A private settlement conference in the Kobe Bryant sports memorabilia case is scheduled for Friday morning in the chambers of U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider.

Bryant's mother, Pamela, had consigned some of the Los Angeles Lakers star's Lower Merion High School sports memorabilia to Goldin Auctions L.L.C. in Berlin, Camden County. Bryant objected, saying the memorabilia, worth an estimated $1 million, was not hers to sell.

Goldin filed a lawsuit asking the court to clarify ownership and allow the auction, set for June, to proceed. A few days later in California, Bryant filed a suit seeking to stop the auction, and a federal judge imposed a temporary restraining order on the sale.

If the case does not settle, U.S. District Judge Renee Marie Bumb has scheduled the trial for June 17. Bryant's lawyer wants the case handled in California and must file briefs making that argument to Bumb on Friday. -

- Jane M. Von Bergen