"I believe right is right, and wrong is wrong, and I'll be damned if the federal government gave GM billions of dollars, and gave executives millions of dollars to go away, to put me out of business in Doylestown. I don't think so." - auto dealer Fred Beans

"All parts of GM, including the dealer network, must become smaller and more efficient to reinvent GM."

- General Motors CEO
Fritz Henderson

"As a company you have to invest now. You have to invest when things are darkest I hope this is a V-shaped recovery. I hope this is like 1982. That's not what I'm counting on. If you are hunkering down, you are going to get crushed. It's time to hunker up." - General Electric Co. chief executive Jeffrey Immelt

"When you're alone like me, that's my partner." - Patricia Bruchalski, 82, about the importance of her TV, on the conversion to digital broadcasting

"It's like doughnuts. You swear them off. You're never going to have them again. Then you try them and slowly you get back into them again."

- Jack Ablin,
chief investment officer
at Harris Private Bank,
on investing in stocks

"I love it when we have these settlements, and no one objects. That makes it really easy." - U.S. District Court Judge Karon Bowdre,
on a $109 million
settlement between investors
and Ernst & Young L.L.P. over claims the auditors didn't detect
a $2.7 billion fraud

"The ground has shifted. Our industry has been shaken. This is the most difficult situation that the industry has faced." - Giovanni Bisignani,
head of the International Air Transport Association,
on airlines' rising losses