New England Patriots quarterback

Tom Brady


Gisele Bündchen

the ultimate Christmas present: a marriage proposal. And, according to E!Online, the Brazilian super-babe said yes.

Brady, who has been out of NFL action since September with a knee injury, had a little champagne party with his intended and her parents aboard a flight from North Jersey to Boston on Christmas Eve. Also aboard the private plane were Tom's ex-gf and his baby's mama,

Bridget Moynahan

, and

Leonardo DiCaprio

, who is Gisele's ex. (Oh, to be a fly on that fuselage. . . .)

Oscar ballots are away!

Oscar season is officially afoot: Yesterday the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences mailed out 5,810 official Oscar nominations ballots to voting members, including the Academy's 105 newest members, one of whom is

Jonathan Brown


The cinematographer tells the Associated Press that he and his movie-industry pals have been doing their own Oscar polling for years - but this time, his vote really counts. "The idea that now it matters is so cool. We can, in a small way, have an influence in people getting recognized."

'Gandhi' director in fall

London's Daily Mail reports that legendary British actor-director

Lord Richard Attenborough






A Bridge Too Far

) spent Christmas day in a London hospital recuperating from a Dec. 18 fall at his home that left him in a temporary coma.

"He was in a coma but has come out now," said niece

Susan Attenborough

. "He's doing very well."

This the second such incident this year. This summer, Attenborough fell after blacking out. He was diagnosed with a heart irregularity and was fitted with a pacemaker. It was unknown if the latest fall was related to his cardiac condition.

Attenborough and his wife,

Sheila Sim

, 84, who wed in 1945, had two daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter


and her daughter


and mother-in-law

Jane Holland

were all killed in the Asian tsunami of '04.

No 'Batman' for China

Warner Bros. does not plan to release its gazillion-selling DVD of

The Dark Knight

in China, because it fears the Chinese may complain the film is culturally biased. In one scene Batman flies to Hong Kong to nab a Chinese gangster who is cowardly and uncool. The flick, which Warner didn't even submit to China's board of censors, also features actor-singer

Edison Chen

, who was embroiled in a scandal in Hong Kong after appearing in dirty photos with several women.

Baby Bronx's Web photo

There are cruel rumors that only reason

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz


Pete Wentz

did not sell photos of their newborn,


, to the highest bidder was that no one offered them any real money. Regardless, the couple has posted a holiday greeting on Pete's site,, that features a sweet photo of the baby.