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Philadelphia real estate transactions

These transactions, recorded April 20-25, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

These transactions, recorded

April 20-25, 2007, are compiled from information on file with the City of Philadelphia. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.

722 N 2nd St unit 202 Hph 722 North Second Street Assoc LP to Matthew Sklar and Alexandra Lee, $416,000.

800 N 2nd St unit 2 Villa Development LLC to Joan Becker and Joshua Zissman, $180,000.

2107 S 4th St Joseph A Tiska to Thomas Edward Shaw and Jeanie M Wise, $122,340.

4427 N 5th St Huan Van Tran to Tony T Pham, $170,000.

6627 N 5th St Denise Davis to Jon F Owens Sr, $180,000.

1523 S 5th St Ravenwood Investments Inc to Jess Cyphers, $242,268.

233 S 6th St unit 409-J Mark W Richardson to Michelino and Stephanie Marino, $580,000.

337 S 6th St Graham R and Joanne B Laub to James J Hone and Neill R Heath, $675,000.

201 N 8th St unit 904 201-59 North Eighth Street Associates LP to Steven Kaminski, $790,000.

2334 S 8th St Nicole Dekovacs to Alex Lopez, $136,100.

1706 S 10th St George Cullingford and Estate Of Catherine Spina to Rose Mary and Kirsten Henri, $216,000.

403 S 11th St Matthew and Shannon Scully to Alex and Mari Grace Malik Jr, $495,000.

5719 N 12th St James L and Constance Nathaniel to Andre Wade and Teresa Payne, $98,000.

2017 S 13th St Rita and Anthony Gerace to Mark Kreidler, $205,000.

5130 N 15th St Alex Labunka and Estate Of Miroslav Labunka to Carmen C Vendelin, $102,000.

676 N 15th St Fred Nicolai to Richard Kalman and Russell Neugebauer, $344,000.

732-734 S 15th St Dewayne and Cheryl C Ketchum to Zebulon V and Nancy Beth Kendrick, $817,500.

