A report from Oregon's Office of Economic Analysis added to the drumbeat or warnings that states dependent on gambling revenues are likely to face strained budgets as demand for gambling fails to grow.

"New casinos or games in previously untapped cities and states are driving overall growth, masking the underlying industry trends," economist Josh Lehner wrote in the report, "Betting the Minimum."

U.S. casino gambling as a percentage of disposable personal income peaked in 2006 and hasn't recovered, the analysis shows.

Pennsylvania illustrates the impact of new casinos. Excluding the additions of Valley Forge Casino Resort, in King of Prussia, in 2012, and Lady Luck Casino Nemacolin in Farmington, Pa., in 2013, Pennsylvania slots revenues would be down 9.6 percent from their peak in fiscal 2012, compared to their actual decline of 6.3 percent.

- Harold Brubaker