"Among our customer base, the majority of it has been positive. Among the animal activists, they feel the guy should be hung on a cross."

- Thomas McMenamin, executive manager of Woodbury Nissan, which put Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in its advertising

"Instead of investing funds to produce high rates of return as promised, we allege that the defendants spent investors' hard-earned money on personal luxuries and indulgences."

- New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow, on an alleged Ponzi scheme at Marlton's Carr Miller Capital

"There are absolutely no plans to close our business."

- Windowizards chairman Harvey Goodman, on Monday, after a Dec. 16 shutdown blamed on delayed shipments from a supplier

"It's a sign that wireless-only is no longer strictly tied to a lifestyle of being young and restless."

- Stephen Blumberg, on his survey showing the increase in households with cell phones but no landline telephones

"For the first time, we'll have enforceable rules of the road to preserve Internet freedom and openness."

- Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski, on regulations aimed at preserving so-called net neutrality

"The Internet will be no more open tomorrow than it is today."

- Republican FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker, on the same net-neutrality rules

"We're taking advantage of a disruptive market to add on assets that in the heyday you could never buy for these kind of prices."

- Toronto-Dominion Bank chief executive officer Ed Clark, on the bank's acquisition of Chrysler Financial

"Right now our focus is just to take care of the stranded passengers."

- SAS spokesman Anders Lindstrom, after bad weather caused thousands of flight cancellations across Europe