3134 S 17th St Adrienne Murtha and Adrienne Murtha Dibenedetto to Lisa Anne Palladino and Ari S Indik, $351,900.

711 S 17th St David R Thorsrud and Samantha Dolin to Heather and Logan Speirs, $545,000.

6643 N 18th St Tiffinee Gentry and Tiffinee Armstrong to Katrina Milton, $110,500.

1936 S 19th St Inga Faye Jones to Maria Nugraheni Susanti, $78,500.

2030 N 20th St Todd Joseph to John Dennis Shisler and Shawn Hoover, $159,000.

2302 S 22nd St Anita Conte and Adele Henry to David M Berenato, $132,990.

1713 N 28th St Alvin and Carol A Milner to Calvin Snowden, $120,000.

1516 N 62nd St Arnold Nelson to Alexis Molino, $80,000.

1985 N 63rd St Robert Miller and Estate Of Theresa M Fitzgerald to David P Fitzgerald, $122,000.

455 N 65th St Kimberly Ngoclan Nguyen to Kodjo Tsogbe and Rachel Flowers, $95,000.

2234 S 67th St Lemlem Yemane to Shekou Donzo, $79,999.

1 Academy Cir unit 308 Toll Naval Associates to Joseph Vokolos and Rebecca Sobel, $409,975.

12135 Academy Rd unit 52 Nikolay Frolenko to Marlene J Perrin, $153,500.

12135 Academy Rd unit 73 Irfan and Asife Olgac to Tamaz Dalakishvlli, $92,000.

1214 Alcott St Wendy Reveron to Danielle Denise Lovelace, $92,500.

1321 S Alder St Dominick and Tina Leuzzi III to Ross M Hatton and Leah M Martorano, $187,500.

6160 Algard St Catherine Peirce to Amos Sardnee Sr, $94,500.

6258 Algard St Joan Meissler to Christina Diguilio, $130,000.

112 E Allegheny Ave Dora E Caceres to G Pirooz Sholevar, $90,000.

2614 Almond St Keith Mc Henry to Silvia and Carlos Sanguinetti, $94,000.

5829 N American St Yves Antoine and Marie M Petit to Kolpisey Chheang, $80,000.

1729 Arnold St Tracy Allen to Nadica T Blair, $214,900.

9131 Ashton Rd Rich Foster to Alex Arencibia and Lisa Xiao, $196,000.

5123 Aspen St Fouzia M Musse to Tandra Rogers, $79,900.

2319 S Bancroft St Nicholas Matarazzo to Matthew Bielawa III and Robyn Lori Alter Bielawa, $240,000.

2235 S Beechwood St Lufti Utama and Yenni N Lie to Muhammad Arsyad Subu, $115,000.

3636 Belgrade St Sharon Wilson and Thomas Pinciotti to John and Deborah Wade, $86,000.

3221 Birch Rd Ronald Cruz to Tracy Priore, $180,000.

113 N Bread St unit 3a1 K Hovnanian At Philadelphia I LLC to Adam Seibel and Jamila Stanton, $399,900.

113 N Bread St unit 3f6 K Hovnanian At Philadelphia I LLC to Nicholas S Gaudiosi, $435,593.

3418 Brighton St James E and Tracey Ann Stackhouse to Philip Brandes and Christine Adams, $166,000.

1732 Brill St Mark and Luz M Rasso to Christopher Addison, $82,000.

511 N Broad St unit 304 511 Associates LP to Jonathan Sebastian Hand and Brian Lester Crawford, $199,000.

6744 N Broad St Bankers Trust Co Of California Na and Certificate Holders Of Bear Sterns Asset to John I Muhammad, $80,000.

