Title: Temple University provost.

Home: Shamong Township, N.J.

Family: Husband, L. Harrison Jay.

Diplomas: Yale Law School, J.D. 1976, Trinity College, B.A. 1973.

Resume: Deputy city attorney, Los Angeles Office of City Attorney, 1976-1980; assistant United States attorney in Philadelphia, 1980-1985; Temple University professor of law, 1985 to present; Temple Law School dean, 2008-2016.

Quote: "I think of myself as careful and cautious, not at all reckless. But looking back, it seems I've dared a lot. Much of the daring came from moving forward when the world in front of me was completely opaque. I now realize that I had a lot to figure out for myself and by myself. It's like stepping into a dark room and hoping you find your way around without too many bumps and bruises."