geder to Jared M and Colleen M Steubing, $215,000.

3 Dove Cir

Elmer B and Cynthia D Engalla to Keith and Rosemary Morrison, $329,000.

802 Franklin St

Leonard A and Patricia A Kazmiroski to John and Theda Jordan, $261,000.

12 Goldengate Rd

Rose M Killiam to Donna M Streff, $165,000.

44 Greenbrook Dr

Michael A Rinaldi to Michael A Camillucci, $244,000.

2922 Lansdowne Ave

Henry C Jr and Desiree R Smith to Michael W Mundy, $195,900.

4616 Magnolia Ave

Anthony A and Charlotte Horwath to Dave Jah, $273,000.

4626 Magnolia Ave

Anthony A Jr and Selina M Horwath to Ruth J Gray et al, $288,250.

411 Magnolia Dr

US Bank National Assoc to Patrick M Juliff, $170,000.

27 Middle Rd

Charles III and Nedra McCormac to James C and Holly N Chronowski, $193,000.

14 Morning Glory La

Albert and Elizabeth Politz to John G Spiegel Jr, $165,000.

28 Ruby La

US Bk National Assoc to Donald Tarasiewicz, $159,000.

1320 Woodbine Ave

Stanley K Kulikowski to Daniel J and Audrey Boyer, $224,000.

Buckingham Twp

3975 Amberton Ct

Soren and Lisbet Christiansen to Nader and Mona A Soliman, $550,000.

3109 E Brighton St

Michael P Kind to M Claudia Marchman, $400,000.

Chalfont Boro

400 Elm Cir

Harry E and Anne E Hassan to Michael T Czerkie, $392,420.

60 Meadowbrook La

Michael J and Eva J Walsh to Michael S and Tessa M Mooney, $362,500.

Doylestown Boro

333 Lacey Ave, Unit A5

Lisa M Press to Mary L Davis, $150,000.

Doylestown Twp

86 Quarry Rd

Glenn Tenley to Andrew Didalowsky, $700,000.

East Rockhill Twp

30 Bryant Dr

Barbara O Walker to Richard D Hassinger Jr, $237,125.

184 Buck Dr

John J and Deborah A Mang to Derek M Ketterer, $254,900.

212 Old Bethlehem Rd

Todd J and Cynthia L Neubert to Jessica L Peryea, $260,000.

2378 Three Mile Run Rd

Andrew S and Teresa Craig to Edward A Bortnichak, $850,000.

Falls Twp

42 Buttonwood La

Stephen A and Kristen E Beede to Jennifer K Smith, $264,875.

235 Guilford Rd

Rachel A Jenewicz to Thomas M Jr and Erica L Detweiler, $229,900.

27 Pensive La

Bruce and Ina M Nelson to Albert M and Tricia A Jones, $200,000.

Hilltown Twp

4 Centennial Ridge

Charles W and Jane F Houdeshel to Randy J D'Angelo, $165,000.

58 Centennial Ridge

Tom Oetzel to Tracy Ford, $164,500.

411 Elizabeth Way

Cutler Grp Inc to Haihong Fan, $650,000.

1127 Keystone Dr

Jeffrey and Kim Stump to Michael A and Bonnie L Mirarchi, $330,000.

123 Orchard Rd

Ranee B Frederick to Todd N Bishop, $190,000.

14 Reliance Ct

Erica A Bautista to Adam J and Holly A Keefer, $166,700.

Hulmeville Boro

502 Main St

Amadeu Capela to Michael W Schramm, $349,900.

Lower Makefield Twp

261 Anderson Rd

Leonard and Ruth Busch to John and Eileen Piznar, $370,000.

596 Arbor Ct

Kenneth John and Dorothy F Ward to Jeffrey S and Michele J Fecher, $580,000.

567 Aspen Woods Dr

Gretchen S Kolb to Jay A and Shara R Cooper, $362,000.

14201 Cornerstone Dr

Marjorie S Laub to Peter W and Sandra M Gallelli, $211,000.

2105 Dawn La

Simon and Lisa Kimmelman to Andrew E and Heather L Finkle, $653,000.

2905 Lynbrooke Dr

Prudential Rlctn Inc to Kirk Beres, $280,000.

513 Palmer Farm Dr

Daniel D Isaac to Victoria Byer, $445,000.

2223 Stackhouse Dr

Norman L and Judith J Holy to John R and Patricia C Green, $460,000.

