The head of Sunoco has met with officials in Marcus Hook to object to a zoning change that could limit the company's plans for its soon-to-be-closed refinery.

Incoming Sunoco Inc. CEO Brian MacDonald met with local officials Wednesday, only hours before the local zoning board was to take up the issue, the Delaware County Daily Times reported.

Later that night, the board voted in favor of an amendment that would restrict storage of petroleum products at the Marcus Hook site to only those manufactured there, which would severely limit the potential for bringing in imported refined products to store there. The Borough Council is to vote on the matter next month.

"This zoning [decision] would completely shut down their terminal option, and they were concerned about that," Mayor James Schiliro said. "They wanted to see what we would do to change our minds about it."

The mayor said he shared the concerns of many residents about the property's being used as a terminal for Marcellus Shale extractions.

Sunoco spokesman Thomas Golembeski said the meeting was intended to update officials about potential alternative uses for the site.

The company announced plans to close the Marcus Hook refinery and lay off about 490 employees because of deteriorating market conditions, and said it would close another refinery in Philadelphia by July if a buyer cannot be found.