LOWER MERION Dranoff Properties' planned residential-retail tower in Ardmore hit another roadblock last week as six owners of neighboring businesses filed suit against Lower Merion Township.

The appeal asks a county board of viewers to review the township's decision to relinquish a public road that lies beneath the Cricket Avenue parking lot in order to sell the lot to Dranoff.

Plaintiffs argue that Haws Terrace - which exists only on paper, as it was paved over to make the parking lot decades ago - was deeded to the township for "public use" and cannot be sold to a developer.

The business owners also argue the township would have to compensate them for lost customers and revenue during the two-year construction period.

The township said it was reviewing the lawsuit and could not comment at this time.

Opponents have been trying to derail the project for about a year, arguing that the eight-story tower would destroy the character of downtown Ardmore.

Dranoff and township officials have moved forward, with the help of a $10.5 million state redevelopment grant. They say the project will bring economic stimulus to the area.

- Jessica Parks