6337 Carnation St Arborwood Duplex Associates to Louis Lobron, $112,500.

6343 Carnation St Arborwood Duplex Associates to Louis Lobron, $112,500.

2438 Carpenter St Paige Presley to Patrick J Grenko, $297,800.

15020 Carter Rd John F and Joan K Cannon Jr to Carl and Diane Fitzpatrick, $210,000.

1925 S Chadwick St unit 27 Anthony P Carbone and Frank J Pasquale to Mark and Angelo Monaco, $249,480.

2315 S Chadwick St Teresa Itri to Richard M Gabe, $154,900.

4508 Chester Ave Gihon Jordan to Jason Zisser and Lisa Metzger, $390,000.

1500 Chestnut St unit 6h 1500 Chestnut Associates LP to Ben G and Robyn B Lazarus, $350,000.

1148 Chesworth Rd Lynn N Solomon and Lynn N Ackert to Nestor and Oksana Tomalishchak, $215,000.

7424 Claridge St John L and Diane M Kochan to Joseph Treegoob and Rebecca Malfara, $190,000.

9650 Clark St James F Brewer Sr to Mohammad Mosaferirad and Simin Bahdorani, $295,000.

2249 E Clearfield St Joseph F and Patricia A Riff Jr to Kenneth and Misty Kajuffa, $97,000.

2645 E Clearfield St Robert and Agnieszka Rojek to Matthew Bunnell, $170,000.

8203 Colfax St Thomas J Sliwka to James J and Ruth L Creaturo, $230,000.

5954 Colgate St Cifaldi Property Investments LLC to Demone and Rosheen Bland, $107,000.

1437 E Comly St Bernavette Murray to Marco C Sanchez, $100,000.

187 Conarroe St Jason M Benjamin to Christopher P John, $230,000.

3600 Conshohocken Ave unit 2216 Kelly M Lange to Jinaan Elias, $220,500.

2215 Coral St Eliot B Karol to Lindsey Drown, $123,000.

2531 Coral St Quoi Van Pham to Gloria Houng, $102,000.

3314 Cottman Ave Mary Ann Schafer to Kimberley A Rice, $80,000.

6826 Crittenden St Timothy and Gina Barnes to Kent and Amanda Reichert, $305,000.

1116 Cross St Joseph Desimone to Shai Halperin and Angela L Shaw, $190,000.

2748 Croyden St Marilyn Gutekunst to Kenneth R Glinka, $93,000.

1031 Day St William John Flanagan to Joseph S and Carolann Johnston, $110,000.

1931 Devereaux Ave Rita Mullin to John Junyi Chen and Shanshan Lu, $135,000.

6610 Ditman St Shawn B Barseghian to Thomas J and Thomas R Greenwald, $130,000.

6542 Dorel St Rhonda Walker to Sokheng Yim, $80,000.

6310 Eastwood St Clara S Kresman and Clara Bomster to Aziz Hammouche, $115,000.

2560 Edgemont St Arline J Kidd to Bruce Klauba, $148,000.

3374 Edgemont St Henrietta Jane Leonowicz to Tomislav Bosancic, $165,000.

1434 Englewood St Russell Lee and Kuok L Lo to Thiago Gomes, $160,000.

7129 Erdrick St Carol Ann Kolinchak and Estate Of Isabella R Kenyon to Jason and Amy Colleen Pabon, $135,000.

7151 Erdrick St Carolyn Summers to Rosa M Clacks, $142,000.

3102 Fairfield St Den May and Den May Jr to James A Bowman Jr, $145,000.

2548 S Fairhill St Valerie Guan to Sin Wai Ng, $140,000.

1303 Fanshawe St National Housing Development Corp to Barbara G Santiago, $129,900.

314 Fanshawe St unit 16 and Thomas W Estate Of James D Kenny to Victor Durate, $172,000.

2112 Faunce St Alice K and Donald D Luongo to Victor J Garro, $165,000.

8501 Fayette St Gerald F Weaver to Donald Cannon Jr and Brooke Williams, $148,000.

219 Federal St Gerald A and Candace L Hill Jr to Jonathan and Susan Gill, $268,000.

10016 Ferndale St Gennady and Yevgenia Mekhanik to Larysa Stipa and Mykyta Onyshko, $180,000.

510 Fernon St Mean Sok to Saveth Uy, $88,000.

626 Fernon St Joseph Budde to Heather Shayne Blakeslee, $119,900.

440 Fitzwater St Victoria A Goffredo to Jung Sook Kwon, $370,000.

2336 E Fletcher St unit 38 James G Desher to Robert Reed and Karen G Murphy, $150,100.

7926 Forrest Ave Esther Drayton to Forrest Barnhill, $139,000.

4802 Frankford Ave Xiu Z Zheng to Khiem Le Thai and Minh Van Thai, $118,000.

7334 Frankford Ave Hsiao H Pan to Sze San and Ming Wah Yim, $250,000.

2215 S Front St Andrea Murray and Will Of Agnes C Wilson to Michael and Jeanine Adams, $160,000.

5931 Frontenac St Hud and Shameeka Harris to Janet T Summerville, $107,170.

