Top Amtrak officials collect salaries of $200,000 or more, according to records made public in response to Freedom of Information Act requests by The Inquirer.

Amtrak, the taxpayer-subsidized national railroad, routinely refuses to divulge officials' salaries when it announces their hiring. Amtrak received about $1.3 billion in public money last year, including about $400 million for operating costs.

These are the salaries of some officials hired in recent months, Amtrak disclosed in response to the newspaper's freedom-of-information requests:

Gerald Sokol Jr., chief financial officer, $300,000.

Armando C. Silva, chief, operations research and planning, $230,000.

Michael J. Logue, chief safety officer, $210,000.

Mark Murphy, general manager of long-distance services, $205,000.

Polly Hanson, chief of police, $200,000.

Amtrak chief executive Joseph Boardman makes $350,000 a year, Amtrak said when his contract was renewed in May.