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The Week in Words: TheWeekInWords

Being wrong . . . Casinos that fight gambling . . . Lifetime earnings . . . Dead forests

"I was wrong."

- President Obama,
on earlier believing that
oil companies were prepared to deal with a worst-case offshore spill

"The impact of a higher unemployment rate for Americans ages 16 to 24 could have a lasting effect on lifetime earnings and attitudes toward risk and social policies."

- economist Joe Peek

"Shopping trips are down. Consumers are incredibly price-sensitive."

- Campbell Soup Co.
chief executive officer Douglas R. Conant,
noting the company's quarterly decline in market share for canned soup

"We have to fight this explosion of gambling all around us."

- Don Marrandino,
a regional president
of Harrah's Entertainment Inc., owner of four
Atlantic City casinos, on the growth of competition

"I'm worried still about the risk of a double dip."

- economist Robert Shiller, on recession fears

"Forests are worth more dead than alive. Today we commit to change that equation."

- Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, cochairing a conference to help poor countries protect their forests and slow global warming

"Family is the least expensive labor you can get."

- Ron Huber, of the Oskar Huber furniture stores, which emerged from bankruptcy staffed in large part by the Huber family

"The government incentives to buy homes worked, but who knows where we go from here."

- economist Joel Naroff, who expects home sales to fall now that a federal tax credit has ended