1853 Fuller St Laura I and Raymond K Miller to Margaret Mary Waldowski, $120,000.

217 Fulton St unit B John R Trumbore to Takuya Kisaka, $410,000.

234 Gaskill St Philip Lombard Street LP to Joanna R Pulcini, $1,525,000.

620 Gerhard St John and Jennifer Ryan to Joseph F Marquis III, $215,000.

3122 Gilham St Marc C Oneill to Otoniel Fallas, $160,000.

6416 W Girard Ave unit 20 George J McGonigle to Jeremiah Huggins and Salima Small, $164,900.

1833 Glendale Ave Kathleen T Coyle and Gerard F Kenna to Paulino Rodriguez, $180,000.

6324 Glenloch St Veronica T Pytel to Arian and Anila Gieci, $105,000.

2142 Glenview St Juan C Aguilera and Elba Gonzales to Jin Lian Liang, $140,000.

4165 Greeby St Robert F Campbell Jr and Judith Suzarra Campbell to David Cifelli, $85,500.

239 E Haines St Jabbar Fairweather to Gregory Wudarski, $150,000.

2001 Hamilton St unit 1802 Himabindu C and Kishore V Gaddipati to Gaurav Gambhir and Mallika Daswani, $533,500.

2001 Hamilton St unit P102 Anthony J Filiti to John L Batchelor, $555,000.

919 N Hancock St Purusha Argulewicz and Purusha Mostoller to Enrico Angeli, $500,000.

2036 Hartel Ave Fred and Michele Burns to Henry Kasprzak, $212,000.

264 W Harvey St Reid Block to Kenneth Blumberg and Katty Fernandez, $314,150.

5930 Hasbrook Ave You Ji Lin and Lin Ji You to Andrea Ellis, $125,000.

1012 Hazelwood Dr Estate Of Daniel Mintz Jr and Donald S Sabatini to James R and Christine L Farmbry, $185,000.

1511 Hellerman St Alexander J Gibbs to Shuang Yue Jiang, $151,000.

112 Hermit St Matthew and William Scanlan to Paul M and Lauren J Gaspari, $328,000.

2148 Hoffnagle St Pedro and Lidia G Tarnoviski to Roberto and Lisa Carrasquillo, $210,000.

331 E Hortter St Edith Rambeau and Gwendolyn Young to Michael Green and Michelle Arlene, $155,000.

4317 Howland St Phyllis D Shedlock to Sergio Poveda Gutierrez, $106,000.

2563 E Indiana Ave Lorraine Konczyk to Haki and Dhurata Collaku, $155,000.

2624 S Iseminger St Monica C Millett to Vincent Rudi, $80,000.

3939 J St Rosa May Clacks to Edgar Santiago, $111,000.

4019 J St Joann and Gregory P Zimmaro to Barbara Ginirio, $115,000.

4335 J St Thomas J and Thomas J Deromedi to Noemi Mendez, $92,900.

7017 Jackson St Wayne W and Catherine T Brown to Son Dinh, $175,000.

2932 Jenny Pl Jeun Shyong and Gordana Chang to Junio R Dos Anjos and Mary A Magoon, $194,000.

223 S Jessup St Martin & Co LLC to Victor J and Cheryl A Navarro, $436,000.

2644 E Juniata St B K Enterprises Inc to Harry and Anna Marie McKenna, $360,000.

2661 E Juniata St B K Enterprises Inc to Timothy and Kimberly Comey, $259,900.

2663 E Juniata St B K Enterprises Inc to Noel E Neri, $269,900.

1901 Kater St Rosa Marino to Sheetal and Shivani Chandhok, $881,000.

1130 Kenwyn St Wendy Apice and Estate Of Robert Apice to Suzanne Mitchell, $140,000.

818 Kimball St Estate Of Grace Paonessa and Dolores Kallish to Sherone Rabinovitz, $195,000.

6604 Kindred St Jessie and Jacqueline M Velez to Yu Ping and Shao Xiong Kuang, $127,000.

115 Kingsley St Gwenn C Bair to Christopher T Schoen and Michelle Murphy, $220,000.

5917 Lansdowne Ave George W and Katherine J Howe to Micheline and Camy Dieudonne, $90,000.

6207 Lawndale Ave Mary and Maryanne Harkins to Robert Boyle and Betty Ann Dinstel, $107,500.

7315 Lawndale Ave Urie and Robert String to Cassandra Lugo, $155,000.

6118 Lawnton St Ann Marie Borys to Matthew P Beuke and Nyki Stroman, $184,900.

1630 S Lawrence St Mostafa Widad to Sarah Sanford and Ross R Manson, $115,000.

7912 Lister St Estate Of Simon Braslav and Alice J Tillger to Joseph Gudonis, $149,500.

3374 Livingston St Valerie L Yeager to Kimberly A Flaherty, $120,000.

1324 Locust St Arts Tower Development LP to Ian G Feliciano, $124,000.

1324 Locust St unit 1012 Arts Tower Development LP to Tara Marlowe, $146,917.

1324 Locust St unit 1031 Arts Tower Development LP to Christine M Flowers and Joseph Rollo, $132,000.