12 Wilbur Rd

Stephen C Pascale to Jerzy and Anna Dopart, $315,000.

Lower Southampton Twp

36 Peyton St

Frederick Jr and Kathleen Sylvester to James M Gallen, $240,000.

8 Winding La

Michael A and Madeline Lutsch to Howard W and Jodi Prokop, $335,000.

Middletown Twp

461 Atkinson La

Robert M and Marlene R Freeman to Jose G Martinez, $380,000.

122 Deep Dale Dr East

Lorraine Orysh to Matthew J and Kathryn L Morges, $249,000.

626 Grand Ave

Coleman Roach Jr to Arthur J Birtell III, $310,000.

12 James Ct

Virginia J Fisher to Igor Nikiforov, $380,000.

153 Juniper Dr

Delano and Barbara F Poeta to Matthew Davidson, $197,000.

244 Newgate Rd

Lawrence S and Natalie K Peruzzi to Michael W and Gina M Affeldt, $439,000.

Milford Twp

2009 Barley Dr

William P Sawchyn to Lawrence M Grake Jr, $280,000.

1759 Everly Way

Tessa M and Michael S Mooney to Stephen G Redmond, $258,000.

1846 Streamview Way

Streamview LLC to Gautam S Minasamudram, $446,770.

Morrisville Boro

610 Fairhill Rd

Jack A Roland to American Home Buyers LLC, $184,632.

223 Melvin Ct South

Brian Alford to Michael J and Cynthia Cook, $200,000.

501 N Pennsylvania Ave

Joseph E Reggi to Yakov Reznik, $300,000.

New Britain Twp

15 Brook La

Keith F and Charlene A Tomer to John and Laura Farrell, $366,000.

85 Railroad Ave

Roy A and Diana L S Schaefer to David W and Jennifer L Jacoby, $525,000.

113 Shady Hill Dr

Theresa C and Jonathan D Nicholson to Scott and Michelle Kaas, $422,000.

Newtown Boro

1 Watson Mill La

Toll Pa VIII LP to Scott M and Susan M Henty, $894,412.

Newtown Twp

522 Coachwood Ct

Neal Dunn to Dean J Perry and Britt L Perry, $410,000.

12 Ebony Ct

Alicia Zonetti to Isabelle Gauvry, $315,000.

23 Greenridge Cir

Kathleen E Kingston to Michael J Taylor, $280,000.

33 Greenridge Cir

Catherine L Jenni-Chamberlain to Joseph Boim, $281,000.

52 Kirkwood Dr

Elizabeth A Barnette to Jonathan Wood, $320,000.

431 Linton Hill Rd

Richard H Sr and Mary L Brunetti to Louis J and Jennifer J Lombardi, $464,500.

12 Sequoia Dr

Travis Zidek to Elena Helton, $285,000.

255 Sequoia Dr

Lasalle Bk N A to Brian Strauss, $270,000.

1902 Society Pl

John F and Denise A McHenry to Renee L Parratore, $218,000.

2402 Society Pl

Deborah A Rose to Joseph and Maria V Napolitano, $211,500.

Northampton Twp

26 Bellwood Dr

Yakov Eligulashvili to Alexander Arbitman, $325,000.

19015 Hopkins Ct

Raymond Schwartz to Carolyn Wright, $194,000.

26 Leemar Dr

Anatol and Marina Pozdnyakov to Yan Elison Eliguashvili, $530,000.

69 Plumly Way

Andrew J and Jamie B Parker to Jill R Levin, $249,500.

3210 Stockton Pl

Santosh J and Gladys S John to Michael J Storione, $225,000.

Perkasie Boro

621 S Fifth St

Nicholas R Yandolino to Robert W and Melissa A Sparks, $335,000.

504 W Walnut St

DMO Ent LLC to Joseph A Rios, $195,000.

Plumstead Twp

4574 Louise St Claire Dr

Ila N Mankad to Harish and Aparna Nair, $268,350.

4630 Louise St Claire Dr

John J Scotto to James H Turner, $285,000.

6547 Point Pleasant Pk

Cathy L and Gary S Jones to Arjan S and Debra A Kloet, $344,000.

5062 Rebecca Fell Dr

Prudential Rlctn Inc to Bonnie Schroeder, $221,000.

7010 Swagger Rd

Michael Olivieri to Walt and Sandra Larson, $852,500.

