Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. says it has recovered 2,550 barrels of crude oil that spilled into a Louisiana bayou last week from its Mid-Valley Pipeline. The pipeline remains out of service indefinitely until repairs can be done.

The Philadelphia company estimated last week that as much as 4,000 barrels - 168,000 gallons - spilled from a break in the underground pipeline. The Mid-Valley system, which transports crude oil from Texas to Midwestern refineries, terminates near Detroit.

The Oct. 13 oil spill contaminated a four-mile stretch of Tete Bayou near Lake Caddo in northwest Louisiana. Three families evacuated after the leak were allowed to return to their homes on Sunday. Response crews have collected 139 dead animals, primarily fish, amphibians, reptiles, crawfish, said Sunoco spokesman Jeffrey P. Shields.