1324 Locust St unit 1032 Arts Tower Development LP to Joseph and Marco S Rollo, $132,000.

159 W Logan St Earl Redmer to James Sutton and Pamela Bradley, $100,000.

1345 Lombard St unit 2 Lombard Capital LLC to Gerald J Wehr, $260,000.

1732 Lombard St Adam H and Caroline R Cutler to Kristin Hammersmith and Douglas Brand, $560,000.

5961 Loretto Ave Francis J and Dorothy M Geraghty to Carlos Cotto, $133,500.

7043 Lynford St Thomas Eapen and Sherly Thomas to Zachariah M Abraham and Mary Zachariah, $130,000.

4308 Malta St Francis C and Elizabeth M Morgan to Thomas R and Carole Wilczak, $137,800.

1247 Marlyn Rd Alain and Marquise L Guillaumette to Tiffany Tingle, $131,300.

533 E Marwood Rd Roy and Diane Allmond to Israel Nieves, $78,280.

7714 Matthias St Anthony and Karen Dilello to Michael S and Rebekah R Davis, $296,000.

1310 McKean St Mildred Orr and Barbara Decicco to Brian D and Daniel R Lang, $220,000.

1546 McKean St Jacky Yizheng Ho to Emily G Pryor, $152,500.

4608 McKinley St Wilfredo and Emerlinda Rosado to Corey Massey and Angela Dipaolo, $120,000.

9952 Medway Rd Joseph R Bradley to Eduart and Albana Nikolla, $225,000.

2721 Meetinghouse Rd Ashton Estates Inc to Tiruye Tamiru Kassa and Kassahun G Sellassie, $389,900.

217 W Mentor St Venice Leslie Douglas and Amarilys Rivera to Paula Vasquez, $79,900.

127 Mercy St William D Nass and Estate Of Theresa Nass to Reginald and Christina Alston, $128,000.

2528 Meredith St Joseph P and Amy H Moeller to James W Gatch, $325,000.

4758 Meridian St Mariusz and Luiza S Tyrk to Cathleen L Santos, $128,000.

807 Millwood Rd Robert and Marguerite Heybach to Michelle Suzan Gosser and Joseph Braginsky, $219,000.

3219 W Montgomery Ave Alvin Milner to Calvin Snowden, $80,000.

1539 E Montomery Ave Alice C Conard and Will Of Marion Phillips to Kevin Massagli, $215,000.

5508 Morton St Chandra Wiley to William Rivers, $119,000.

1531 Nedro Ave Mark Lawson to Lyndon N Stephenson II, $200,000.

2849 Norcom Rd Elaine Sherman to Henry Zelman, $180,000.

2104 S Norwood St Lisa Walker to Niall T Murphy, $110,000.

5810 Oakland St Leonard A Sloane to Conan Moton, $89,900.

6721 Oakland St Gao Hui to Xiao Zhen Wu, $180,000.

7522 Overbrook Ave Elise D Pegram to Demarko Mattier, $147,500.

1206 E Oxford St Anthony J Zysk to Arthur M and Jeanine L Dolan Jr, $83,000.

4325 Palmetto St Theresa McGowan and Bienvenido Martinez to Yamelyn Lugo, $107,000.

4715 Parrish St Philadelphia Housing Authority to Brenda Brett, $150,000.

2227 Pemberton St Dennis Lair Milstein to Jason N Yike, $244,000.

1300 Pennington Rd Ramon W and Kendra L Barrett to Christen O Haughton, $164,900.

2601 Pennsylvania Ave unit 427 Christy McDonald to Mary Grabish, $172,000.

2654 S Percy St S & S Family Partnership LP to Jason Silverman, $100,000.

1028-30 Pine St unit 3 Gaskill Group LP to David Kanter, $355,000.

1516 Pine St Joseph Ciminera Jr to Marc Nasberg and Howard R Nelson, $1,100,000.

902 Pine St unit 2r Vessal Hollander Levin Partnership LP to Laura M Malandra, $233,500.

2733 Poplar St Girard Commons LLC to Patrick J Duffy, $192,500.

1158 E Price St Louise Fairley and Louise Hughes to Tamika D Freeman, $92,000.

6035 Race St Charisse Champion and Estate Of Timothy & Tracy C Champion to Lenora Holmes, $84,000.

4710 Ramona Ave John V and Antoinette Gabrick to John and Raquel Tilley, $249,900.

1231 N Randolph St Frankford Development LLC to Stephanie A Golder and Quincy H Lackey, $325,000.

322 Reed St unit 1r Gregory Kroll to Susan A Walker, $129,500.

511 Reed St Michael L and Michael Bryan to Brandon Mason, $270,000.

3726 Richmond St Francis Fabey to Ryan Straub, $91,500.

7240 Ridge Ave Harmon Ridge Development LLC to Stephen P and Tracee L Zevan, $407,000.

1910 Ripley St Philadelphia Korean Methodist Church and Philadelphia Korean United Methodist Chu to Phuong and Lang Sok Ung, $172,500.

