Negotiations are set for Tuesday between the United Steelworkers Local 10-234 and the management of Monroe Energy L.L.C., which operates an oil refinery in Trainer.

The union's contract expired March 1.

Negotiations are continuing on two fronts - locally, affecting the 215 steelworkers and the Trainer facility, which processes crude oil into refined products for Delta Airlines, and nationally, affecting 30,000 steelworkers.

Of them, nearly 7,000 steelworkers at 15 facilities nationwide are already on strike, following the end of the national contract a month ago. National negotiations will resume Wednesday.

Local 10-234 must provide a 24-hour notice before it joins the strike.

Local 10-234 president Denis Stephano said local issues include safety and fatigue policies as well as restoring concessions given by the union to Monroe in 2012, when the company bought the plant for $180 million. ConocoPhillips, the previous owners, had shut the plant the previous fall.

Monroe spokesman Adam Gattuso, declined to comment.