Quakertown Boro

309 Cedar Crest Dr

Thomas F and Jody A Moyer to Nancee Meyer, $365,000.

3 Essex Ct

Ray E and Catherine Worner to Jason R Weighknecht, $195,500.

210 Franklin St

Brent G and Elizbieta K Stayer to Jeanette A Krantz et al, $155,000.

617 Juniper St

Brian Delmontagne to James W and Juleen M Hagar, $127,484.

108 S Main St

Thomas Pompei to Tonya L Martin, $229,750.

10 Maple St

Jack E Rutherford to Warrick G Jr and Kimberlee L Woodard, $207,000.

Richland Twp

879 E Cherry Rd

Millard D Freeman III to Linda Emerich, $535,000.

234 Daffodil Ct

Joyce Karcher to Epifanio and Francesca Mannino, $130,000.

1518 Josephine Cir

Roman and Audrey Glusczyk to Quennie and Richard Schelberg, $398,000.

106 Sacramento Dr

James B and Stacey L Johnson to Ruth E Hough, $284,000.

252 Windsor Ct

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Michele A Samph, $190,000.

Solebury Twp

25 Ingham Way

Stephanie J DiCamillo to Lenard S Ginn, $365,000.

91 Parkside Dr

Theodore E Jr and Gail L Farrington to Robert J and Ann Dempsey, $664,000.

Springfield Twp

277 Hickon Rd

John W Dollman to William R Slawter Jr, $262,000.

900 Sonny La

John C Renzi to Steven K and Kelly S Marks, $533,000.

Tinicum Twp

2 Cross Creek La Pvt

Lynne Davidson to Mihail Ghita, $250,000.

174 Hollow Horn Rd

Hiro Studio Inc to Richard and Marianne Dougherty, $800,000.

67 Sherman Rd

John T and Charlene L Reilley to William McKenty, $424,000.

30 Uhlerstown Hill Rd

Andrew and Maryann M Galenas to Francis A and Joan M Fayne, $520,000.

Upper Southampton Twp

452 Jason Dr

Vesna M Hess to Lawrence D Gryn, $305,000.

1202 Steamboat Station

Melissa A DiPietro to Gregory Carr, $204,900.

Warminster Twp

375 Ivy St

George W Jr and Jane Bowers to Keith Henninger, $250,000.

589 Jefferson Ave

Marshall A Ruggieri et al to Kenneth M Lorenz, $325,000.

115 Norristown Rd

Peter J Gambol to Jason and Maribel Gonzalez, $248,000.

795 Spruce Rd

Thomas and Connie M Beaver to William Jr and Theresa C Geissler, $257,000.

Warrington Twp

114 Basswood Ct

Derek J and Amy R Serfass to Natalie L Aloan et al, $230,000.

654 Brinkworth Ave

Phary Sam to Thomas E Jr and Barbara M Krebs, $229,900.

2851 Bristol Rd

Louis Shinn to Humberto L Gutarra, $225,000.

3015 Creekside Ct

Jacqueline M Hoffman to Inna Kouzminski, $225,000.

3105 Meridian Blvd

Marcus Lee Assoc LP to Robert H and Florence M Miller, $364,775.

3211 Meridian Blvd

Marcus Lee Assoc LP to Lester S and Sheila F Weiss, $401,625.

3212 Meridian Blvd

Marcus Lee Assoc LP to Sheldon and Irene Saffren, $348,273.

3214 Meridian Blvd

Marcus Lee Assoc LP to Bernard and Francine Pach, $356,692.

3220 Meridian Blvd

Marcus Lee Assoc LP to Polly A Attorri, $463,755.

3322 Meridian Blvd

Marcus Lee Assoc LP to Sheldon B and Arlene Kenin, $384,890.

3332 Meridian Blvd

Marcus Lee Assoc LP to Rosemarie T Kaupp, $374,274.

808 Philadelphia Ave

James E Cooke to Robert J Mauer, $230,000.

Warwick Twp

2167 Buckingham Dr

Thomas N Jr and Mary J Deets to Thomas C Matich, $480,000.

2114 Elderberry La

Stephen V Neu to Michael and Hope Santo, $430,000.

3304 Knox Ct

Rita K Jhangiani to William L Keller, $242,000.

Wrightstown Twp

144 Jane Chapman Dr West

Toll Pa XI LP to Susan Barry, $1,671,270.