4831 Rising Sun Ave unit 33 Jurgen G Balitzky to Maribel Valdez, $220,000.

1308 W Ritner St Frank and Deborah R Barbato to Jeffrey T Rome, $240,000.

202 W Rittenhouse Sq unit 10 Constance Smukler and Estate Of Mildred Lasch to Bobby Ellen Kimbel, $1,800,000.

224 W Rittenhouse Sq unit 2012 James F and Connie S Daughenbaugh to Jerry L Malis, $540,000.

226 W Rittenhouse Sq unit 710 Riki Tulin to Beth R Targan and Charles W Seltzer, $580,000.

2705 Riverhouse Rd Ashton Estates Inc to Gregorio L and Lai En P Guerrero, $439,900.

334 Robbins St Anna and David Estevez to Ruth Del Valle, $111,500.

8927 Roosevelt Blvd Thomas and Robert Philip to Ferdinand Romero Jr, $175,000.

5242 Rorer St Yolanda R Booker and Yolanda R McCoy to Fannie Lorraine Bradsher, $125,000.

7402 Ruskin Rd Sherine N West to Janet Nation, $151,000.

3140 Saint Vincent St Kimberly Flagg and Kimberly Flagg Foley to Maria Elpedia and Efrain Colon, $150,000.

4611 Salmon St John Strobel to Melanie Hoch, $149,000.

4931 Sansom St James F and Rebecca Lanford to Mary F Ebeling and Timothy M Portlock, $185,000.

1909 S Sartain St Sandra Costanzo to Elizabeth and Steven Timmons, $128,000.

5318 Saul St Christopher McAroy to Domingo Francisco, $139,900.

331 Shawmont Ave Patricia Gardner and Joseph C Adelizzi to Adrian F Burk, $160,000.

3301 Shelmire Ave Raymond R and Jacqueline S Patrick to Berk Ayranci, $175,000.

102 Sigel St Daniel J and Joseph J Leemon to Theresa Esposito, $209,900.

6631 N Smedley St Randolph Brown to Patricia Crawford, $123,000.

4516 Smick St Gerald A Orivivo and Estate Of Mildred Orivivo to Jason R Delozier, $175,000.

1352 South St unit 314 Rimas Properties LP to David Zilberman and Ilana Cohen, $570,000.

1601 Spring Garden St unit M101 Nena L Moore to Jill Holloran, $145,000.

895 N Stillman St Amanda and Daghan Tomris to Kelly Ann Machovec and Scott Allen Matthews, $304,000.

1608 Swain St Second Wind Associates LLC to Miguel Aguilar, $300,000.

840 S Swanson St Stone Creek Homes LLC to Andrew Fisher and Beth Safran, $671,500.

1104 Tabor Ln Michael P Korabik to Diane B McColgan, $235,000.

5429 Tackawanna St Kathryn J Jesiolowski and Estate Of Harry Trusdell to Myriam Diaz, $106,000.

3553 Teton Rd William P Thompson and Mary J Lauff Thompson to Joseph McFadden and Angela Candelora, $210,000.

5622 Thomas Ave Henry and Carla White to Alhousseyni Ba, $79,900.

2652 E Toronto St Kevin J and Janet L Donlen to Jeffrey M Beebe, $130,000.

1121 Tree St Ken Castagna to Brian Cohen, $170,000.

153 Tree St Robert Esposito and Dorothy J Biscocho to Patricia Rogers, $138,000.

2441 Tulip St Desiree Duer to Harry K Braun, $139,000.

9507 Tulip St Thomas Ricci to Ajay P Kinchan and Archana A Nair, $399,900.

1362 Unity St Scott R Kaston to Ramon A Reyes, $135,000.

828 Unruh Ave Ronald E and Vorcieann L Watts to Frank Loram, $147,500.

1047 E Vernon Rd The Bank Of New York Trust Co Na and Registered Holders Of Salomon Brothers M to Thelbert G and Anita Day III, $168,000.

1100 Vine St unit 419 Lin Yu Chou to Helen Azar, $255,000.

1100 Vine St unit 811 Steven G Amend to Joseph Dittrich, $215,000.

4527 Vista St David and Margaret Lehman to Zakir Hussain, $103,000.

5456 Walker St Alfred Fluck and Estate Of Ann Marie Johnson to Cecilia R Figuereo, $82,000.

604 S Washington Sq unit 1617 Sandra C Dell and Estate Of Emanuel E Hymowitz to Michael Y and Nancy Rapport, $500,000.

5241 Westford Rd United Guaranty Insurance Co to Anne Winnie Cooper, $125,000.

5431 Westford Rd Diedre M Marshall to Angel T Chambers, $109,000.

219 Wilder St Pjma Group Inc to Jeffrey Alan Hunter, $465,000.

927 Winton St Valentino Niglio to Jennifer Kalb, $115,000.

827 N Woodstock St Alan Greenberg and Peter Adels to Matthew S and Licia M Ano Marrone, $625,000.