The unemployment rate remains high, but signs of hiring are getting stronger, the experts say. You need to know where the growth jobs are, and these government sites can provide answers.

Labor statistics. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics puts out a monthly roundup called the Employment Situation Summary, describing job categories that are growing, or shrinking. This link is for the April report. The one covering May will be out on the bureau's website Friday. In April, the current report says, "job gains occurred in manufacturing, professional and business services, health care, and leisure and hospitality. Federal government employment also rose, reflecting continued hiring of temporary workers for Census 2010."

Growth jobs. The Labor Department's has tons of job information based on government statistics. This is the site's page for exploring which are the "hot occupations" of the moment. Several lists are available, showing fastest-growing occupations, or occupations with the most available open jobs. Among the former are biomedical engineers and home health aids - occupations with vastly different earning potentials. As to jobs with the most openings, they're talking cashiers and retail sales.

Growth industries. This is a link to the same site's listings of most-in-demand industries, including a page of the industries with the highest-paid workers, on average. That list is topped by the Wall Street folks in commodity-contracts dealing, which shows an average weekly wage of $4,265 - yes, that's weekly.

Gov't jobs. We definitely are in a phase where - thanks in large part to economic-stimulus programs - government is a growth industry and, therefore, a job possibility not to be overlooked. This site gives a glimpse at the thousands of open federal jobs for nurses, engineers, secretaries, intelligence officers, auditors, clerks, and even one "religious programs assistant" for the Coast Guard.